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American Journalist Aishah Hasnie: Things you Didn’t Know About Her

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Aishah Hasnie is an American television journalist for Fox News. She previously served as an overnight anchor and headline news reporter on Fox & Friends First and Fox & Friends but now serves as a daytime news correspondent.

Hasnie’s passion for reportage has the power to drive future generations towards sound ethics while encouraging those with similar ambitions to be frank in their own reporting.

With all, she has accomplished today and the heart she has maintained over the course of her career, Ashiah Hasnie has become a strong female voice in the news world.

So know how her story began down in the content. Also, acknowledge yourself with her personal life along the way.

Aishah Hasnie’s Early Life, Parents

Hasnie was born in Lahore, Pakistan on October 4, 1985. As of 2021, she is 36 years old. However, she grew up in Bedford, Indiana. During her reporting career, she also lived in Saudi Arabia. Aishah has two siblings, one older brother, and a younger sister.

Her family first emigrated to Illinois, Chicago. Her uncle was a lieutenant commander in the US  navy. In fact, it was he who sponsored Hasnie’s family to the US. Her father then left a very cushy job; had everything – no reason to leave.

Baby Ashiah
Baby Ashiah. Source: Instagram

Yet he departed Pakistan because he wanted Aishah and her siblings to have a better opportunity. His first job in the US was jack-in-the-box. He then became a cook and later a JCPenney. Aishah’s father, despite all his home degrees, decided to study at the US institution and finished undergrad in two and a half years.

Aishah Began Her Professional Career After Her Highschool 

Hasnie, herself studied at Bedford North Lawrence High School and graduated in 2002. In 2006, Hasnie secured a B.A. in journalism from Indiana University where she was a Dick Yoakam Broadcast Journalism Scholar.

Ashiah had previously chosen biology as her major but later decided science wasn’t the right vocation for her, and that her true calling existed within the art of writing.

During school, she interned as an on-air reporter at WICS-TV in Springfield, Illinois (she was 18 at the time), WTHR-TV in Indianapolis, and GEO-TV in Pakistan. Her cousin, Maira Ansari, was also a reporter at WICS-TV. She wrote for her college paper and was a professional radio journalist.

Recalling her time at GEO-TV, she said she was a 19-year-old intern teaching paid professionals how to write stories. She also revealed the cringe-worthy moments when reporters were inserting their own opinions about the story they were covering.

Aishah Hasnie Is A Successful Journalist

After school, Hasnie accepted a position as an investigative reporter and fill-in anchor at WANE-TV in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

One of her investigations went on to change Indiana law. In 2009, Hasnie brought to light the story of a DeKalb County man who walked free after allegedly taking photographs of a 10-year-old girl inside a video store. However, she later found out voyeurs who committed their crimes in public spaces could not be successfully prosecuted.

Ashiah Hasnie
Ashiah Hasnie. Source: IWMF

It was because of a loophole in the voyeurism law. Hasnie’s persistent reporting eventually inspired legislation to ultimately close that loophole. She achieved an Emmy nomination for an investigative report on voyeurism.

Later, the Indiana Associated Press and the Society of Professional Journalists recognized this work of hers.

In 2010 she provided a scholarship to a journalism student at IU. Aishah currently mentors several working journalists.

In 2011, the Pakistani-born reporter accepted a position as an investigative reporter at WXIN-TV (FOX59) in Indianapolis and also served as anchor of First at Four.

Eight years later, in January 2019, she accepted a position at Fox News in New York City as an overnight anchor and news correspondent for Fox & Friends First and Fox & Friends.

Hasnie thinks radio and newspaper are powerful, but TV is on a whole different level.

Journalism Is In Her Blood

In 2014 she told to IWMF that most of her relatives from her mother’s side were also journalists or taught journalism.

While interning in Pakistan, she learned her mother’s side of the family possessed a national news network under the prominent Zuberi name, an entire media conglomerate known as the Business Recorder Group. The latter included a long respected national business magazine.

“Well, maybe you were made for this,”

she told herself upon learning of her true calling and the kismet that lay before her. Hasnie said it was a crazy feeling finding out about her maternal family’s history with journalism.

Does Aishah Hasnie Have A Boyfriend?

The answer’s pretty apparent from her socials. Aishah’s all but yet to appear with a love interest or throw some heartfelt words that would have otherwise shown she isn’t single.

Aishah Hasnie
Aishah Hasnie. Source: Instagram

Her social media tells all her professional as well as her personal life. But none of those activities have hinted, even in the slightest form, that she is in love or dating somebody.

Either that or she is among those who choose to keep their romantic aspects to themselves only. Nonetheless, the guesswork and conjectures tilt more towards the fact that the news anchor is all single for the time being.

In the meantime, she can also be found trapping and target shooting with her dad, playing soccer, and globetrotting.

Is She Planning To Get Married To a Husband?

Well, Aishah is 36 years of age but it looks like she has no plans to walk down the aisle. For now, she has no husband in life, which is pretty clear considering her social media posts that do not hint at her marriage.

That said, we are pretty optimistic that we might get to see her married to a perfect partner in the future.

Aishah Hasnie Is Very Active On Social Media

When it comes to social media, she is active on Instagram. As of 2021, she has around 40k followers on her official Instagram page. Well, as a TV personality she pretty much gives insight into her personal & professional life via her posts. Other than Instagram, she is not on any other platforms.