You are currently viewing All The Facts About Ric Flair’s Ex-Wife Elizabeth Flair: Did She Remarry After Her Divorce From Ric? What Does She Do Now?

All The Facts About Ric Flair’s Ex-Wife Elizabeth Flair: Did She Remarry After Her Divorce From Ric? What Does She Do Now?

Elizabeth Flair is noted as the second wife of popular Wrestler Ric Flair. Ric is mostly known as the veteran WCW/WWF wrestler.

Speaking of Ric’s second wife, she comes across as a very private person so knowing about her could be a challenge for many people although we have gathered some details about her.

In this article, we will talk about her personal life and more. Was she an actress? How many children does she have? And how many times was her ex-husband, Ric married? To know all the details, just scroll through the writings below.

What Was Elizabeth Flair‘s Childhood Like?

As we said earlier, Flair is very private about her past and present life and hasn’t disclosed much about herself to the media. Despite her being private, we have found some of her information through some online sources. According to them, Elizabeth was born in 1955 making her 67 years old as of 2022.

Elizabeth Flair in her younger years
Elizabeth with her family

Elizabeth is the only child of her parents although she has some distant cousins. As for her grandparents, they passed away a long time ago.

On the ethnicity front, she is Caucasian and holds an American nationality. Likewise, Elizabeth’s former husband is also an American although his ancestry is unknown as Ric’s foster parents adopted him at an early age.

As for her religion, Flair follows Christianity and like Elizabeth, Ric is also a Christian.

What Does Elizabeth Flair Do For a Living?

The ex-Mrs Flair, other than her relationship with Ric, has always been a mystery. She never let out any particular information about the many years she was with her famous ex-husband much less after separating from him.

More recent picture of Elizabeth Flair and her WWE star daughter, Charlotte Flair.
WWE diva Charlotte Flair with her mother, Elizabeth possibly in the early 2020s. From Facebook

In the past, however, Elizabeth did have some or two appearances and credits alongside her husband in a few TV specials of WCW/WWF.

She debuted her acting career in a TV special Starrcade released in 1993 alongside her previous husband. Aside from Ric popular personalities such as Leon White, Dustin Rhodes, Steve Austin, and Jerry Sags starred in the special.

After Flair began her acting career, she was again a part of a TV special WCW/NWO Starrcade in 1998. Popular wrestlers like Bill Goldberg, Kevin Nash, Charles Ashenoff, and Chris Jericho played at this special.

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Since then Ric’s former partner has been in two more series. In 2000, she played a role in WCW Monday Nitro, and in 2013 Flair starred in a series, Celebrity Wife Swap.

As for the recent, it is anyone’s guess what Elizabeth’s been up to.

Elizabeth Flair‘s Marriage and Divorce With Her Ex-Husband

The former pair met each other in 1983. Elizabeth and Ric were instantly in love the moment they saw each other. The exes started dating each other some times after their encounter. After dating for a while, the ex-couple thought about taking their relationship to a new height.

So, on August 27, 1983, Ric and Elizabeth decided to walk down the aisle in a very private ceremony to which only their close friends and family were invited.

The former pair had a pretty healthy relationship for a quite long time. There wasn’t any news regarding their conflicts whatsoever so when they announced their separation many people were surprised.

After being together for almost 23 years, Elizabeth and Ric decided to part ways in 2006.

Their children

Throughout their marriage life, Elizabeth and Flair share two kids and they adored them. Ric’s former wife gave birth to their first child on April 5, 1986. She was named Charlotte Flair.

Like Ric, Charlotte grew a passion for wrestling and joined WWE in 2012. After she joined the organization, she went on to win many titles and competitions including the winner of the NXT Women’s Championship in 2014. Aside from her career in wrestling, she is also an actress and an author.

The now 67 year old Elizabeth with her daughter Charlotte and son Reid.
Charlotte Flair with her mother, Elizabeth Harrell, and her late brother Reid. Instagram

After Elizabeth’s first child, she gave birth to a second child named Reid Flair on February 26, 1988. He was born and raised in Charlotte, NC.

Like Reid’s sister and father, he also grew a passion for wrestling. Following in his father’s footsteps he joined WWE and debuted his wrestling career there.

Elizabeth Flair‘s Son’s Tragic End

Reid, one of Elizabeth’s children, died on March 13, 2013, in South Park, Charlotte, NC. He died 12 days after he debuted in WrestleMania. The reason behind his death was a drug overdose.

Elizabeth Flair and Reid Flair in a formal wear
Elizabeth Flair with her son

Being the son of a popular and wealthy personality does make you more likely to use drugs and looks like Reid couldn’t control his temptation when it came to drugs.

Aside from this, he was also arrested a few times for the possession of drugs.

Elizabeth And Ric’s Marriage Got Messy Towards The End; Their Divorce

Elizabeth and Ric’s marriage ended in 2005. However, the separation wasn’t amicable by any means.

According to sources, during the separation, Ric accused Elizabeth of assaulting him on more than one occasion when they were still husband and wife. The veteran wrestler also complained of receiving verbal abuse from his former wife.

Elizabeth on the other hand accused Ric of similar abuses. She said Ric abandoned her and their children, showed little to no affection, and occasionally assaulted her physically and sexually.

Elizabeth also complained about Ric of his excessive use of illegal substances, alcohol, and adultery, among other things.

In the settlement, Ric ended up paying a lump sum of $140,000 to Elizabeth. In addition, the wrestler also received the order to provide $15000 a month to his ex-wife for two years.

Elizabeth‘s Ex-Husband Ric’s was married multiple times

Ric first married a woman named Leslie Goodman on August 28, 1971. The former duo was together for almost 12 years before ending their relationship in 1983. The ex-couple shared two children while they were together, Megan Fliehr and David Flair.

Following his divorce from Elizabeth, Flair got married for the third time to Tiffany Vandermark in 2006. However, the couple couldn’t sustain their marriage for long and ended up separating in 2009.

After his separation from Tiffany, he walked down the aisle with Jackie Beems. The pair tied the knot on November 11, 2009. Ric and Jackie had a pretty ugly marriage life and the ex-lovers filed for a divorce in 2014.

As of now, Flair is happily married to Wendy Barlow, m.2018. Wendy has three daughters and one son although she hasn’t disclosed who their father is.

What About Elizabeth Flair? Did She Remarry After Ric?

While Elizabeth’s ex-husband, Ric has had a pretty busy marital journey since his divorce from Charlotte’s mother, whether Elizabeth remarried or not has always remained anonymous.

Post her separation from the ex-WCW champion, the mother of two went on to become a complete stranger to media and public knowledge. Accordingly, whether she has a husband or not is yet to get out in the open.

All that she has for the outsiders, is her Twitter although on the platform, she only mostly talks about politics and nothing from her personal life.

Elizabeth Flair‘s Net Worth

As of 2022, she is expected to be worth around $200,000. Flair is said to have earned a huge amount of money from her acting career.

On the other hand, Ric has an estimated net worth of $5 million which he earned through his successful career in the wrestling industry.