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Alexia Barroso is an actress who has appeared in a movie like We Bought a Zoo. Likewise, she is known as the stepdaughter of actor Matt Damon. Alexia’s father Matt is known for his work in TV projects including Interstellar, Elysium, The Great Wall, and many others.

Despite being an aspiring actress there isn’t a lot of information available about Alexia. Likewise, she is mainly known for being Matt’s daughter, and many curious minds want to know about her biological father. Stick with us as we will provide detailed information in that regard.

Let’s also know about Alexia Barroso’s Instagram, age, college, movies, and many more.

Alexia Barroso’s Age as of 2022: Who Is Her Father?

Alexia Barroso is 23 years old as of 2022. She was born in 1999 in the United States of America. She is the only daughter of Luciana Barroso (mother) and her former husband.

So who is her biological dad? Well, his name is Arbello Barroso.

The star kid stayed with her father only for around 5 years as her parents finalized their divorce in 2004. However, both of the exes haven’t shared any reason behind their separation. Besides, Alexia shares a great bond with her father Arbello.

Alexia Barroso's father Arbella is an entrepreneur
Alexia with her biological father Arbella

Besides this, Alexia attended New Roads School and is currently enrolled at The New School. Similarly, her stepfather Damon even disclosed it to Dublin’s Spin 1038 radio saying “Our oldest daughter’s in college.”

Besides, talking about her nationality, she is an American and as for her ethnicity, Barroso belongs to mixed descent of European and Hispanic.

How Is Alexia’s Relationship With Her biological Father Arbello Barroso?

As said before, the father-daughter duo shares a beautiful bond. Alexia’s father Arbello constantly posts pictures of their union during the holiday season, and both seem pretty happy.

Similarly, back on August 18, 2019, Barroso shared a photo of his family. He captioned the image, “Quality weekend time with the #family 🙏”

Alexia Barroso shares a great bond with her both parent's new family
Alexia with her half-sister and step-mother Jessica

Besides, not only her father, but Alexia also shares a quite good bonding with her stepmother, Jessica. After looking at Jessica’s Facebook profile, we could find out that she also has the same feeling for her stepdaughter.

Siblings: She Shares Five Half-Siblings

After her parents split, neither her mother Luciana nor her father Arbello stayed single. Firstly, talking about her father and his second wife Jessica’s kids, they have two daughters, Bri Barroso born on 23rd April 2008, and Sammy Barroso.

On the other hand, Barroso’s mother and her second husband Matt are parents to three kids. The first amongst them is Isabella Damon born in June 2006.

Similarly, in August 2008, the duo again welcomed a daughter Gia Zavala Damon. Likewise, Alexia’s mother gave birth to her third daughter Stella Zavala Damon in 2010.

Alexia Barroso shares a great bond with her half-sisters
The family of six (Alexia with her mother, stepdad, and half-siblings

Alexia and her family live in the Pacific Palisades neighborhood of LA as of 2022. They previously reside in Miami and New York City.

Details On Alexia Barroso’s Movies Career

Like her stepdad Matt, the star kid is an aspiring actress by profession and has starred in some movies.

As said earlier, in 2011, Alexia played the role of zoo staff in the TV movie We Bought a Zoo. Her father Matt has also appeared in the same projects, including other actors like Scarlett Johansson and Colin Ford.

In 2019, she was also featured in the movie, Ford vs Ferrari/Le Mans ’66. The star kid currently has few acting credits, but we hope she will appear in several TV projects sooner rather than later.

Alexia Barroso was Adopted By Her Step Father Matt Damon: Her Mother Luciana’s Second Marriage

Alexia has found the best dad she would wish for. After her biological parents divorced, her mother married the actor Matt Damon on December 9, 2005, in a private civil ceremony at the Manhattan Marriage Bureau.

Alexia Barroso's mother is living in a blissful marital relationship with her husband Matt Damon
Alexia’s mother Luciana Barroso and her stepfather Matt Damon

The beautiful couple first met while Damon was working on the project Stuck on You in Miami in April 2003. After their first meeting, Alexia’s mother Luciana, and her husband Matt began dating.

Besides, Matt has adopted Alexia as his daughter ever since her mom’s marriage. Similarly, Matt is a protective father when it comes to Alexia and his other daughters. He is even concerned about his stepdaughter being in a teenage period.

Damon disclosed the situation stating he doesn’t want to see Alexia grow up as he says ” I know just what teenage boys are thinking”.

Apart from this, Luciana also said that her husband Matt is the best father any child could have. In an interview with Star Magazine, she said,

I couldn’t possibly have asked for a better stepfather for my daughter than Matt. He treats Alexia like she is his flesh and blood. Matt has been an absolute blessing to my daughter.

Alexia Barroso Tested Positive For Covid 19: How Is She Now?

During the pandemic, Alexia was also a victim of the coronavirus along with her roommates. Matt disclosed it in an interview on Fully Charged with Graham & Nathan saying,

But she’s in New York City and she had COVID early on, along with her roommates, and got through it fine.

Besides, the actor was with his other daughter Gia, Isabella, and Stella, and his wife Luciana in Ireland, shooting for The Last Duel.

Her Stepdad Matt Damon Expressed His Love For His Daughters By Inking Their Name Tattoos In His Arm

The actor has described his love for his daughters in his upper arms by inking their names. The names that are written in a delicate cursive font show the love of the best dad any child could ever have.

Alexia Barroso's dad has expressed his love in a tattoo
The tattoo of Alexia and her other sibling’s name on their dad Matt’s upper arm

Additionally, Damon also praises his daughters in his interviews. Similarly, in 2015, in an interview with ET Online, his words were,

I think everything changes in little wonderful ways. My whole life opened up when I became a dad. I’m very much on the receiving end of all the good stuff.

Is Alexia Barroso Dating Anyone?

Well, the 23-year-old actress is quite secretive about her personal life. She hasn’t disclosed any information about her love life or dating. She is most probably single and is solely focused on her career.

We hope her the best of luck in her future endeavors and also hope that we would get to know who will Alexia be dating in the near future. Additionally, we also hope she goes out with a decent guy otherwise her dad will go full Jason Bourne mode.

Is She Active On Social Media Handle: Instagram?

Luciana Barroso’s daughter isn’t active on any social media platforms be it Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Besides, her stepfather Matt is pretty much active on Instagram with over 95k followers as of 2022.

Alexia Barroso’ Net Worth

The rising actress has an estimated net worth of $100,000 as of 2022. She has accumulated her fortune from her career as an actress.

On the other hand, her stepfather Matt Damon is a multi-millionaire as he is estimated to have a total net worth of a whopping $170 million. He has gathered fortune, working as an actor, producer, writer, and philanthropist.