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All The Untold Truths About Shel Rasten; The Son Of Singer And Actress, Charo

Shel Rasten, known for the short film, The Boulevard, is a multi-talented musician, actor, and writer. This 40-year-old star was first spotted on the Comedy Central roast of Pamela Anderson in 2005. Since then, he has contributed to the line of this industry with great talent.

Did you know Shel Rasten is the only son of the famous, Charo? Well, he is. Born to this well-rounded actress, comedian, musician, and producer husband, Kjell Rasten, Shel, had the freedom to explore his talent in acting and music growing up. What a life, right?

Here, in this article, we will dive deep into the life of Shel Rasten. So, who is he? Did his father actually kill himself? You’ll soon find out the answers to these questions and many more. So, let’s get started!

Shel Rasten Early Life As The Only Son Of Charo

Shel Rasten was born on March 31st, 1982. He is the only child of Spanish-American actress/musician, Charo, and film producer, Kjell Rasten. We do not have concrete information on where he was actually born, but he, along with his parents, moved to Hawaii after his birth and stayed there for quite some time.

Charo and Kjell Rasten with their son Shel Rasten
Shel Rasten is the only son of Charo and Kjell Rasten

Being the only son, we can guess how pampered his life was in the early days. Besides that, being the son of the American sensation, Charo, allowed him to explore his own talents in the sector of music and acting from the very beginning. With this, sometime after high school, he graduated from the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Fim Institute in New York.

Born Into A Family With Famous Parents

By now, we know that Shel Rasten is the son of Charo and Kjell Rasten. So what made his parents famous?

Popularly known by her stage name, Charo is a flamenco guitarist, musician, actor, and comedian. She began playing guitar from a very early age of 9 years; Manuel Ramirez was the one who taught her how to play the instrument. Furthermore, she was just a 15-year-old when she first entered America and started her career in the country by playing on Casino Circuit. Charo’s catchphrase, “chuchi-chuchi”, her heavy Spanish accent, over-the-top persona, and buoyant manner made her famous all over the US from 1960.

Actress/musician, Charo, with her only son
Shel Rasten with his mother, Charo. Source: Shel Rasten’s Instagram

With almost five decades in showbiz, Charo has showcased her talent in acting as well as music. She has given remarkable performances in movies like Thumbelina, The Concorde…Airport ’79, and Tiger by the Tail. Similarly, in the 1970s, she published a series of disco recordings with Salsoul Records, Dance a Little Bit Closer. Along with this, Charo also released a flamenco album, Guitar Passion, in 1995.

On the other hand, Shel’s dad, Kjell Rasten is a famous American film producer. He came into the spotlight during the ’70s and ’80s after his marriage to Shel’s mom.

Shel Rasten’s Parents’ Relationship; What Happened to His Father?

Charo and Kjell Rasten have a movie-like love story. They first met at the award function of the Golden Globes and Charo was smitten and fell head-over-heels at just the first glance. However, she did not approach Kjell. It was only after a year of their first meeting that the couple began dating.

Shel Rasten’s parents dated for over 7 months before marrying on 11th August 1978. After the marriage, Charo’s husband became her manager as well. Thus, their beautiful journey began.

The lovebirds did not have any problems in the relationship for almost 40 years, however, their beautiful bond of marriage broke unfortunately following Kjell Rasten’s death in 2019.

The lovely Charo with her late husband
Charo and Kjell Rasten were married for almost 40 years. Source: WireImage

The 79-year-old Rasten committed suicide on February 18th, 2019 at his Beverly Hills home. According to Charo’s interview at The Talk, his physical and mental health had been deteriorating for quite some time. Kjell Rasten suffered from a severe skin condition, “bullous pemphigoid”, causing chronic blistering of the skin. He was suffering from depression and was under constant medical care. This led him to shoot himself in the head and end his life.

Did you know that Charo has been married twice? Well, yes. Before marrying the love of her life, Kjell, Charo was married to the 65-year-old musician, Xavier Cugat. They got married in Spain in 1966 and moved to the US shortly after and got divorced in 1978. The ex-couple had a huge age gap of almost 50 years!

Shel Rasten Is A Musician, Writer, And An Actor

Shel Rasten defines himself as a “traveling singer and collector of stories.” Besides this, he is a star and writer as well, although he did not gain limelight until 2005.

Did you know that he is a part of a metal band? Well, he is a vocalist associated with a metal band named, Treazen.

Actor, musician, and writer, Shel Rasten
Shel Rasten on the set of Parks and Recreation (2009).

In 2005, he was spotted for the first time in the Comedy Central roast of Pamela Anderson. It was only after this that his journey in the entertainment industry began. Till now, he has performed in movies like CSI: Miami and Sharknado 5: Global Swarming with outstanding roles.

Similarly, his career as a writer began in 2013. Shel Rasten is famously known for writing the short film, The Boulevard. Along with this, he has also worked in the production of the movie, FAMOUS (and on the list).

He surely is a truly talented artist!

Is Shel Rasten In A Relationship?

Ladies, the way is open! Sources confirm that this 40-year-old handsome hunk is possibly single.

Shel Rasten keeps most of his personal information out of the social media radar. He also has not appeared with a woman in any functions to date. We believe that Rasten is currently focusing on his career and does not have enough time for relationships.

Shel Rasten Net Worth – He is a Multi-Millionnaire

From the varied field of work he indulges himself in, Shel Rasten apparently has an estimated net worth of almost $12 million. On the other hand, his famous mother, Charo is also a multi-millionaire. She stands at a net worth of a whopping $60 million dollars. This rich mother-son duo must have a lavish and luxurious life in California.