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Aimee Preston- Steven Tyler’s Partner and Their Age Gap of 40 Years

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Aimee Preston is famous for being the girlfriend of Steven Tyler, a famous American singer, and musician. Her partner Steven is well-known as a lead singer in the rock band Aerosmith. Besides, Aimee was an aspiring artist but at some point in her life, the celebrity girlfriend diverted her path and started her career as a personal assistant.

So, did Preston also meet her musician partner while working as a PA of him? In the meantime, many people are also curious to know about their age gap. Let’s find out what is the age difference between Steven Tyler and Aimee Preston?

Today here are all the answers regarding Aimee’s relationship with Steven. And moreover, we intend to provide Aimee’s personal life details in this article.

How old is Aimee Preston? Her Early Life and Education

Aimee was born on 18 July 1987 in Denver, Colorado USA. So, as of 2022, she is 35 years of age. She grew up in her birthplace with her parents and other three siblings named Calvin, Luke, and Katie. Apart from these, there is no other information available regarding her family members.

Talking about her education, Aimme did her schooling at the Denver School of Arts. Likewise, she attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy to study for an Associate of Arts in Musical Theatre which she completed in the year 2007.

Aimee Preston’s Professional Career: What Does She Do For a Living?

As per sources, since her childhood, Aimee was interested in music. But, later on, while choosing a career, she went a little bit out of her interest and started working as an assistant.

Aimee Preston is an assistant
Aimee Preston posing on camera. Source: Her Instagram

After completing her undergraduate degree program, Aimee joined The Trump Organization as a personal assistant in June 2007. As per Page Six, Preston, during her working period in the Trump organization, worked for Trump’s ex-wife Marla Maples. Her service in this institution lasted till October 2011.

Also, as an assistant, Aimee served for Victoria Beckham. After that, she joined a company named XIX ENTERTAINMENT as a personal assistant in February 2012. Aimee served here only for nine months and left XIX in October 2012. Right after leaving XIX,  she started working for Steven as an Executive Assistant. Till today, she works for him.

Aimee Preston Is Dating An American Singer Steven Tyler

Despite the huge age gap, Aimee is in a romantic relationship with Steven, who is 40 years older than her. It began when she started working as an Executive Assistant to Tyler in 2012. But the rumor of them dating each other came in highlight in March 2014. Regarding this, one of their close sources said to the Daily Mail

“They’re not exactly dating but it’s not a strictly professional relationship either, it’s in the early stages. She has been working with him for a few years now, It’s early days between them, but they’re certainly having fun together. She is his personal assistant so she’s been following him everywhere.”

Under those circumstances, they may not have found it right to address the rumor which is why it remained just a rumor until they officially came out in hand-to-hand gestures at Elton John’s Oscar Party in February 2016.

Aimee Preston is Steven Tyler's girlfriend
Aimee Preston with her Boyfriend. Source: Her Insta account

After that, the romantic duo has already made several other joint appearances together in many events holding hands and kissing each other. If we go through her Instagram account, we can see several photos of them together holding each other intimately.

Besides, there is gossip about them sharing a ring, who knows but the important thing to keep in mind is they are dating each other for seven years.

What is the age difference between Aimee and Steven? She Is Younger Than Her Partner’s Children 

As we said, Aimme is much younger than her boyfriend Steven. They have about 40 years of age gap so is obvious that his children could be elder than Preston. Tyler, from his previous relationship and marriage, has daughters named Liv Tyler and Mia Tyler who are elder than Aimee.

Despite their drastic age gap, Aimee and her partner Steven are going so strong without any rumors of separation.

Aimee Preston’s Partner Steven’s Short Bio

Steven Tyler was born on March 26, 1984. He got recognition after he started his career as the lead singer in the Boston-based rock band Aerosmith. In this band, Tyler was not just a vocalist but also a musician.

Tyler used to play the harmonica, percussion, and piano. Moreover, he is also famous as the ‘Demon of Screamin,’ as he has a wide vocal range and could scream at a high pitch.

Needless to mention, Steven never failed to impress his audience with his on-stage acrobatics. He hugely allured people with his colorful dress sense while performing on the stage. Some of his fabulous work includes We’re All Somebody from Somewhere, I Love Trash, Love Lives, Love Is Your Name, (It) Feels So Good, and many more. Besides, Tyler is also a songwriter and TV personality.

Past Affairs: Aimee Preston Was Married Before Her Meet-up with Steve 

As per the information from The Daily Mail, Aimee was in her first marital relationship with a man named Scott Schachter, who was an agent. Apart from this, there is no more information available regarding their marriage date and separation. However, her Linkedin account and Facebook account still display her last name as Schachter.

On the other hand, her famous boyfriend had also been in a marital relationship two times before meeting Aimee. In 1978, he got married to an American actress Cyrinda Foxe and they separated in 1987. And again he tied the knot with Teresa Barrick in 1988 and announced their divorce in 2006 citing some personal problems.

Aimee Preston Is Active On Social Media

Well, regarding her social media presence, Aimee is much active on her Instagram account under the username @theaimeeann. She has 38k followers on her Instagram and has altogether 503 posts, to date. Further, Preston is also on Twitter with her own name. She firstly joined Twitter in March 2014 and has tweeted 60 tweets as of 2022. She has 852 followers on Twitter.

Additionally, the celebrity partner has opened her Facebook account under the name ‘Aimee Ann Preston Schachter’. In her Fb account, we can see her numerous photos with the leading people of America along with her personal family moments.

The last post on her Facebook page wall is about fundraising, posted on August 13, 2018.

Where is Aimee Preston Currently Living? Her Net Worth

Aimee currently lives in Los Angeles, California. She is happily spending time with her family and her famous partner. Moving on to her net worth, she, as a professional has worked in a big organization as an assistant so is clear that she has amassed a lot of money in her pocket. And her net worth is estimated at around $300 thousand as of 2022.