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Where Is Camelia Kath Now? Her Past Relationships, Family, Career, And Net Worth

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Camelia Kath is a famous American television and film actress. She has been entertaining the audience with her stellar performance in movies and TV series. Besides her professional life, we know her as of late American musician Terry Kath‘s ex-wife.

As the life of most Hollywood elites, Camelia has seen her fair share of love, life, tragedies, marriages, and divorces. Given her celebrity status, the press is always trying to dig up details and situations regarding her life. And, we can not deny, fans are always curious.

So, in this article, we are going to talk in length about the life of charming Camelia Kath. We will look into her early life, her professional career, her various marriages, divorce, children, and many other details about her life. So, without any further ado, let’s start.

Camelia Kath Bio, Age

Camelia Kath, born Camillia Emily Ortiz was born on September 22, 1953, in Puerto Rico. She is 68 years old as of 2021. We also know her as Camelia Lynne. Although she was born in Puerto Rico, her family later moved to the US expecting better life prospects.

The details about her personal life, before she got famous are very hard to find on the web. However, we know she grew up around West Hollywood, California.

Despite her Puerto Rican origins, Camelia is an American citizen and belongs to the White ethnicity.

Camelia graduated from the University of California in 1974.

Camelia Kath’s Professional Career

Born to a working-class family, Camelia had to work from an early age. She successfully overcame many hurdles in her life and carved a praiseworthy career on the silver screen.

With her earlier film like Terror on Tour, she began to grow her fan base. Camelia was really popular in 8o’s, it was the highlight of her acting career.

Besides, being an actress she is also a proficient Makeup artist and producer.

Camelia is also a writer

Camelia also worked as a writer for the famous 1999 TV series The Nanny. Along with various other writers like Rachel Chagall and Harriet Goldman, Camelia also wrote the episode, “The Dummy Twins”. The episode was released on June 16, 1999, in the United States.

The 68 years old actress also served as executive producer of over 10 episodes of the same show. Apart from these, she produced a short film Roundabout in 1999. Likewise, she also worked as a makeup artist and hairstylist in the documentary Mr. Blue Sky: The Story of Jeff Lynne & ELO.

Camelia also appears on the documentary “The Terry Kath Experience”, directed by her own daughter Michelle Kath.

Camelia Kath is the widow of late husband Terry Kath

The legendary guitarist Terry Kath and Camelia met each other in June 1972. At the time, Camelia was 18 years old when they started dating and, both were totally head over heels for each other. After she graduated from college in 1974, the couple decided to marry after two years of dating.

Their wedding was a private ceremony, an intimate gathering of close family and friends. It was a blissful marriage, however, it lasted really short. After four years of marriage, Terry died of a fatal accidental gunshot.

The couple has a daughter together named Michelle Kath Sinclair.

Camelia Kath’s daughter with her husband Terry is a DJ and director now

From her marital relationship with Terry, she has a daughter named Michelle Kath Sinclair. Her daughter is a Los Angeles-based DJ and Producer who travels far and wide to play music for dance floors.

Armed with MIDI controllers she blends the electronic soundscape of House, Techno, Disco, Hip Hop, Punk, and Indie. She is known by the moniker of Lady Sinclair to her niche audience.

Camelia's daughter Michelle Kath Sinclair.
Camelia’s daughter Michelle Kath Sinclair.

In 2015 she started Haute Mobile Disco, a music service company that helps connect DJs and musicians to clients in need of performers for their events.

Her talent does not stop with music. In 2017, Sinclair premiered her feature-length documentary, which she directed and produced. It was entitled ‘The Terry Kath Experience’ about her father, the lead guitarist for the band Chicago. It was world premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Camelia is grandmother to two exceptional children

Camelia Kath’s daughter Michelle is a wonderful mother of two beautiful sons, Robert Quinn Sinclair and Hamish Sinclair.

She shares her two kids from her marriage with Scottish actor Adam Sinclair. She has two sons Robert Quinn Sinclair and Hamish Sinclair, who are grandsons of Camelia and she is really fond of them.

Camelia was once married to Kiefer Sutherland

After her marriage with Terry Kath, Camelia abstained from relationships and men for nearly a decade. It is safe to assume that she shared a really deep bond with her late husband. However, it is hard to navigate the paths of this brutal world without any hand to rely on.

Well, a few years after the death of her ex-spouse Camelia married for the second time to British-born Canadian actor, Kiefer Sutherland. Kiefer is famous f0r his performance in big Hollywood movies like The Lost Boys (1987), Stand By Me (1986), and many others.

The couple started dating somewhere around 1987. The couple married each other on September 12, 1987.

Camelia Kath With Her Ex-husband Kiefer Sutherland
Camelia Kath With Her Ex-husband Kiefer Sutherland

However, due to the actor’s predilection to women and alcohol, the marriage fell apart. Despite the arrival of their daughter Sarah Jude Sutherland on February 18, 1988, the marriage was beyond saving. The couple divorced each other on February 1, 1990.

Camelia and Kiefer’s daughter Sarah is also an actor

Continuing her Hollywood heritage, Sarah Jude Sutherland followed in the footsteps of her parents. Sarah is an alumnus of the prestigious New York University’s Tisch School of Arts. The 33-year-old Sutherland even won a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series for sole in Veep.

Sarah was on Veep as Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ daughter for seven seasons. Additionally, Sarah has appeared in The Kid Detective, Beneath the Harvest Sky, Innocence, and other films over the past 10 years.

Who is Terry Kath’s widow, Camelia Kath married to now?

As of now, she is not married to anyone. Nevertheless, Camelia is now in a relationship with British singer Jeffrey Lynne. Camelia and Jeff have been together since 2008, however, they show no sign of marrying each other. We hope the occasion will dawn soon.

Camelia Kath Dated Boyfriend Jeffrey Lynne
Camelia Kath Dated Boyfriend Jeffrey Lynne

The couple often makes appearances in public events, and we think they look really great together.

Net Worth of Camelia Kath

Being an actress and producer, Camelia is really well off. The divorce settlement from her second husband Kiefer Sutherland was also a hefty sum. Altogether, her estimated net worth is around $1.5 million. In fact, her wealth is expected to increase in the days to come.

Her current boyfriend, Jeffrey Lynne has a massive fortune worth $100 million.

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