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Amy Philbin-Regis Philbin’s Daughter with First Wife Catherine Faylen

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Amy Philbin is the firstborn daughter of late iconic television personality and actor Regis Philbin. She was born to Regis and his first wife, Catherine Faylen. Besides her father, Amy’s mother Catherine was also an actress. Moreover, Amy’s maternal grandparents were both actors.

Having come from a family of actors, many of Regis’s fans might have thought Amy would also pursue a career in acting, however, she never showed any interest in acting. Rather, Amy was interested in singing, however, she couldn’t achieve big in her singing career.

Amy had been living under the media radar for years, however, after her father, Regis Philbin died in summer 2020, she once again made her way into the limelight. Here’s everything you need to know about the star kid.

Amy Philbin Is the Firstborn Child of Actor Regis Philbin

Amy was born in 1959 to her father Regis Philbin and mother Catherine Faylen. There are different details on Amy’s birthday as some online sites have mentioned Amy was born in 1961, however, People magazine referred to Amy as the 32-year-old daughter of Regis Philbin in its 1991 article which makes her birthday to be in 1959.

As of 2021, Amy is 62 years old. She is an American by nationality while she belongs to the Caucasian White ethnicity. Amy has European descent as the grandparents of her maternal grandmother Carol Huges were from Germany.

Amy's father Regis Philbin was an iconic TV presenter
Amy’s father Regis Philbin was an iconic TV presenter

Further, Amy’s paternal grandfather, Francis “Frank” Philbin has Irish descent while her grandmother Filomena was a member of an Albanian-Italian immigrant family from Greci.

Her Younger Brother Died in 2014

Amy had a younger brother, Daniel Philbin. Daniel “Danny” died at the young age of 49 in 2014. As per the reports, Danny died of natural causes. He passed away on 7 November 2014, however, the news only came to the media in March 2015.

Even though several online sources said Danny was 49 at the time of his death, there is a bit of confusion regarding his birthday. Some trustworthy online sites have mentioned that he was born in 1967, while if he was 49 at the time of his death, he was probably born in 1965.

Daniel was born with a defect in the spinal cord which ultimately led him to have both his legs amputated. Even though he was disabled, Danny became an inspiration to millions of people across the United States.

Amy Philbin's brother, Daniel Philbin
Amy Philbin’s brother, Daniel Philbin died in 2014

At first, he completed his master’s degree from the Catholic University of America located in Washington D.C. After completing his academics, Daniel went on to work with the Department of Defense’s Public Affairs Office in the Pentagon.

Danny was still working on his desk when the 9/11 attack happened in the Pentagon. After the attack, Danny helped the organization deal with the media. For his extensive work, Danny also received the award later.

Amy Philbin Parents Divorced While She was Young

Amy Philbin hadn’t even become a teenager when her parents divorced. Her parents, who got married during the mid-1950s remained together as husband-and-wife for over 13 years before they parted ways.

Catherine and Regis Philbin had just become parents of their second child, son Daniel at the time they separated. The pair reportedly finalized their divorce in 1968.

Her Father Remarried Soon after His Divorce

Amy’s mother, Catherine remained far from the media after her divorce from Regis Philbin while her father’s love life was one of the most talked-about topics in the media during the 1970s. Regis started dating Joy Sense and they soon tied the knot in 1970.

The ex-husband-and-wife gave birth to two children in quick succession after their marriage. They welcomed two daughters; Joanna Sense Philbin and Jennifer Joy “JJ” Philbin.

Regis Philbin and his second wife Joy Sense
Regis Philbin and his second wife Joy Sense

Regis was married to his second wife, Joy until his death in 2020.

Amy Philbin Dad Died at 88

Amy’s father, Regis Philbin died at the age of 88 on July 24, 2020. The Who Wants to Be a Millionaire host died of natural causes as per the family statement. But, several reputed media reported that Amy’s father died of heart failure.

Regis had battled with a number of health issues prior to his death. Years back in 1993, Philbin underwent an angioplasty. Later in 2007, doctors found plaque in his arteries following which he had to undergo triple bypass surgery at Weill Cornell Medical Center in March that year.

Amy's father, Regis Philbin died at 88 in 2020
Amy’s father, Regis Philbin died at 88 in 2020

Not only that but in December 2009, Regis Philbin again needed to undergo hip replacement surgery. Following that Philbin had surgery to have a blood clot removed from his calf in May 2010.

Her Profession-What is She Doing Currently?

Amy Philbin pursued a career as a singer. She hasn’t been open about her career path in the media, however, there are several outlets that have documented Amy’s career preferences. But, unfortunately, Amy didn’t find success in her career.

Furthermore, in spite of being a star kid, Amy has always been an under-the-radar personality. She has never indulged in her father’s popularity. What’s more, Amy doesn’t make her presence in any of the social sites as well. It has kept her completely out of the media.

Amy Philbin’s Struggle with Drug Abuse

Back in 2018, more than three years after Daniel Philbin’s death, his ex-wife, Judy Philbin made headlines after she slammed her ex-father-in-law and his then-wife Joy publicly saying Regis turned his back on his kids from his first marriage.

Talking to Radar Online, Judy said,

“What Joy and he did to those two kids because they were not her children was despicable! They didn’t want to have the responsibility of caring for a disabled child – so they put Danny in a home for mentally challenged kids!”

Judy went on to say that Regis Philbin catapulted Amy into a long battle with drug addiction. Amy was badly into drugs that she was near death in 2006. Judy added that it was the time when Regis Philbin finally came to rescue her. He moved her from a crime-riddled area in L.A. to a two-story home in a decent neighborhood.

Judy said, “He purchased that home for her and that was it. It was in ruins when I went there. It was unlivable.”