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You Will Be Surprised To See Hugh Jackman’s Daughter, Ava Eliot Jackman’s Transition

Ava Eliot Jackman is known for being the daughter of popular Australian actor and actress Hugh Jackman and Deborra Lee Furness. Hugh is mostly famous for portraying the role of Wolverine in nine of the X-Men franchise movie.

Ava is currently a teenager and is focusing mostly on her education. But did you know that she isn’t the biological daughter of Jackman; she was rather adopted? In this article, we will learn the reason behind her adoption. Also, does Ava have any siblings? And where is she currently studying at? Who is her biological parents?

To know more about her stick with us till the end.

Is Ava Eliot Jackman adopted? When’s her birthday?

She was born on July 10, 2005, and is currently 17 years old. As mentioned earlier, Ava is the adopted daughter of Hugh Jackman and Deborra Lee Furness. Eliot was just a few weeks old when Hugh and Deborra adopted her.

Unfortunately, the name of her real parents hasn’t been disclosed.

Ava Eliot Jackson in the disneyland
Ava with her loving family

Although her biological grandparents are yet to be mentioned, Eliot is the adoptive granddaughter of Christopher John Jackson and Grace McNeil. On her mother, Deborra’s side, she has a grandmother named Fay Duncan.

Ava Eliot Jackman Ethnicity and Nationality

Talking about her ancestry, she is Biracial and holds Australian nationality. In an interview her father revealed, Ava is half Mexican and half German. As for her adopted parents, Hugh is mostly English but also has some Scottish and Greek in his ancestry whereas Deborra is mostly Australian.

In an interview, Jackson revealed that he always wanted to adopt a child containing two racial groups because,

 “people wait 18 months to adopt a little blonde girl, while biracial children are turned away.”

Looks like Hugh really loves and respects Biracial people and we all admire him for not being a discriminator.

Her Education

As of now, Ava’s parents haven’t said much about where she goes for her study although we know that she is currently studying in a high school. She must be going to a high school in Sydney as that is where she resides.

In the meantime, Hugh must be trying to keep the limelight away from her so that it won’t affect her studies and mental health.

Ava Eliot Jackman has a brother

Ava is the second child of Hugh and Deborra. She has an older brother named Oscar Jackman. Oscar was born on May 15, 2000. Like Eliot, he was also adopted. The pair adopted him shortly after he was born.

Ava Eliot Jackson's brother wearing winter clothes
Ava’s older brother Oscar.

Unlike Ava, they have revealed his mother and her name is Amber Sanders.

Talking about his education, he completed high school in 2019, and in an interview Hugh said,

“My son is about to leave high school, and my daughter is about to go into high school. It’s amazing to just have conversations with them. But it took a bit of readjusting, It went from ‘Hey, guys, these are the rules, we don’t do that,’ to having to give them reasons why.”

Like Eliot, Oscar is multiracial. He has some African-American, Caucasian, Hawaiian, and Cherokee blood in his ancestry.

Ava Parents’ First Encounter

Jackman and Deborra first met each other while filming a TV series, Corelli in Australia. Deborra was supposed to pick up Hugh in her car. In an interview, explaining their first encounter, Hugh said,

“I get picked up, and Deb is in the front seat of the car. I’ll never forget it. She took off her seatbelt, and she turned around and put out her hand and took off her sunglasses and said, ‘Hi, I’m Deborra-lee Furness, nice to meet you.’ I remember thinking, ‘I like this girl.’”

He further added,

“When I met Deb, it was 10 times better than my single life. She was very beautiful. She was unbelievably fun — this energy, this spirit — irrepressible,” Jackman continued. “And she had a confidence in herself. I had a massive crush on her instantly.”

Ava Eliot Jackson with her dad
Ava walking her dog.

Ava’s dad was instantly in love with her mother. A few months later, Hugh invited her to a dinner party at his home and when he felt the time was right, he confessed his feelings for her. Jackman was very nervous but felt at ease once Deborra told him, she also has feelings for him.

Of that particular moment, Hugh once said,

“I said ‘[I’ve] got a crush on you. I’ll get over it; I’m sorry.’ She goes, ‘Oh! Because I’ve got a crush on you too.’ I never in a million years thought she reciprocated.”

At one point in their relationship, the couple had some ups and downs but eventually got through their problems.

Their Marriage

Hugh and Deborra must have felt strongly for each other as the couple walked down the aisle just four months after they had started dating. They married on April 11, 1996.

Ava Eliot Jackson's parents attending a seminar
Hugh and Deborra in an event

The pair has been in a marital relationship for more than 26 years and are still going strong to this date. In an interview in 2021, Jackman said,

“Deb is the lightest, most optimistic person I’ve ever met in my life. If you ever want to play the game, ‘Who’s the happiest person in the room?’ Deb wins.”

It doesn’t seem like the duo is separating from each other anytime soon and we hope they are always as happy as they are now. We wish them the very best in their future endeavors.

Ava’s adoptive mother suffered multiple miscarriages

Hugh and Deborra adopted Ava and her brother after the pair suffered from two miscarriages. It was tough for the couple to decide not to try a third time.

It is still highly debatable whether the couple was going to have a child or Hugh always wanted to adopt a child. Nevertheless, it was Jackson who convinced Deborra to adopt a kid.

We are all glad that Ava’s parents adopted Eliot and Oscar. We hope that the family stays happy and healthy until the very end.

Ava Hates Her Father’s Fame

Even though Ava is famous because of her father, she doesn’t like Hugh’s popularity. One time Hugh came to Eliot’s dance classes and she became the center of attention which she apparently didn’t like. Since then, she hasn’t allowed her dad to come to her dancing classes.

Looks like Ava at times finds it difficult to cope with her father’s popularity. After all, Hugh is a very attractive man and any person would be star-struck if they ever saw him.

Ava Eliot Jackman Net Worth

Talking about her net worth, Ava is still a teenager and we cannot estimate how much she is actually worth although we assume she is living quite a luxurious life considering who her parents are.

As for her parents, Eliot’s father has an estimated net worth of $180 million whereas her mother has an estimated wealth of $50 million.n