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Cynthia Lopez-The Unknown Facts About Teofimo Lopez’ Wife

Cynthia Lopez is an air hostess at Delta Airlines. She gained further fame after marrying the professional boxer, Teofimo Lopez. Her husband Teofimo is the former unified lightweight world champion who has won 16 matches out of 17 in his elite boxing career. Furthermore, Lopez was named the world’s Third best active lightweight by The Ring magazine in June 2022.

Aside from their professional endeavors, Cynthia and her life-partner Lopez are leading a wonderful married life for a couple of years now. How did the pair cross their path for the first time? Do they share any kids together? Let’s dig more into their marital relationships.

Moreover, we will also explore some more facts regarding Teofimo Lopez’s wife Cynthia Lopez. Let’s begin!

Who is Cynthia Lopez? Celebrates Her  Birthday On 21st June

Cynthia Lopez is a celebrity spouse who was born on June 21st, 1992 in Nicaragua, America. While the details about her parents are still missing, Lopez has a younger sister. Talking about her ethnicity, she belongs to white ethnic background and holds an American nationality.

On other hand, Cynthia’s husband is five years younger than her. He was born on 30th July 1997 in Brooklyn, New York, America. But, the boxer spent most of his childhood in Florida with his family. Lopez is the son of Teofimo Lopez Sr.

What Does Cynthia Lopez Do For Living?

Well, the celebrity spouse is an air hostess by profession. She currently works at Delta Airways. She has been working for the airlines as an air hostess since 2018.

Apart from her professional career, Cynthia is also actively involved in many social activities and volunteering activities. In this regard, her beloved husband said,

Each June, Cynthia would make sure she took time off to volunteer in Seattle for Camp to Belong, a non-profit organization dedicated to reuniting brothers and sisters who have become separated in foster care through a week of camp in the summer and other events throughout the year.

Even after having such a high-profile celebrity husband, Cynthia still works and loves to be an independent woman. Once her spouse said,

Cynthia still works. I get to travel on Delta for free. It’s something else I liked about her—she’s independent.

How Did Cynthia Lopez Meet Her Future Husband Teofimo Lopez?

Cynthia and her husband-to-be Teofimo met on a flight. Back in 2018, the boxer was traveling to Las Vegas from New York City on Delta Airlines where Cynthia was an air hostess.

Cynthia is married to Toefimo Lopez
Teofimo Lopez and her wife Cynthia Lopez on their wedding day

Back in July 2019, in an interview with Ring TV, the boxer recalled their first meeting,

I went back to talk to her and asked her for some water, I told her I fought on Saturday. Every guy on the plane was looking at her.

He further added,

Even though I’d just met her we had that connection like we had known each other forever. I’m in the back of the galley and I’m smooth-talking her and trying to find my way to get her number and a date.

Moreover, Cynthia and Teófimo both were single at that time. And the boxer tried to grab her attention so many times but Teofimo was rejected twice before his girl finally said yes to him.

She knows what she wants. I tried to grab her so many times to be my girl, and we were both single. We both spoke every day. She denied me twice to be my girlfriend, but I didn’t quit.

Their Engagement and Wedding

A year after they started dating, Teofimo also proposed to her wife-to-be. And they married on April 23, 2019. Since then, the pair are successfully enjoying their marital relationship.

After the pair exchanged their vows, Teofimo with her newlywed bride went to Greece for their honeymoon. Back on 28th July 2019, Teofimo shared a beautiful post of their honeymoon vacation on Instagram and captioned the post by writing,

Our Journey this far has been one of a lifetime ♥️🏛

Cynthia Lopez Shares A Baby Boy With Her Husband

In an abovementioned interview with RingTV, Teofimo also revealed that his wife Cynthia never wanted a kid but everything changed with time and now she wanted to have kids.

Back in Sept 2021, Teofimo shared a post on his Insta handle where his wife was showing her baby bump and the beautiful duo announced that they are expecting their first child a son soon.

Cynthia is expecting her first baby
Teofimo Lopez’s wife, Cynthia Lopez shows her baby bump

Just two months after their pregnancy announcement in November, the couple also announced the gender of the baby and the due date of their son via Lopez’s Twitter handle.

So close to carrying my baby boy! My champion, my king! #LegacyContinues This is the month

Teofimo Lopez and his son
Cynthia’s husband carrying their first child

Eventually, on the 16th of November 2021, Cynthia Lopez welcomed their first child Junior Teofimo.

Cynthia Has Been a Good Wife To Her Spouse Teofimo Lopez

Many might not know but Cynthia’s husband Teofimo is an anxiety patient. So, time and again, he needs support for his panic attacks and Cynthia has always been by his side during his dark days. Then in 2019, when the duo was returning from their honeymoon, Lopez got a panic attack but his wife, Cynthia was at his side.

Cynthia Lopez and Teofimo Lopez
Cynthia Lopez and her husband, Teofimo Lopez share good bonding together

In regards to his panic attack, Lopez said,

It’s been a rollercoaster ride, “I’m still developing and lots of stuff came to me so quickly. It’s all about trying to love yourself more because I had to find a way to get out of those dark times.

In fact, Cynthia had also asked his husband to join a counseling session. Later on, the box said he has started to feel better and he is in a better place now.

Is Cynthia Lopez Active On Instagram? Her Social Media Presence

Well, the celebrity spouse is not active on any of the social networking sites. Although Cynthia had an Instagram account, it is now disabled for an unknown reason. Likewise, she is not active on any other social media sites including Twitter or Facebook.

On the contrary, her spouse is quite active on social media platforms. Lopez has an Instagram account with over 765k followers. The boxer is also active on his Twitter handle with 157kfollowers as of 2022.

How Rich Is Teofimo Lopez’s Wife Cynthia?

Cynthia has an estimated net worth of $900k as of 2022, which she has earned through various professions including her work as an air hostess at Delta Airlines.

Similarly, her husband Teofime has quite a good amount of earnings and living his life luxuriously. He has an estimated net worth of around $4 million as of 2022. Lopez has earned a fortune from his boxing career.