Carly Hallam

Carly Hallam is an American actress, writer who is well known in the screenwriting and producing committee, as one of the writers for the famous sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine. But to us, the general public, she came into the limelight after her marriage to the American comedian Daniel Tosh.

Her husband Daniel Tosh is an American comedian, television host, and producer who got famous for Comedy Central’s show, ‘Tosh. O.’ His offensive and controversial style of comedy is often referred to as ‘dark jokes’.

Well, it has been several years since their marriage, so what are the duo’s thoughts on having offspring? Besides, could Carly have hampered Tosh’s past relationship? You will find the answer to these questions, along with some interesting information about her past boyfriends, ethnicity, and secret marriage below.

Carly Hallam’s Early life and Education

Tosh’s wife Carly was born on January 19, 1987. She was born to her father John Gregory Hallam and mother Tammy Hallam in the sunshine state of Florida.

She is one of four siblings, sisters Stephanie Hallam and Taylor Hallam, and two brothers, a younger brother Chase M Hallam and an older brother, John Greg Jr.

Carly Hallam with family durimg graduation
Tosh’s wife Carly with her parents during her graduation ceremony.

Hallam graduated from high school in 2003, after which she went to get her bachelors from the University of Florida. She received her bachelor’s degree in English, in 2008.

About Daniel Tosh’s wife Carly Hallam’s Career

The celebrity spouse’s earliest known work was as a postproduction assistant in the Editorial department for the TV series Men of a Certain Age, which she only worked on for one episode.

Tosh’s wife joined her husband’s show, ‘Tosh. O’ as an intern writer in 2009, but after noticing her talent for writing, she joined the crew of program writers as a permanent paid employee and started her writing career. The show which aired on June 4, 2009, was an instant hit.

She continued as a scriptwriter for ‘Tosh. O’ until 2013. During her time in the show, she often appeared in sketches and drafts.

Carly remained quite unknown as a writer until she found her big break after becoming a member of the writing team for Brooklyn Nine-Nine, in 2013.

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Furthermore, Hallam also worked as an actor for a while, when she had landed a role in the romance/rom-com movie, ‘New Low’ in 2010.

She is also a member of the Writers Guild of America (WGA).

How did Carly meet her husband Daniel?

As previously mentioned, Carly Hallam started working for ‘Tosh. O’, Daniel’s show in 201o, where they ran into each other for the first time. But during that time he was in a relationship with model Megan Abrigo, so it is safe to say Carly and Daniel’s relationship was strictly professional.

Daniel Tosh and Megan Abrigo
Daniel Tosh with his ex-gf, Megan.

Soon after his relationship with the model came to an end, rumors were going around that Tosh was gay, as he was seen with a man in public, thought to be his boyfriend. Carly’s spouse also proclaimed that he was not gay in an interview with but, people still didn’t believe him.

But the rumors soon died down when he tweeted that, he got married to a ‘ballerina’ (whom we later came to know was Carly Hallam).

Tosh's tweet about the special Ballerina in his life
Daniel Tosh’s tweet about Carly Hallam.

Carly and Daniel kept their wedding a secret for two years

From the beginning, the pair kept their relationship close-knit. This is why we only came to know about their marriage after two years. TMZ first broke the news that Carly and Daniel had gotten married in Malibu, California on, April 15, 2016, in a private ceremony. The couple dated for about two to three months before getting married.

While on the subject of relationships, Daniel Tosh’s previous relationship with model Megan Abrigo abruptly ended in 2014. It is reportedly said that she didn’t like the way Daniel made jokes about her on his TV show, which she felt lowered her self-respect. This reason led to frequent conflicts which ultimately became the cause, for the former couple to part ways.

Appearance and Ethnicity

Carly Hallam is a gorgeous lady of English descent. She stands at around 5 feet 5 inches tall, complemented by a pair of brown eyes and natural brunette hair.

Carly Hallam mother
Carly Hallam with her mother Tammy

She was born in January making her a Capricorn.

Carly’s Social Media Accounts

Hallam has a Twitter account where she tweets short jokes and speaks her mind. Following her career path, she uses social media to promote her work as well.

She also runs a private Instagram account. But, looking at the nearly hundred posts on her account, she appears to be very active over there.

Besides her Instagram and Twitter, she has a personal blog on Tumblr. There she writes about her interesting experiences in life and shares the imaginary conversations she has with famous people in her head.

How much is Carly Hallam’s Net Worth?

Carly Hallam as a writer has written for two of the most popular TV series/shows, and they have paid their dividends. Currently her, net worth stands at around $800,000.

Some fun facts about Carly Hallam

In her blog, she has said that she wants to have children and go to Spain before she dies.

Her favorite actor and actress are Tom Hanks and Joey King.

Carly loves passing time by reading and traveling, and is a big fan of Italian cuisine.

As a writer, she contributes works to McSweeney’s and other similar publications. One of her works titled “10 WAYS TO WEAR THAT LITTLE BLACK DRESS IN YOUR CLOSET” garnered a lot of attention in 2017.