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Details Regarding Birdie Thwaites; Daughter Of Brenton Thwaites

Birdie Thwaites is mainly known for being the daughter of popular Australian actor Brenton Thwaites. Brenton is widely famous for playing in the movie The Giver where he portrayed the character of Jonas. Besides this, he is also recognized for playing in the movie Maleficent.

Since her father Brenton is one of the most recognized faces in the entertainment world, many want to know about Birdie. So, here are several hidden facts about the star kid including her mother’s details, date of birth, and more.

So, let’s get started to know everything about her!

Details On Birdie Thwaites Early Life, Age, And Parents

She was born on March 16, 2016, and is six years old. The place of her birth was Australia. As mentioned earlier, Birdie is the daughter of Brenton Thwaites and Chloe Pacey. She is the first child of her parents.

Regarding her parents, Birdie’s father was born in Cairns, Queensland on August 10, 1989, whereas her mother was born on October 3, 1989, in Perth.

Birdie Thwaites in her younger days
Birdie with her parents

Similarly, Birdie has two lovely grandparents named Peter Thwaites and Fiona Thwaites. Reportedly, her grandfather worked as an editor, interpreter, and translator in Australia.

Thwaites also has an aunt named Stacey Thwaites from her father’s side and likewise has three more aunts named Ash Pacey, Erin Mcilvenny, and Leigh Mcilvenny from her mother’s side.

Her Ethnicity and Nationality

Talking about her ethnicity, Birdie has English and French ancestry. Similarly, she is Australian by nationality.

Likewise, her father has English ancestry, however, there have been rumors about him having more than one racial background. But, Brenton publicly hasn’t said much about it.

Birdie Thwaites Has A Total Of Three Siblings

Birdie is the eldest of her siblings. Aside from her, Brenton and Chole share three more children. According to her parents, all of their children love each other and share a great bond.

Following Birdie’s birth, her parents gave birth to their second child in 2018. She was named Pippa Thwaites and is currently 4 years old.

Likewise, after Pippa, Brenton and Chole had another child in 2020. Unfortunately, Birdie’s parents have not revealed the child’s name or gender to the public.

Similarly, the information regarding their fourth child is also unknown. Although we have found the child was born in 2022. The artist revealed her pregnancy back in 2021.

Birdie Thwaites going to eat ice cream
Birdie with her family

Similarly, the star kid was seen together with her siblings in 2020 when her family decided to enjoy some ice cream.

Birdie Thwaites’s Parents’ Relationship; Have They Married?

The couple met each other for the first time while filming the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales in early 2015. While filming the movie, Brenton decided to stay in Australia for a while. During that time, he decided to stay with a roommate, and surprisingly his roommate was nonother than Chole.

Brenton Thwaites and Chloe Thwaites in an event
Birdie’s parents

Both of them enjoyed each other company and soon started dating. The pair were also seen together during the premiere of In the Heart of the Sea back in November 2015. So, as of 2022, it’s been six years of them being in a relationship and the question remains of whether they are married or not.

Well, to tell you the truth, even after dating for so long the pair haven’t tied the knot. They aren’t even engaged.  However, there have been rumors about the pair getting married. It first came into existence after Chole posted a picture with Brenton where she wrote “bride and groom”. Nevertheless, the lovely duo seems to be enjoying each other’s company and we hope they will keep on being together until the end. Likewise, we also hope that they decide to take their relationship to the next level sooner rather than later.

Birdie Thwaites’s Mother Supports Breastfeeding In Public

In 2016, Chole was breastfeeding Birdie in a public place, when two women approached and told her to stop breastfeeding in the public.

Birdie Tharita drinking milk of her mother
Chole supports breastfeeding in public.

Birdie’s mother became very frustrated by the comment and went to social media to take out her anger. In an Instagram post, she wrote,

“It’s mid-2016 and I’ve been told twice from WOMEN to put it away and cover up. For who? The men? The children? Who? We should be able to get a boob out anywhere at any time to feed our babe.”

Chloe further added,

“We should be applauded because #breastfeeding is the best thing we can do for our babes and it’s freakin hard work. The last thing we are thinking about is sex so it should be the last thing any man or woman thinks of when they see it!”

Many of her followers agreed with her and praised her for speaking up.

Birdie Thwaites Father: Brenton Thwaites Is A Famous Actor

Brenton is an Australian actor who has played in many movies and TV shows as of now. For his performance, he has received a few awards and nominations. He is loved by his fans for his charming personality and good looks.

Brenton Thwaites smiling at the camera
Brenton Thwaites is a well-known actor.

Birdie’s father debuted his acting career in the movie Charge Over You in 2010. In the movie, Brenton played the role of Sam alongside Danya Cox, Dominic Deutscher, and James E. Lee.

Some of his most famous movies include Blue Lagoon: The Awakening, Save Your Legs!, The Giver, Gods of Egypt, and An Interview with God.

Birdie Thwaites Is Living A Lavish Life; Her Father Is Millionaire

The celebrity child with all the fame and money behind her back is enjoying a happy and prosperous life along with her siblings. The family of six is currently living in their beautiful home in Queensland.

Similarly talking about her father, Brenton Thwaites is a millionaire. He is estimated to have a total net worth of $8 million. Thwaites has gathered his earnings from his career as a well-established actor.