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Beatrice Jean Howard Gabel

Beatrice Jean Howard Gabel is widely popular for being the daughter of popular actress, Bryce Dallas Howard. Dallas is mostly famous for playing the role of Claire Dearing in the movie franchise Jurassic World. Besides, Bryce shares Beatrice with her director husband, Seth Gabel.

As we already know a lot about her parents, people are now getting curious about their daughter Beatrice. She is a very beautiful girl who is loved by her friends and her family.

In this article, we will discuss many interesting facades of Beatrice Jean Howard Gabel’s life. Did you know that her mom suffered from depression? To know more about her stick with us till the end.

Beatrice Jean Howard Gabel Early Life

She was born on 19th January 2012 and is currently 10 years old. At the time of her birth, she weighed 8lbs 60z. As mentioned earlier, Beatrice is the daughter of Bryce Dallas Howard and Seth Gabel.

The meaning behind her name is voyager or blessed.

Beatrice Jean Howard Gabel walking with her dad
Beatrice with her father.

Aside from her, Bryce and Seth also have another child named Theodore Norman Howard-Gabel. He is the older brother of Gabel and is 5 years older than her.

As for her ethnicity, she has German, English, Scottish, Irish, remote French, and Dutch in her ancestry. Likewise, her mother also has similar ancestry.

Her Education

Talking about her education, Beatrice’s parents have not disclosed the matter to the public. Bryce and Seth are probably thinking that it might be in their best interest to keep the matter private as it can affect her studies.

Beatrice Jean Howard Gabel enjoying her time with Bryce
Beatrice enjoying time with her mom.

Moreover, knowing where she goes to study can increase the chance of people approaching her with good as well as bad intent. These things can mentally affect a child and can bother them for the rest of their life.

Her Family Tree

Jean is the granddaughter of Ron Howard and Cheryl Howard and her great-grandparents were Jean Speegle Howard and Rance Howard. From Cheryl’s side, her great-grandparents were Vivian Schmid and Charles Alley.

Beatrice Jean Howard Gabel brother at his early days
Theodore with her mother.

In her family, Howard also has an uncle named Reed Howard. He is the brother of Beatrice’s mom, Bryce, and is currently 35 years old.

Beatrice Jean Howard Gabel’s Mom Suffered From Depression

After giving birth to Beatrice’s brother, Bryce suffered from post-partum depression. Dallas felt like she was in a black hole or in a nightmare. In an interview, Howard revealed,

“For the sake of those around me, including my son, I pretended. But when I began showering again in the second week, I let loose in the privacy of the bathroom, water flowing over me as I heaved uncontrollable sobs.”

She continued,

 “When I visited the midwife for a checkup, she gave me a questionnaire, rating things on a scale from 1-5 so that she could get a sense of my emotional state. I gave myself a perfect score. Despite my daily ‘shower breakdowns’ months passed before I even began to acknowledge my true feelings.”

Bryce suffered from depression for more than a year and a half before finally stepping up for herself. Her friends recommended Howard’s mom seek help from a professional.

Finally, she started feeling better after homeopathic treatments, therapy, and time. Soon after her treatment started, she felt normal and more like herself.

Aside from her depression, Beatrice’s mother also struggled with breastfeeding as it was her first time.

Beatrice Jean Howard Gabel’s Mom Started a Documentary

After Bryce became a parent, she became inspired and directed a documentary called, Dads. In the documentary, many celebrities’ dads come together to talk about their life as a father. However, she made it very clear that the documentary wasn’t going to be about her own family.

In an interview, Beatrice’s mom said,

“After having kids, the stakes in my life got a lot higher. I can see the ways in which the stories I’m working on have an impact on me emotionally and how that all plays out with my family. I gravitate more toward entertainment that my kids can also be a part of and that I can talk to them about.”

As mentioned earlier, Jean’s mom directed the documentary however the documentary was produced by her grandfather Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, Michael Rosenberg, Justin Wilkes, and Walter Matteson. It featured many popular celebrities such as Jimmy Fallon, Judd Apatow, Jimmy Kimmel, Will Smith, Hasan Minhaj, Ken Jeong, and Kenan Thompson.

Beatrice Jean Howard Gabel Is Interested In Her Mother’s Work

Jean is a big fan of all Jurassic world movies. Moreover, Beatrice has a toy version of the indominus rex. Bryce feels very thankful that her daughter likes the Jurassic world franchise and described her saying,

“To watch Beatrice come into herself — a person with incredible kindness, sparkling wit, and genuine love for others and the world around her — is one of the greatest privileges in my life,”

Aside from Jurassic world, Beatrice also loves most of her mom’s work and knows all the people that her mom is working with. Moreover, Bryce was impressed by her mom after she came to know that she is working with John Cena and Dua Lipa.

Beatrice Jean Howard Gabel’s Parents’ Marriage

Bryce and Seth first met each other while both of them were studying at New York University in the early 2000s. Soon after their first meeting, the couple fell in love and started dating each other.

Beatrice Jean Howard Gabel parents in a seminar
Bryce and Seth attending an event.

After dating for almost 5 years, Beatrice’s parents decided to walk down the aisle in 2006. As of now the couple has been married for more than 21 years and is still happily married.

Throughout their relationship, Bryce and Seth have shared two children whom they love unconditionally. The duo has always cared for their kids and always thought about their betterment.

Bryce Accidentally Got Pregnant

Beatrice’s parents never thought about having a child so early in their marriage but got pregnant with Theodore after they were married for just seven days. In an interview, Bryce revealed,

“I found out I was pregnant seven days after my wedding. I was on my honeymoon with my family. It’s a long story—but yes, I shared my honeymoon with my entire family. I have a heroic husband!.”

She further added,

“After taking the pregnancy test, I held the paper strip while waiting for the telltale sign to appear and thought, ‘I have to be pregnant! I will not be okay if I am not pregnant”

We are very thankful that Bryce and Seth decided to keep their child.

Beatrice Jean Howard Gabel’s Net Worth

As a star kid, Beatrice enjoys all the luxuries and riches that this world can offer. Her mother has an estimated wealth of $25 million whereas her father is worth $2 million. Both of them earned most of their money through their career in the entertainment industry.