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Bailei Knight is an American star kid who is famous as one of Suge Knight’s children. Her father is a former music executive and the co-founder and once CEO of Death Row Records.

Bailei’s life was full of struggle from the beginning as her father Suge was not around much. Since the early 90s, Suge was convicted of numerous felonies including manslaughter and assault.

Nevertheless, Bailei is all grown-up now so what is she doing now? Where is she now? Let us find out more about Bailei Knight including her parents, wiki, and profession.

Bailei Knight Wiki-Bio: How old is she?

She was born on November 28th, 2002, in Los Angeles, California. She is currently Bailei belongs to the African-American ethnicity and has American nationality.

Both of her parents, Michel’le and father Suge Knight, were big names in the music industry. Her mom and dad raised her in a lavish manner as both of them were millionaires by the time she was born.

How many siblings does she have?

She has no biological siblings, however, of her parent’s different relationships she has five half-siblings. From her dad Suge’s side, she has six half-siblings, Taj, born in 1991, Posh, Andrew, Suge, Sosa, and Legend Knight. On the other hand, her mom Michel’le has one half-sibling, a brother named Marcel Young, born in 1991.

Although the Knight family is a big one, it looks like they aren’t close to each other.

Bailei Knight’s Parents Relationship: They were married for six years

If there’s any relationship in the rap world that is controversial then it’s definitely Suge and Michel’le. They first met in the most unique way possible, around the time when Bailei’s mother was battling alcohol addiction.

Bailei Knight Father
Bailei as a kid with her father Suge.

Despite the initial challenges, love prevailed between them and they eventually decided to exchange vows. Just like how Suge accepted her while she was an alcoholic, she also decided to marry him in 1999 while Suge was still in prison for a probation violation.

Throughout their 8-year-long relationship, Suge was in and out of the jail for six of them. This put a lot of strain on their life. In addition, Michel’le once also mentioned she was a victim of domestic violence at the hands of Suge.

Eventually, everything crumbled down and she couldn’t take it anymore and decided to file for divorce. However, her divorce filing wasn’t accepted as it was revealed their marriage was invalid, to begin with. According to reports, when Suge exchanged vows with Bailei’s mother, he was still married to Sharitha. Besides, Michel’le had also asked for $13492 a month in child support.

Her parents are a big name in the music industry

We’re sure many of you are already aware of how successful her parents were in the music industry. Her mother Michel’le is one of the renowned R&B artists who became a sensation from the late 80s to the early 90s. Her famous albums include Hung Jury and World Class.

On the other hand, her dad Suge is a music executive. He co-founded Death Row Records. Suge was instrumental in gangsta rap’s commercial success. The first two albums under the record’s name, Dr. Dre’s The Chronic and Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle, were pivotal in making the label a big hit.

Bailei’s Dad is currently in prison for Manslaughter

Since the early 90s, Suge started getting in trouble with the authorities. Initially, he used to be involved in various assault charges. He had violated his parole sentence numerous times. It is fair to assume, that Knight was never really a rule-abiding citizen.

From 1995 to 2014, he was involved in several gang fights. In 2014, he was even shot at a pre-video Music Awards party hosted by rapper Chris Brown. Then a year later in 2015, he was charged with voluntary manslaughter after he ran over Terry Carter and Cle Sloan killing Terry, who was Suge’s friend.

As for the motive behind the accident, well apparently, right before the incident, Suge and Terry had gotten into an altercation on the set of Straight Outta Compton. Suge was immediately taken into custody and was given 28-years in prison.

Bailei Knight’s Mother told her about Suge Knight’s Incarceration

It is really sad for any kid to witness their parents go to prison and likewise, Bailei was also deeply saddened by the fact. It was her mother Michele’le who first revealed the tragic news to the then 12-year-old.

Bailei Knight Mother (1)
Bailei’s mom first told her about Suge’s accident.

As for why she told such horrific news to a kid, well, Michele’le had her reasons. In an interview with DailyMail, she said,

“The moment I received the call saying what had happened with Suge, I knew I had to tell Bailei before anyone else did. I talk to her about everything. Children today are far, far smarter than I ever was, so it wasn’t an option for me to try and keep it from her. So I picked her up from school earlier than normal, sat her down and said everything that I knew.”

As a kid, who barely knows how the world works, upon watching the CCTV footage of her dad running over the two guys, Bailei’s first response was if the two guys that her dad ran over are okay or not.

What does Bailei Knight do?

We’re sure many of you really curious to know what is Bailei’s doing nowadays? Unlike her parents who are big names in the music industry, it looks like Bailei is not involved in the industry.

Bailei Knight Now
Bailei is the only daughter between Suge and Michele’le.

Here is a video of Michele’le teaching Bailei self-defense!

Furthermore, going through her Facebook profile, we found out she currently works in the sales department for the company called, Foot Locker. The retail company primarily sells sports shoes and casual slippers. Talking about her education, she is currently in high school.

How much is Bailei Knight’s net worth?

As a star kid, Bailei had a fairly exquisite life. Her mom’s net worth is around $250,000, and her father Suge was once one of the richest music executives of all time with millions of dollars in his pocket.