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Atsuko Remar, Do You Know These Things about Actor James Remar’s Wife of Three Decades?

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Atsuko Remar is the wife of actor James Remar who is very famous for his role as Richard Wright in Sex and the City. Besides, her husband is also famous for his portrayal of Harry Morgan in Dexter. Atsuko Remar has been married to her husband for more than three decades and they are also proud parents of two children.

James has mostly played negative characters throughout his acting career. However, he is a very committed family man when it comes to his real life. He has been committed to a single woman i.e., Atsuko Remar for years and has balanced his work-life and family life well.

Although James Remar is a well-known celebrity, there are a lot of things to uncover about his wife Atsuko Remar. So, in today’s episode, let’s explore all the aspects of her life.

Atsuko Remar Birth Details and Early Life

James Remar’s wife Atsuko is a Japanese native. Several online sources have reported she was born around the 1950s, however, there isn’t exact information on her birthday and place. Meanwhile, her Japanese name, Atsuko means “child of profound emotions.”

Famous actor James Remar's wife, Atsuko Remar
Atsuko Remar with her husband James Remar

More than this, there’s no information on Remar’s early life, parents, and family since the wife of Dexter actor prefers living a low-key life. Furthermore, Atsuko doesn’t appear on media often and doesn’t attend interviews a lot.

Atsuko Remar holds American nationality while she is of Asian ethnicity.

She is Happily Married with Two Kids

As we mentioned before, Atsuko Remar is happily married to her husband of over thirty years, James Remar. Like details about Atsuko’s early life, her love life with her hubby is not documented in the media as well. Nevertheless, we know for sure that she and James met in the early 1980s.

After a short courtship, Atsuko and James Remar tied the knot in 1984, and have lived a blissful conjugal life of over three decades so far. Celebrities being in a committed relationship or a marriage is not common in Hollywood. However, the Remar-duo have crossed all the odds and have become one of the most cheerful and long-lasting Hollywood couples.

Meanwhile, the couple is not showy; they rarely make their public appearances together. Due to this fact, people often wonder if the Remar-duo are still together or not. But as of December 2021, Atsuko lives a happy conjugal life with her husband.

Atsuko and her husband are parents of two children. They welcomed one son, Jason, and one daughter, Lisa together. However, there is no information about the exact birthday of Atsuko’s children.

Her Son, Jason is an Actor Like His Father

Atsuko Remar’s son, Jason Remar has also pursued an acting career like his father. He has yet to make a big impact in the industry, however, he has been part of many television series.

Atsuko Remar's husband and son
Remar’s husband, James Remar, and their son, Jason

Jason has acted in TV series like Magnum I.P. and Wilfred. In the FX sitcom, Wilfred, Jason acted as Grocery Clerk in an episode titled “Intuition.Besides, in 2017, Jason played the character of Nakamon in High and Low: The Movie 2-End of Sky. As a matter of fact, Jason has yet to make a big impact as an actor.

Atsuko Remar’s Daughter Pursues a Singing Career

Atsuko’s daughter, Lisa Remar also found the entertainment world pretty fascinating. Unlike her father and brother, Lisa developed a keen interest in singing from her early childhood days. Lisa performs under the stage name Nana Felix. As a singer, she released an EP, Splendor in July 2015.

James Remar's daughter with his wife of three decades
Atsuko’s spouse and their daughter, Lisa

Apart from her singing, Lisa is pretty close to her actor father. She has talked about her dad on several occasions. In a conversation with The Warriors, Lisa said that her father is very different in real life from the characters he portrays on screen. She added her father is rather sweet and funny.

Who is Remar’s Husband, James Remar? His Short Bio

Atsuko Remar’s husband, James is a well-known Hollywood actor as we mentioned before. He was born William James Remar on December 31, 1953. He was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. The Boston native has mostly played negative roles throughout his career.

James gained initial fame from his portrayal of the violent and sexually aggressive character Ajax in The Warriors in 1979. A few years later, he gained widespread attention after portraying a sociopath Albert Ganz in 48 Hrs. in 1982. Besides, in 1984, James played real-life gangster Dutch Schultz in 1984’s The Cotton Club.

In the meantime, not many of you might be aware that Atsuko’s husband was actually cast for the 1986’s blockbuster, Aliens by James Cameron which also starred actress Sigourney Weaver. James had even played some shots as Corporal Dwayne Hicks. However, director Cameron later expelled James from the movie and brought in Michael Biehn as his replacement.

Atsuko Remar's renowned actor husband, James Remar
Atsuko Remar’s renowned actor husband, James Remar

The actual reason behind James’ removal of the film is not yet revealed, however, the studio said it was due to “artistic differences” between James and director Cameron.

Years later, James revealed in one episode of the Sidebar podcast that he was fired from the movie because they had found him with drugs. He said that was the time when he was highly addicted to drugs, nonetheless, he later got out of it and continued his acting career smoothly.

Atsuko Remar Husband is a Millionaire

Atsuko Remar doesn’t have a significant net worth of her own. Nevertheless, the celebrity spouse lives a luxurious life with the fortune her husband collects from his acting career. When it comes to her spouse’s net worth, actor James Remar has an estimated net worth of $5 million in 2021. James earned his fortune from his prolific career as an actor.