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Details Regarding Una Johnson; The First Wife Of Famous Wrestler Rocky Johnso

Una Johnson is the first wife of the late Canadian professional wrestler Rocky Johnson. Her ex-husband has achieved several awards including the first Black Georgia Heavyweight champion, the NWA Television champion, and many others.

Besides, Una and her ex-husband Rocky stayed in a marital relationship for a decade. Likewise, they shared two kids. Who are they? Aside from that, Una has lived a very private life and information about her current whereabouts is pretty hard to find.

Well, stick with us till the end, we might have the answers you’re trying to find.

Who Is Una Johnson? Details On Una’s Early Days

Una Johnson is a Jehovah’s witness. She was born Una Sparks in Nova Scotia in a decent family. Una was raised in Cherrybrook’s African-Canadian community, which is almost 15 miles from Halifax.

Una Johnson during a time when she attended a wedding.
Una’s photo from her younger days.

Una even found out about her rich African-American heritage and roots at a young age. Besides, she has maintained a very private life since her childhood. This is why, information about her parents, siblings, or age is still under the radar.

The same thing is applied to her educational background.

Una Johnson And Her Ex-Husband Rocky Met In Toronto

The exes first came across in the 60s. It was the time when Una relocated to Toronto to live with her family whereas her ex-husband Rocky moved there for his wrestling practice. According to many tabloids, the couple met somewhere in Toronto at a dancing event.

Both of them were dancing and at some moment they first saw one another for the first time and immediately drew themselves to one another. Soon after their first introduction, they exchanged numbers.

Una Johnson And The Wrestler Became A Married Couple

After knowing each other for some time, their feelings blossomed into love and they even announced their relationship officially to the public. Some months after being together, they decided to take their relationship to next level.

Rocky proposed to Una and after much thought, she replied with a ‘yes.’ Similarly, the couple walked down the aisle in 1966.

Likewise, the wrestler mentioned in his memoir titled Soulman: The Rocky Johnson, that he was madly in love with Una and would marry her no matter what. He also said he was tired of living alone in Toronto.

The pair exchanged vows in an incredibly secretive nuptial and it is safe to say, the couple married in front of their family and close friends.

Do They Share Any Children?

A year before Una and her ex-husband Rocky’s marriage, they welcomed their first son Curtis Bowles on June 1st, 1965. Some years later, the pair welcomed their second child, a daughter named Wanda Bowles.

Una Johnson and her ex-husband shares two children
Una’s kids and her ex-husband Rocky.

Una and Rocky were dedicated parents. Despite having a busy schedule because of his career, Rocky would always find a way to spend time with his children. Similarly, both of the kids shared a great both with their father.

Furthermore, Rocky had always shown respect to his first wife Una, and their kids his entire life. Similarly, he also said in his 2008 Hall of Fame speech that he still loved and respected Una.

The divorce between Una Johnson And Her Late Husband Rocky Johnson

As we all know Una was raised as a Jehovah’s witness and her belief didn’t let the sports person be in her life. However, defying the odds the pair were married for over a decade.

Furthermore, all things were looking good, however, when Rocky’s career started booming, problems started piling up in their marriage. He became incredibly busy in his career. Then one day Rocky came home from Calgary and she gave him a choice between two things i.e either her or his sports career.

The hard work and dedication that Rocky had put on for so many were finally reaping its reward so it’s natural he would choose his passion over his love. Eventually, Una’s healthy marital relationship with Rocky ended with a divorce after a decade in 1978.

Rumors of Rocky’s Extra Marital Relationship that might have led to their divorce

Apart from Una’s personal problem, Rocky had an affair with a woman named Ata Maivia when they were still together. In 1972, Rocky and Ata even welcomed their son Dwayne Johnson who is now recognized worldwide as ‘The Rock.’

Well, there are two possibilities, Rocky might really have cheated on his wife or his relationship with Una had already ended at the time of Rocky’s and Ata’s love affair. Whatever the case, Una and her late husband Rocky remained close friends even after their separation.

Furthermore, all three of Rocky’s kids are also very close to each other. In fact, they often hang out together, and Una’s eldest son Curtis even shares pictures of them on his social media handle.

What Is Una Johnson Doing Nowadays: Is She alive?

There isn’t any news update about Una. Similarly, what she has been doing or her whereabouts is yet to be revealed. But, in 2021, on the occasion of mother’s day, her son Curtis shared a post wishing her on the big occasion.

Likewise, many of Curtis’ friends commented with sweet messages for Una. From the post alone, it is safe to say that, Una is still alive and is living a healthy life.

Una Johnson's ex-husband Rocky died at the age of 75
Una’s kids giving tribute to their late father Rocky.

Aside from Una, her ex-husband Rocky was married three times after their separation. He walked down the aisle with Ata Maivia in 1978. After Rocky divorced his second wife Ata, sources say he married a woman named Dana Martin.

Likewise, before his death, he was married to a speech pathologist Shiela Northern. Sadly, at the age of 75, in January 2020, the wrestler passed away. He lost his life to a pulmonary embolism at his mansion in Lutz, Florida.

Una Johnson’s Net Worth

As the ex-wife of the professional wrestler, Una is enjoying a luxurious life. In fact, she might have received a hefty amount of money as alimony. But unfortunately, she has not revealed the exact amount of her net worth so far.

Besides, her late ex-husband Rocky Johnson had a net worth of $280 million at the time of his passing. Her stepson Dwayne Johnson is estimated to have a net worth of $800 million as of 2022.