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Anna Kochanius

Anna Kochanius is the Instagram star, model, and social media influencer. She came to the limelight because of her sizzling and seductive pictures which she uploads on Instagram and many other social media handles. Moreover, Anna also works as an Intraday trader.

As the matter of fact, she has been the talk of the town since she started uploading images, especially underboob pictures. Many of her fans have also been talking about, who could be the love of her life. Or is she still single as of 2022? Well, in this article we have cleared all your doubts.

Here are several interesting facts about Anna’s love life, age, and many more.

Anna Kochanius Eary Life: Her Age and Birth Details

Anna is a beautiful 24 years old lady. She was born on 17th March 1998 in Wittneka, Illinois. Sources say, her father is a computer consultant, whereas her mother is a photographer.

As her fans are eager to know her nationality, she holds American citizenship and her star sign is Pisces. Apart from this, the blonde model has kept her family and other childhood details to herself.

Anna Worked For Several Brands: Her Career As A Model

Anna is one of the models who prefer to show her face on the internet rather than in the outdoors. She started her modeling career with the help of social media handles in 2020. Similarly, Kochanius became an overnight sensation with the very first picture that she posted on her Instagram.

The Onlyfans model, Anna Kochanius
Anna’s very first image.

And a week later she uploaded an image in an orange-themed bikini, which sent her fans to go crazy after looking at her seductive image. Her passion for self-modeling didn’t just get the eyes of the public but also grabbed the attention of several modeling companies. Similarly, Anna worked for the companies like apparel, Sports Illustrations, Fashion Nova, and more.

The Model Is Also An Entrepreneur

Apart from her self-modeling, the Influencer, Anna has also been involved in the business. As the matter of fact, she has mentioned herself as an entrepreneur on her Facebook account. Apparently, she works as an Intraday trader, which means trading stocks on the very same trading day.

Likewise, she gives her opinion on her social media handle about money management, and how to deal while trading.

How good is Anna’s OnlyFans?

Kochanius has been making good earnings from her OnlyFans account. But, here is something you should know about what she has been sharing on the adult site. Well, some of her subscribers aren’t satisfied with her work, as it is similar to what she usually shares on her Insta and Twitter.

Similarly, one of her subscribers who is a YouTuber named OnlySam uploaded a review video in March 2022, he explained what was in his POV. He said,

Look at her reels on her Instagram and her pictures on Twitter; they are very very similar to what she has on her Only Fans which is not a good thing. Why am I paying x amount of money if the contents are very similar?

She has been feautured by several modeling companies
Anna Kochanius who promotes adult site

The content creator, OnlySam further added saying, Anna, should provide some premium content to the people who have subscribed with an extra fee. The reviewer continued,

 Kochanius’ 18+ handle didn’t contain one bit of nudity or generally the pictures and videos that might have counted as Only Fans contents.

In Sam’s view, her OnlyFans content wasn’t worth paying and even said it was not good at all.

Her OnlyFans

Besides, her social media accounts, she has also been active on the OnlyFans site, where she chats with her paid members. Moreover, she shares 18+ content on her OnlyFans account. Kochanius wrote on her account’s bio,

“My all-natural milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, I could show you but I have to charge, Exclusive photos and videos that you will not see anywhere else You can always have a friendly chat with me, I’m ready to share my sincere thoughts and feelings with you. Custom requests and ideas are welcome in DM.”

Anna Khochanius is involved in Intraday trader
She is also into self-modeling.

Reportedly, her OnlyFans account was disabled for some unknown reason, however, she later recovered it. Besides, in order to have her subscription, you have to pay $7 per month or $250 per year.

Is The Bold Model In a Relationship?

Since the start of her professional life, she has been busy handling her career and still is. Thus, it is safe to say that she doesn’t have much time to worry about her love life. Meanwhile, her fans are eager to know who could be the guy she has loved but unfortunately, the answer to her love affair is still behind the curtain.

Similarly, even after being a media star, she hasn’t disclosed her personal details including her dating partner. Well, as of 2022, her relationship status is single.

Anna Kochanius Has Made a lot of money from OnlyFans: Her Net Worth

As for someone whose identity has been growing in the adult sites day by day, the seductive star has made enough money from her exclusive sites, where her subscribers are increasing in a high number.

Besides, she has also earned a satisfying amount of money from her modeling career. Ever since Anna rose to stardom, she has been living a lavish lifestyle.

Her Social Media Handles

Talking about her social media platforms, she has been active on Insta and Twitter for a long time. Not to forget her OnlyFans account.

Moreover, she has more than three Instagram accounts, however, one of her Instagram accounts is disabled for going against the community guidelines. Apart from her banned account on Instagram, she has gained over 100k followers within just a year.