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Debbie Shreve-All About Danny Trejo’s Ex-wife and Their Marriage

Debbie Shreve (aka Debbie Shreve Trejo) is mostly known for being the ex-wife of popular actor Danny Trejo. Her then-hubby Danny gained fame after playing in numerous movies and TV series. He has been in the film industry for more than three decades and isn’t looking to quit anytime soon.

People already have an idea of who Danny Trejo is but now his fans are getting anxious about his ex-partner Debbie Shreve. In this article, we will learn about her early life, how her marriage ended with her then-husband Danny, and her love for animals. Besides, did you know that Danny is also an actor?

So, let’s take a look at the following article and find out more about Debbie.

Debbie Shreve’s Early Life

Debbie was born on 6th June 1957 in Tarzana, California. As of now, her age is 64. Shreve likes to keep her personal life to herself and hasn’t revealed who her parents are. Debbie is the mother of two beautiful children named Gilbert Trejo and Danielle Trejo. As per some online sources, the ex-celebrity spouse also had two stepsons.

Debbie Shreve striking a pose
Debbie Shreve at an event.

She hasn’t disclosed the name of her high school but we guess it was somewhere in her neighborhood. After completing high school, Debbie attended Los Angeles Valley College and completed her graduation.

Shreve’s zodiac sign is Gemini.

Her ethnicity and nationality

Talking about her ethnicity, Debbie is Caucasian and has an American nationality. Whereas, her ex-husband Danny Trejo is Latino.

Debbie Shreve Loves Animal And Recently Lost Her Dog

Just like most of us, Debbie is a big animal lover. In her social media, we can see that Danny Trejo’s ex-wife is constantly posting pictures of animals, mostly dogs, and thanking and appreciating them.

From every penny the occasional actress makes, Debbie donates a certain amount of money to animal rescue and protection.

Debbie Shreve and her pet
Debbie with her dog Franny

As we mentioned, Shreve had a dog named Franny who she loved like nothing else. Franny was with Debbie for 12 years before she passed away. Following her pet’s demise, Debbie was devastated. Shreve called her dog the best girl she ever had.

What does Debbie Shreve Do For A Living?

Debbie Shreve Trejo currently works as a real estate consultant at Remax Olson & Associates, in Los Angeles County, California. She has worked in the real estate industry for over 25 years and has reportedly sold homes worth over $1 million.

Although she hasn’t revealed the date when she began her career as a realtor, she started her ventures in real estate during her college years.

Shreve also worked as an actor for a few years

While Debbie Shreve was married to her ex-husband Danny Trejo, she played in a few movies. Shreve played her first movie Tennis Anyone alongside her ex-partner Danny Trejo in 2005. Her then-husband played the role of Hector whereas she played the role of Assistant of Hector. The movie was about two mid-level Hollywood losers who try to find meaning in their life through celebrity tennis tournaments.

In 2006, Debbie Shreve also appeared as a casting director in High Hopes. The following year, she played the role of Nurse Debbie in Vengeance. Popular rapper 50 Cent was also part of the movie.

It was her last on-screen project as she hasn’t appeared in any movies and TV shows since Vengeance.

Debbie Shreve’s Ex-Husband Danny Trejo And His Rough Upbringing

Danny Trejo is a popular American actor who has played in many movies and TV series. Although it may seem like Danny had a perfect life from the very beginning, that wasn’t the case. He had a very rough childhood. Trejo was in and out of jail for about 11 years. He was arrested for drug offenses and armed robbery.

After that, he finally decided to change himself and joined 12 step rehabilitation program which indeed improved his life.

At first, Trejo played small roles in movies but slowly gained the attention of big movie producers because of his looks. Slowly but surely, he made a big name for himself in the movie industry. Now, he is considered a successful actor with many hard-hit movies and TV credits.

Debbie Shreve’s Marriage And Divorce With Her Former Husband Danny Trejo

The former couple married each other in 1997 after dating for a few years. As per online sources, they got married in a very private ceremony and only invited their close friends and family to their wedding.

Debbie and her ex husband Danny Trejo
Debbie with her previous partner Danny

Debbie and her then-husband Danny initially seemed to have a healthy relationship as there was no news of their conflicts. However, with time, their marital relationship started falling apart.

Many people were shocked when they got separated in 2005. A few years after their split in 2009, the former flames officially separated. Allegedly Shreve’s then-hubby Danny was the one who filed for divorce.

Shreve Is The Mother of Two Children

Yes, Debbie Shreve shared two adorable children with her former husband Danny. Like their marriage details, the two have, however, also kept their kids out of the media limelight. So, any other information about their kids like their names, school, and more is yet to be revealed.

In addition, her former husband Danny also has a few other kids from his other relationships including Esmeralda Trejo.

Danny Paid Tribute To His Ex-Wife Debbie With a Tattoo on His Chest

As we all know that the actor Danny Trejo is a tattoo lover who has inked a number of tats on his body, especially his big tattoo on his chest that features a woman wearing a sombrero is quite popular. As per sources, it is a tribute to his marriage to his wife Debbie.

Furthermore, the actor also has a name tattoo, featuring Debbie on the right side of the chest tattoo.

Debbie’s husband Danny Trejo’s previous marriage

Danny had been married and divorced four times before tying the knot with Debbie Shreve. He met his first wife Laura in 1962 and married her in the backyard of his family home. Laura was the one who filed for divorce because of his drug use.

In 1971, the actor married a girl named Debbie which some of you might get confused with Debbie Shreve. They were married for four years before parting their ways in 1975.

In the same year, Danny married Joanne. The former couple got divorced in 1978 after being together for about 3 years. Although Debbie Shreve’s then-husband went through three failed marriages, the actor again found his love of life. For the fourth time, he married Debbie. Their relationship also ended in divorce after over a decade of marriage.

Debbie Shreve’s Net Worth in 2022

According to some sources, Debbie has an estimated net worth of $1 million. She made most of her money from her real estate career. Shreve must have made some of her money through her acting career as well.

On the other hand, her ex-husband has an estimated net worth of $8 million. He has earned such a good amount of fortune from his acting career.