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All That There Is To Know About Korie Koker, Counting Cars Danny Koker’s Wife; Her Early Life, Career, And More

Korie Koker is mostly known for being the wife of a popular reality star Danny Koker. Danny came to fame after becoming a part of an automotive reality show, Counting Cars. People also know him for his bandana which he wears all the time.

The man is very similar to his wife Korie Koker as both of them embrace their rock lifestyle. But unlike her husband, Korie likes to stay away from the media although she is constantly posting pictures about her life on social media.

To know more about her and her rock lifestyle scroll through the headings below.

How Old Is Korie Koker? Her Family And More

She was born on 8th August 1965 and is currently 57 years old. Korie, whose maiden name, is Korie Fera is said to have spent her childhood in Chicago, Illinois with her parents although she hasn’t revealed who her parents are.

Nonetheless, as per some reports, she is the daughter of the late Alfie Fera of Niagra Falls, New York, and his wife Beverly (Jeffords) Fera.

Mrs. Koker’s father who died in 2013 was an employee at Harrison Radiator in Lockport NY. He also worked at Artpark in Lewiston for three decades until 2009.

Korie’s birth sign is Leo as she was born in August.

Counting Cars star Danny Koker's wife Korie Koker at the shore for her social media post
Las Vegas resident Korie Koker at a seashore. Korie’s Social Media

Koker hasn’t revealed her academic qualifications. It however is presumed that she did go to college and her major was in broadcasting.

Korie has a mother-in-law, Mary Koker, and a father-in-law, Danny Koker Sr. Besides, she also has many brothers and sisters-in-law, a total of six to be precise. Her two brothers-in-law are Peter Koker and Milford Koker and her four sisters-in-law are Mary Hayes, Dotty Marks, Bess Basar, and Becky.

As for her physical appearance, Korie stands at 5ft 7inches tall. On the other hand, her husband Danny is one of the tallest people in her family. He is 6ft 2inches.

Korie Koker Ethnicity And Nationality

Talking about her ethnicity, Korie is said to be Caucasian whereas her husband Danny is of mixed descent. Danny’s parents were of different ancestry.

As for their nationality, both of them are American as Korie and Danny were born and raised in the US.

Korie‘s Professional Life

As mentioned earlier, Koker is a very private person when it comes to her past life. She accordingly hasn’t shared much about herself with the media.

Reality star Danny Koker's spouse Korie Koker
Danny Koker’s longtime partner, Korie.

That being said some sources claim that after completing high school, Korie started her career as a camera operator. She worked as a computer operator for some years before applying for a new job. After her first job, Koker worked as a production coordinator for a local TV network.

Later, she came across a new role as a promotion director although it isn’t clear where she got the job. It could have been on a local TV network or at a news company.

Korie Koker Was Also In The Band 

After her promising career in the media and broadcasting world, Korie decided to pursue her career as a musician and a singer. Following her passion, Korie joined a band founded by her friends, however, it is unknown whether she is still a part of the band or not.

Bar owner Korie during the Halloween
Korie at a Halloween party.

Later, she opened a restaurant Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar and Grill Restaurant with her loving husband Danny. The bar is located in Las Vegas and to be more precise 6750 W Sahara. The restaurant offers great food and drinks and is open only on Fridays and Saturdays. Apart from this the bar also has live music, especially rock music.

Aside from her restaurant, Korie also co-owns a tattoo parlor, Count’s Tattoo Company. Apart from herself, Koker hasn’t revealed who the other co-owner is but many have speculated it to be Danny.

Korie Koker And Her Husband Danny Koker’s Relationship

Like Korie’s professional life, neither she nor her husband has talked much about their relationship with many people aside from their friends and family.

Nevertheless, it has been reported that Korie and Danny met each other for the first time before the latter became famous. The couple allegedly found each other the moment they laid their eyes on one another. Eventually, the future husband and wife soon started dating.

Korie Koker and her husband Danny Koker
Korie and her partner, Danny

Soon after their relationship started, the partners walked down the aisle at a very private ceremony to which only their close family and friends were invited. Korie and Danny are said to be married for more than 15 years.

In all their years of marriage, Korie and Danny never had any children. Seems like the lovers either are/were too focused on their careers or they didn’t find it necessary to have kids. We know how hard it is to raise kids and we guess that the couple is still not ready for that type of work.

As of now, the pair seems to be enjoying their lifestyle with their friends and family. We hope Korie and Danny will remain together for as long as they can.

Rumors About Korie Koker And Danny Koker’s Death

The rumor about Korie’s death came to be when a woman with the same name died. The woman was said to have passed away due to a car accident. After this incident, many people were confused and some people thought it was Danny’s wife, Koker who had passed away which, however, wasn’t true.

Following her death rumor, there was a time when people thought Danny had also died. This hearsay came to be when his father died. Danny and his father had the same name and most people thought Danny had died when in reality it was his old man who had died.

How Much is Korie Koker‘s Net worth

Talking about her net worth, Korie has an estimated wealth of around $1 million which she earned through her different career ventures. She must be enjoying her hard-earned money as of now.

On the other hand, her husband, Danny has an estimated net worth of $13 million earned through his famous work as a reality star and a car restorer