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Chris Rodstrom-Details About Pat Riley’s Wife and Their Marriage

Chris Rodstrom got media attention as the wife of a former American basketball player, Pat Riley. Talking about her profession, Chris used to work as a family therapist. But, the celebrity spouse had to leave her job to support her hubby Pat as his assistant after their marriage.

As for their enduring marital relationship, Chris and her long-time husband have been married for more than five decades. Let’s find out if the duo does share any children together or not.

Apart from it, we have gathered more about Pat Riley’s wife Chris’ life including her role in Winning Time, net worth, and more. Let’s dig into it!

How old is Chris Rodstrom? Chris Is The Daughter of Navy Captain

Chris Rodstrom was born in 1951, in Maryland USA. She belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity and has American nationality.

Moving on towards Chris’s early life, her family details are not much available, though a source says that, her father was a Navy captain and her mother was a Navy nurse.

Chris is currently running in her late 70’s as of 2022.

Her Education

As far as we know, Rodstrom graduated from Helix High School, in LA Mesa, California in 1966. She then completed her BA in 1972. Chris also joined the University of San Diego and graduated with a master’s degree in educational psychology.

Chris Met Her Husband Pat Riley At College: Their Marriage Details

The sweethearts, Chris and Pat both met at the University of San Diego in the late 1960s. She was a student at the college and her then-boyfriend Pat was playing for San Diego Rocket. And the two began dating in 1977. Pat once said Los Angeles Times,

“Chris and I have been together since 1967. We’ve done everything, been everywhere, seen everything a young couple could do and see.”

As per the source, the beautiful couple went to San Diego boxing for their first date in 1968. Rodstrom and Pat’s bond was too strong and after two years of dating, they exchanged their vows on 26th June 1970, in a low-key wedding ceremony.

Chris Rodstrom’s husband in an interview with Vault told, ” in 1970 I’d just married Chris and was worried about my game.” But, following their marriage, Chris turned out to be one of the great role players in his professional life who helped her man for the majority of his coaching career.

Chris and Her Beloved Husband Pat’s Marital Relationship in 2022: Are They Still Married?

Rodstrom and her hubby are still sharing a beautiful marital relationship since their nuptials. The beautiful couple is in their fifty-second year of conjugal life.

Throughout their long-time marriage life, the two have supported each other through their ups and downs.

Pat Riley and Chris Rodstrom
Chris sharing a blissful life with Pat Riley

Back then, Pat once said,

” I have a dream to play the guitar for the lady of my life, Chris.”

Likewise, Pat even has a great collection of guitars. He said,

” I want to learn to play guitar so that I can play “My Girl” for my beloved wife one day”

Chirs Rodstorm And Pat Riley Have Two Adopted Children

As per the source, Chirs and her hubby have two adopted kids, a daughter and a son. They named their daughter Elisabeth Riley and son James Riley.

Pat has explained why they adopted children,

“It took six years to understand that we couldn’t have a child naturally. There still isn’t any clinical explanation of why, because we are both capable. So we got an opportunity to adopt. In fact, we’re looking again. James is just a bundle of joy for us. Chris looks on the adoption as another factor that helped strengthen their marriage. “

Their first kid, James welcomed into their family in the late ’80s and some years after, their daughter Elisabeth also joined the family.

Chris Rodstrom’s Career As A Therapist

As we said earlier, Chris was a student of psychology and is a former therapist. She was also a marriage and family counselor. However, Rodstrom had to quit his career as a therapist in the early 1980s in order to support her beloved husband Pat in his coaching career.

Her Role As Her Spouse Pat’s Personal Assistant Leader

Rodstrom never revealed why she gave up her career as a therapist. Though, she considered her husband’s career as the first priority, more than her dream career.

Chris Rodstrom as an assistant
Chris supports her long-time husband Pat

Her life-partner Chris expressed gratitude to his wife for her immense support,

She helped me tremendously,” “She treated the whole thing as a death, which is what it seemed like. It was a period of mourning. Basketball was my whole life.”

She later started making her appearance in the corner, getting hyped up whenever her hubby’s team won.

Rodstrom’s Partner Pat Riley Is a Coach And A Legendary NBA Player

Pat Riley is a legendary NBA player who started his career in his high school days. He was really passionate about sports since his early days. After high school, Pat joined the National Basketball Association(NBA) as a shooting guard. During his career, the player made a number of appearances in the clubs like San Diego Rockets, Los Angeles Lakers, and Phoenix Suns.

Following his retirement, Riley started working as a coach for the teams like Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks, and Miami Heat. He didn’t get fame as a coach immediately as the ex-NBA star started as an assistant for Los Angeles Lakers in 1979. After several years of working as an assistant, Pat later got the personality as a head coach for the same team.

Patric James Riley
Pat Riley giving a speech as a leading coach

As the matter of fact, as a coach, Pat helped his team to win the NBA Championship five times. Additionally, Riley also became the President of the Miami Heat in 1995. He even stood in the position of executive coach in 2012.

Where Is Chris Rodstrom? Her Appearance on Social Media

Rodstrom currently resides in Miami, a city in Florida with her husband and children.

Apart from this, Chris is not active on any social media handles, though the lady has a strong media personality. Likewise, her whole family doesn’t seem to be more into social media handles.

Chris Rodstrom’s Net Worth In 2022

Chris hasn’t revealed her earnings yet. On other hand, talking about her husband’s net worth, the NBA star has an estimated net worth of $80 million.

The duo previously had a small, embowered house in Brentwood.