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Amra Nor Jenkins

Amra Nor Jenkins is the daughter of the renowned rapper, and songwriter, Jay Wayne Jenkins (aka Jeezy). Amra’s dad rose to stardom for albums like Seen It All, Soul Survivor, Put On, and many others. On the other hand, Jezzy’s major label debut Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101 was listed 2nd top on the Billboard 200.

Besides, Amra has become the talk of the town since her birth. Regarding the talk, Amra’s well-wishers wanted to know about her personal life including her parent’s details. Likewise, is her parents still together? And, who is her mother exactly?

The star kid has been kept far from the media and not much is known about her. Well, we have come up with some unknown as well as interesting facts to know about Amra Nor Jenkins.

Who Is Amra Nor Jenkins’ Mom? Her Childhood

The 8-year-old Amra was born to musical artist Mahlet Gebregiorgis (aka Mahi). The star kid was born in Feb 2014, a couple of years before her parent’s engagement. Besides, Jenkis’ parents neither disclosed her birthplace nor academics.

Mahlet Gebregiorgis is a musician
Amra’s mother Mahlet Gebregiorgis.

Moreover, she was raised by both of her parents together till 2019. But, after the separation, Jeezy and his ex-partner Mahi are co-parenting Amra. Nevertheless, reports suggest Amra is currently in the care of her mom.

Amra Nor Jenkins’ Parents Never Got Married: Her Dad’s Multiple Relationship

The 44-year-old rapper Jeezy dated several women over the years, one of which is Amra’s mother. Sources say, the exes dated for many years and they had a daughter before their marriage. Following that, two years after their child was born they got engaged in late 2016. But, unfortunately, there isn’t any specified confirmation about their wedding. So, it is safe to say the former flames never exchanged their vows.

Prior to Amra’s biological parents’ love life, her dad was in a relationship with an entrepreneur Tenesha Dykes. Besides, Jeezy is currently married to the host Jeannie Mai Jenkins. The couple is in a relationship since 2018 and exchanged vows on 27th March 2021, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Child Support: Amra’s Parents Had A Deal

Unlike other celebrities’ legal battles, her father wanted to avoid fighting for the custody of their daughter. Instead, he came up with a deal of $7,500 per month for baby support. Not only that but the rapper agreed to pay $30,000 every year for Amra’s school fees plus provide $30,000 for a new car.

But, Amra’s mother filed a complaint accusing Jeezy that he hasn’t paid child support for a while. Following that, she even said he was an absent dad. But on the other hand, Jeezy denied all the allegations. Jeezy’s attorney denied paying when baby mother Mahlet once went to buy a 2020 Jeep Wrangler. According to the rapper’s attorney, he didn’t want to spend money blindly.

However, Jeezy’s ex filed a case with the family court, and eventually, they were able to reach an agreement. Following the motion, the 44-year-old rapper finally agreed to send money for her car.

Is Amra Nor Jenkins Eldest Half-Brother Jadarius A Rapper?

The eldest son of Jeezy and his ex-partner Tenesha Dykes isn’t a rapper. People have mistaken him for the Columbian rapper under the stage name Lil’ Jezzy. Although he isn’t on the same line as his father, reportedly the handsome hunk is seen pursuing a career in the fashion industry.

Jadarius is now into fashion line
Amra’s half-brother Jadarius and their dad Jeezy.

However, it is hard to say what kind of fashion industry he is been into as he hasn’t disclosed any information to the media. Moreover, Amra’s half-brother Jadarius isn’t active on any social media handles.

She Also Has Other Half Siblings

The singer Jeezy had been in multiple relationships and shares several other kids with his previous partners apart from Amra Nor Jenkins. Well, as said before, the first one is Jadarius. Jenkins’ other half-brother is Shyheim Jenkins. The identity of Shyheim’s biological mother remains behind closed doors. But, some reports suggest that Jeezy’s eldest son’s mother is Tenesha Dykes.

Shyheim's professional career still remains unknown
Jenkins’ other half-brother Shyheim (left)

From her dad’s current marital relationship with Jeannie Jenkins, Amra got a half-sister, Monaco. The little girl was recently born in 2021.

Was the rumors about Jeezy Assaulting His Son True?

Back in late 2012 the alleged assault was among the headlines. According to legal papers obtained by TMZ, when the rapper threw his kid, he hit his head on the glass shower door in a bathroom. Following the incident, the report states, that Jeezy started punching his son in the face, dragged him to the bedroom, and then again continued to pound him.

Reports even say the 44-year-old rapper made death threats to his young one. He said,

“I will kill you. I will put a bullet in your head right now … If I could get away with it, I would kill you.”

After years of custody, the court issued an arrest warrant against Jeezy. The rapper turned himself in to the police, though there wasn’t any clear proof. Following Jeezy’s case, his attorney told the public that the matter would settle down sooner or later.

Furthermore, sources say, the police or media choose to keep the info about the real victim to themself. Later, Jeezy claimed he only shoved his son but he never physically assaulted his kid and said it could be the rumor that his son’s mom has spread.

Little Insight On Amra Father: Jeezy Is A Rapper

Jeezy (aka Young Jeezy) began his journey as a rapper in 1998 by launching the label imprint CTE World (Corporate Thugz Entertainment), which is a record label. He debuted with the album Thuggin’ Under the Influence (T.U.I.) released on 31st July 2001 by Corporate Thugz Entertainment.

Furthermore, the rapper released his second studio album Come Shop wit Me on 14 Oct 2003. The following year, Jeezy collaborated with Bad Boy Record and joined the group Boyz n da Hood, whose self-titled album was released in 2005. Later, the album was listed as no. 5 on the Billboard 200 album chart.

Since then he has released several albums including Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101, The Inspiration: Thug Motivation 102, The Recession, The Recession 2, and a few more.

Jenkins’ Lifestyle And Her Parent’s Net Worth

After Amra’s mom and dad’s separation, she is spending time with both of her parents. Her father is a multi-millionaire with an estimated net worth of $20 million. Jeezy has accumulated wealth from his professional career as a rapper.

Meanwhile, her mother Mahlet has an estimated fortune of $500,000. She makes money from her profession as a musician including the money she received as child support from her former husband.