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All About Logan Visentin; David Visentin’s Son and His Bio

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Logan Visentin is the only son of professional Canadian realtor and TV personality David Visentin and his long-time wife Krista Visentin. His father came to the limelight for his work in Love It or List It. Besides, his mother Krista is also a successful real estate broker.

Moving on, did you know that the celebrity son’s parents have been together for almost two decades now? How is their relationship? Are they still together? Do they share any other children other than Logan?

There are indeed a lot of queries surrounding the star kid and his parents. So, buckle up as we are going to know about Logan Visentin, including his age, dating, and many more.

Logan Visentin’s Age: More About His Family

The celebrity child is 11 years old as of 2022. Logan Visentin was born in Canada on March 30, 2011, to David Visentin (father) and Krista Visentin (mother). His birth sign is Aries.

Talking about his racial background, he belongs to mixed ethnicity as his mother is Caucasian and his father is a mix of Italian and Jewish descent.

Moreover, multiple sources say Logan is now in middle school.

Logan Visentin’ Parents Are Married For Around 16 Years

Unlike many celebrity’s marital relationships, Logan’s parents have kept most of their love life behind closed doors. His parents David & Krista walked down the aisle on October 7, 2006, in a very low-key wedding ceremony in front of their family and close friends.

The couple is leading a very healthy relationship and are together as a married couple for 16 years. Similarly, their close bond with each other only seems to be going strong with time and we hope that it will remain the same until death does them apart.

Logan Visentin parents are together for almost two decades
Logan’s mom Krista and his dad David Visentin

Besides, Logan’s parents used to live in Toronto after their marriage for several years. But, later they moved to Barrie, Northern Ontario. As per many sources, Visentin’s family relocated just because of David’s love for nature.

Logan Visentin Dad’s Extra Affair Rumors With Hilary Farr

As you all know in the case of celebrities many rumors about their extra affairs, divorce, and other issues seem to spread in seconds without any sort of evidence to back up the claims. Well, the same thing can be said in David Visentin’s case. Many people have been saying that Logan’s father is having an extramarital affair with his co-host Hilary Farr.

Logan Visentin's father isn't into any extra marital relationship
Logan’s father David and his co-host Hilary

So, are they really having an affair? Firstly, the rumor about their unconfirmed affair started in 2008, as soon as the first season of Love It or List It was released. People could not deny the chemistry they had on the show.

But, to be more precise, neither Logan’s father nor Hilary has feelings toward each other. Both of them are just good friends and nothing more than that. Likewise, there is one important thing to be noted. Despite all of the rumors that had been going on about them David’s wife, on the other hand, had full faith in her husband and didn’t let it hamper their relationship.

Logan Visentin’s Father David Visentin Has A Settled Career

As mentioned above, Logan’s father is a realtor. Similarly, Logan’s dad started his professional career as an agent for Country Living Reality in Barrie, Ontario in 1997, while assisting his father in his work. Later, he worked in the housing market to discover new potential homes for several clients for over 16 years.

Logan Visentin's father David is a realtor
Logan’s father David

He then auditioned for co-hosting duties for Love It or List It. It was signed by Big Coat Production (aka Big Coat Media) as a co-host alongside his competitor Hilary Farr.

Furthermore, Logan’s father David also appeared as a contributor on many talk shows including The Kelly Clarkson Show, The Marilyn Denis Show, and The Today Show.

Is Logan Visentin Dating Anyone?

The star kid is just 11 years old and is currently focused on his studies. So, there isn’t any information leading us to believe that he is in any sort of relationship. So, it is safe to say, Logan’s relationship status remains single.

Furthermore, the family of three is living happily in their home in Adjala-Tosorontio, Barrie Ontario.

How Rich Are Logan Visentin Parents?

Well, as we all know Logan’s mother has a successful career in real estate. So, without any doubt, she earns a massive amount of wealth. As the matter of fact, the annual salary of a broker is around 90k.

Hence, his mother Krista is approximately estimated to have a net worth of around $1 million as of 2022. Besides, his father David has a net income of more than $3 million. All his money comes from his career as a Canadian realtor and from TV shows.

Is David Visentin’s Son Active On Social Media Handle?

The 11-year-old star kid is not present on any social media platforms yet. It seems like, Logan has chosen to live a private life the same as his mother.

On the other hand, his father is pretty much active on every social media handle. Similarly, his official Instagram account has over 20k followers and more than 35k followers on his verified Twitter account.