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Alexa Marie Aikman: Unknown Facts About Troy Aikman’s Daughter

Alexa Marie Aikman or Ally Aikman is mostly known as the daughter of famous quarterback Tory Aikman. Her father Tory gained fame after his successful career as an NFL player. After he retired from playing in NFL, Aikman started working as a commentator.

Many people already know a lot about Tory but fans are getting curious about his youngest daughter Alexa. In this article, we will learn more about her early life, how many siblings the star kid has, her college, and more about her mother and father.

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Alexa Marie Aikman Is A Texan By Birth

Alexie was born on 30th July 2002 in Texas. She is also known as Ally. Alexie is the daughter of Troy Aikman and Rhonda Aikman. Aikman has an older sister, Jordan Ashley Aikman.

20 years old Alexa Marie Aikman or Ally Aikman, the daughter of Troy Aikman.
Southern Methodist University student and Troy Aikman’s daughter, Alexa Marie Aikman. Facebook

Talking more about her family, Ally is the granddaughter of Charlyn Aikman and Kenneth Aikman. Being their youngest granddaughter, they must have adored her.

Her Ethnicity And Nationality

Talking about ethnicity, Alexa is Caucasian and has an American nationality. She follows Christianity. Being a Christian, the celebrity child must be very devoted to her religion.

Allegedly both of her parents share the same ethnicity and nationality.

What College Does Alexa Marie Aikman Attend?

Alexa attended The Episcopal School Of Dallas for Ally’s primary and secondary education. Alexa was a volleyball player in her high school.

After she completed her secondary education, Alexa joined Southern Methodist University in August 2021. She is set to graduate college in May 2025.

Alexa Marie Aikman’s Profession

Ally worked in the United Way Of Metropolitan Dallas office during her freshman year of high school year. She is also the co-founder of Teens United. She launched the organization when she was still a junior in high school.

After high school, she did a summer internship in a real estate company Allie Beth Allman & Associates. She did her internship for 2 months.

Also, in 2021, Alexa worked as a camp counselor at Camp Longhorn. Ally was a camp counselor for about two months.

Alexa Marie Aikman Older Sister, Jordan Ashley Aikman

Ally’s sister Jordan is a year older than her. We can see that the siblings are close as they like to post pictures of each other on their social media.

Alexa Marie Aikman and her sibling.
Alexa Marie Aikman with her sister

Ally’s sister, Jordan is also a university student who studies at Washington and Lee University. Like her younger sister, Alexa, Jordan also is an ex-student of Episcopal School of Dallas. According to her Linkedin, Ally’s older sister, Jordan is an intern at SportFive, global sports, and entertainment agency.

As Jordan is older than her, Alexa must look up to Jordan as her role model.

Alexa Marie Aikman’s Father Troy Aikman

Her dad Troy Aikman started his career in the NFL as the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys in 1989. He was the first overall pick that year. Dallas Cowboys is one of the most successful teams of all. Together they have won five super bowls and eight conference championships.

For the first few seasons of his career, Aikman performed poorly because of his injuries. When he recovered from his injuries in 1992, he led his team to a victory by winning Super Bowls. The final game was between Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills. Troy received an award because of his performance.

Alexa Marie Aikman with her family
Alexa Marie Aikman with her sister and father Tory Aikman

The following year, Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills faced each other again in the finals of Super Bowls. Some people thought Buffalo Bills would win while some thought Dallas Cowboys would win the championship but in the end, Troy’s team won the championship.

Troy won his third and his final championship in 1995. They won the title against Pittsburgh Steelers. After his magnificent career as an NFL player, Ally’s dad retired in 2000.

Alexa Dad Troy Aikman After Retiring

After retiring, Aikman was offered a job on fox Sports as a color commentator for NFL. He gladly accepted the offer and worked for the channel for quite a long time.

After being a color commentator on fox Sports for almost 20 years, Troy switched to ESPN’s Monday Night Football in 2021.

Aside from his job as a commentator, Ally’s dad has his foundation named Troy Aikman Foundation and also invests his wealth in real estate.

Alexa Marie Aikman Parents’ Marriage

Alexa’s parents started dating each other in 1998 when her mother, Rhonda was working as a publicist for the Dallas Cowboys. After dating for just one and half years, the ex-couple decided to get married on April 2000, in Plano, Texas.

Alexa Marie Aikman parents
Alexa Marie Aikman’s mom and dad

After getting married, the ex-couple gave birth to their first child on August 24, 2001, and a year later Ally was born.

Troy And Rhonda’s Divorce

Alexa’s mom and dad were together for about 11 years before separating from each other. Troy and Rhonda officially separated on April 12, 2011. They haven’t disclosed the reason behind their separation to the public. The divorce was very hard for Troy. Following their separation, the former couple shares equal custody of their children.

Allegedly, Rhonda received $1.75 million from her husband after their divorce. According to some sources, she receives $1.7 million annually as spousal and child support.

Alexa Marie Aikman Father Troy Aikman’s Second Marriage

After being separated from Rhonda, Troy got married for the second time in 2017 to a beautiful girl named Catherine Mooty. His second wife is an entrepreneur and a fashion icon.

Troy Aikman in his second marriage
Troy Aikman at his second wedding

Tory and Catherine started dating each other in 2016. Before getting married to Troy, Catherine had two sons which Aikman gladly accepted.

The couple is still happily married and we wish them luck in their future endeavors.

Does Alexa Have A Boyfriend?

As of 2022, there isn’t any information on whether Alexa is dating someone or not. Ally, despite having Facebook and Instagram handle, is private about the personal-most facet of her life and so far hasn’t revealed if she is dating a boyfriend or not.

Whereas her sister Jordan is currently in a relationship or so it seems from her Instagram.

Her Net Worth

Alexa Marie Aikman’s net worth is unknown as she hasn’t disclosed to the public how much she is worth. Given who her father is, she must be living a luxurious life nonetheless.

Speaking of which, her retired father, Troy has an estimated net worth of $50 million. He earned most of his wealth by playing in the NFL.

Alexa Marie Aikman Other Facts

  • While Jordan’s height on her high school records is listed at five foot nine inches, it is unclear how tall is her younger sister, Alexa. But since Ally is taller than her sister, Jordan, she presumably is at least five-foot-eleven inches to six foot tall.