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All About Snow Lopes, Lisa Lopes’ Daughter; Where is She Now?

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Snow Lopes (aka Star Martin) is famous as the daughter of the late rapper and singer Lisa Lopes who was well-known for her stage name “Left Eye.” Like her mother, Snow is also a singer and a songwriter.

Though Snow is popular as the adopted daughter of Lisa Lopes, the girl was never officially adopted by her late singer mom. Let’s find out how did Snow meet Lisa Lopes? What about her biological mother?

Here is everything you should know about Snow Lopes including her age, Instagram, net worth, and much more.

Snow Lopes Age And Early Details

Lopes was born in the early 90s under the sign Libra. She joined the Lopes family at the age of eight. As of 2022, Snow is in her late 20s.

Besides, Lopes belongs to the African-American ethnicity and is American by her nationality.

Her College

She graduated from the Kim Dawson Conservatory in Dallas and pursued a degree in the field of film and dramatic art. In one of the interviews with Rolling Out, Martin said that she also went to acting school.

All About Snow Lopes Mother Lisa

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Lisa Nicole Lopes was one of the pivotal members of the girl group TLC. She had a splendid career as both a solo and collaborative artist. The iconic singer ruled the era by giving hits like CrazySexyCool, Supernova, N.I.N.A., Eye Legacy, and so on.

Snow lopes mom Lisa Lopes
Snow’s late mom Lisa Lopes.
Source: Getty

Along with her successful music career, Lisa also won four Grammy Awards for her work in TLC.

Lisa Met Snow Lopes’ Biological Mother in Rehab

Despite her fantastic music career, Left Eye was also heavily involved in drugs and alcohol. During her time as an alcohol addict, the artist also made several headlines. She was even in rehab once and it was where Lisa met a woman who was severely suffering. The woman later turned out to be Snow Lopes’ biological mother.

Following her encounter with the woman, Lisa decided to adopt her daughter, Snow. She later also took all the responsibility for her biological mother.

Is Snow an Adopted Daughter of Lisa Lopes?

Although numerous tabloids suggest that Snow is the adopted daughter of the late artist, her sister Reigndrop once said Lisa never adopted her. But the late artist was planning for her adoption before her demise.

Despite the fact, they shared a pure bond of a mother and daughter.

What Was The Cause of Snow Lopes’ Mother’s Death?

After Left Eye came out of rehab, Lopes discovered a place called Honduras in Central America for her spiritual retreat with Dr. Sebi. Unfortunately, in April 2002, when the late singer was driving to La Ceiba, Honduras to shoot a report, Lisa was involved in dreadful a road accident that resulted in her death. She was actually with a couple of her friends when it all happened.

Lopes died of a fracture of the base of the cranium and open cerebral trauma at the age of 30. The whole accident was recorded on a video as they were shooting for her documentary film at the time.

On May 2, 2002, her funeral was held at New Birth Baptist Church in Lithonia, Georgia. She was buried at Hillandale Memorial Gardens, Lithonia, Georgia.

Snow’s Relationship With Left Eye: She Was Her Inspiration

When Snow was in her early years, the then pre-teen didn’t understand what it was like to be the daughter of the star. For her, Lisa was only the one to love her and care for her. She didn’t have any ideas about her mother’s immense fame.


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Sadly, Lopes didn’t get much time to spend with her mother as Lisa left the world just a few years after their meeting. Growing up, the girl started listening to her mother’s songs and her videos. Gradually, Snow herself too developed a strong passion for music and is now an aspiring singer.

Let’s explore her budding career in the music world!

What is Snow Lopes Doing? Her Career As A Trap Pop

Coming from a family of musicians, Snow was always interested in music. She also cited her late mother as her role model. After watching her mother’s music videos, Snow began rapping and writing her own songs.

All ready to hit the hip-hop industry with her new style “Trap Pop,” Lopes has already set the mark with her smash-hits “Karma” and “Pre-Game“. In addition, the promising singer has released a couple of other songs like Duck Off, PAY ME, GREEN LIGHT, and so on.

Snow Lopes career
Lisa Lopes’ daughter Snow Lopes.
Source: Insta

Furthermore, Star Martin is also a model and an actress. She was a part of tv series called 4play, a four-part series, which was aired on Feb 13.

Snow Lopes is The Mother of One Child

It may surprise many of you but Lisa Lopes’ daughter Snow has a child. Though Snow hasn’t disclosed anything about her baby on any media, the singer frequently uploads her daughter’s photos on her Instagram story. Apparently, the information about the baby’s father is also still under the wraps.

In one of her interviews, Snow said she was once in a bad relationship which also inspired her to write the song Karma. Other than that, she hasn’t spoken anything about her ex-partner.

Snow Lopes Instagram

Lopes has an Instagram account with the name “#Iamstarmartin” where she updates about her work and little of her personal life.

In addition to Instagram, she is also active on Twitter with the name “Iamstarmartin” and on YouTube by the name Star Martin.

Net Worth

Her net worth is $2.5 million as of 2022. Snow is doing incredibly great when it comes to her profession and also earns a good amount of money from her career.

Besides, the net worth of her late mother Lisa Lopes at the time of her death was $5 million.