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Dino Guilmette, Into the lives of the baby-father of Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez

Dino Guilmette is a former American boxer and business owner. He is famous for his relationship with Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez, the baby mother and fiance of onetime New England Patriots star and convicted murderer, Aaron Hernandez.

Apart from his exploits in his boxing career, Dino is also famous for his many felony charges. He also has filed for bankruptcy a couple of times. This man with these peculiar habits and larger-than-life character has been on the news since his romantic affiliation with Shayanna Jenkins.

Given the tragic death of Aaron Hernandez, fans are always eager to know about the whereabouts of Shayanna Jenkins. In this section, we will deal primarily with the life of the infamous Dino Guilmette.

Former Boxer Dino Guilmette Wiki: He is a Rhode Island Native

Dino Guilmette was born on November 8th, 1978 in Rhode Island, United States of America. He belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity and grew up around Long island with his big family.

Dino Guilmette with Parents Siblings
Dino with his parents and sisters.

The name of his father is William Guilmette II and his mother is Donna M. Guilmette, nicknamed Dee. Dino has eight siblings, seven sisters and one brother. Dino is really fond of his sisters, Maria, Kathy, Dina, Debbie, Patti, Michelle, and Tammy.

He also had one brother named William Guilmette III who sadly passed away.

His Educational background

Despite his rather infamous reputation, Dino knew the importance of education. The Long Island native boxer went to Johnston Senior High School. His siblings also graduated from the same school.

Later on, he acquired MBA in finance in 2000 from the University of Rhode Island’s Feinstein Providence Campus. So, it really is not just muscle, the man has brains as well.

Dino Guilmette’s professional career: He used to play football with Aaron Hernandez

Despite being called a former boxer, Dino was never serious about the game. He did not even have matches with opponents, except a few sensationalized ones with his rivals, like Louis Savastano.

He was also interested in football in his younger days. Many of you might know that he used to play college football with Shayanna’s late fiance, Aaron Hernandez back at the University of Florida.

Apart from boxing, Dino also pursued modeling. According to his profile on modeling agency One Model Place, he is an amateur model.

Nowadays, Dino is a registered owner of D’Mici Industries LLC in Cranston, USA. Plus, Dino has named himself self-employed in his LinkedIn profile and also owns a bar.

Dino Guilmette feud with his boxing rival, Louis Savastano

The former boxer has a reputation as a bully in his hometown of Providence Island. His long-time rival Louis Savastano also defined him as “just a bully around town.” He further added that there was bad blood between him and Guilmette. Savastano clearly does not like Guilmette, and we can say the same about Dino as well.

The pair fought against each other in a charity boxing match in 2017. Former boxer Jarrod Tillinghast, who organized the fight, told Providence CBS affiliate: “I had to get between these two a couple of times to diffuse the bomb.”

Dino has a criminal record and filed for bankruptcy twice

The 43-year-old former boxer has a criminal record that includes a felony conviction for assault with a dangerous weapon. According to public records, they arrested Guilmette as an 18-year-old in Scituate, Rhode Island, and eventually, he pleaded guilty to felony assault with a dangerous weapon.

Furthermore, in 2005, Dino was convicted of a misdemeanor assault charge and resisting arrest in Johnston, Rhode Island.

Aside from his criminal record, the man also had financial troubles in the past. The MBA holder Guilmette filed for bankruptcy on at least two separate occasions in the past. In the years 2005 and 2014, he filed for bankruptcy in Rhode Island.

Is Shayanna Jenkins Dino Guilmette’s wife? Their relationship at a glance

Dino and Shayanna met each other through mutual friends. In an interview with Radar online in 2018, Guilmette said, “We just hit it off from the beginning.” The couple started seeing each other around 2017.

Shayanna Jenkins Hernandez, Dino Guilmette girlfriend
Shayanna Jenkins Hernandez, Dino’s girlfriend.

The couple has a daughter together named Giselle Guilmette, born in 2018. When asked about the pregnancy, Guilmette further added,

”I’m going to have my hands full, but I’m happy about it. I’m excited. It’s my daughter.”

Their daughter Giselle Guilmette was born in 2018. Moreover, Dino has an adult daughter from his previous relationship called Mia Guilmette. The identity of Mia’s biological mother remains a mystery. Mia loves horse riding, and she is a University of Rhode Island graduate.

Dino Guilmette's daughter Mia Guilmette
Dino’s daughter Mia loves horse riding and is an equestrian.

Similarly, Jenkins also has a daughter from her previous relationship with Aaron Hernandez called Avielle Hernandez.

Giselle Guilmette and Avielle Hernandez.
Giselle Guilmette (left) with her half-sister Avielle Hernandez (right).

Although the pair has two other kids from different relationships, it’s wonderful to see how they share a terrific bond with their step-kids. Besides, it looks like the pair is content with how their relationship is going.

Shayanna’s past relationship ended tragically. Did it affect her relationship with Dino?

Prior to her relationship with Dino, Shayanna was in a relationship with Aaron Hernandez. Shayanna’s ex-fiance, Aaron, was convicted for the murder of Boston Bandits player Odin Lloyd in 2013.

Shayanna and Aaron used to call each other soulmates and even had a baby daughter, Avielle. Sadly, on April 19, 2017, Hernandez hanged himself in cell 57 of the Massachusetts Correctional Facility, where he was serving time for the murder of Odin.

When the media asked Guilmette whether Shayanna’s relationship with Aaron was an issue at the beginning of the relationship, he commented:

“I didn’t care one bit. There are a lot of ugly comments out there. I don’t listen to them. I tune them out any way.”

It’s great to see couples supporting each other and outgrowing their past. And we wish nothing but the best for this cute couple who are so in love with each other.

Dino’s father, Bill, is very fond of Shayanna

Shayanna Jenkins, is well-loved in the Guilmette family, especially by Bill Guilmette, Dino’s dad. Speaking to DailyMail during Shayanna’s pregnancy, Bill said, “I cannot wait for the baby to come. Shayanna is a lovely young lady. She really is a special person. I adore her.”

The old man is too sweet, Shayanna really is blessed with the sweetest future father-in-law.

Bill wants Dino to marry Shayanna

Talking to DailyMail, Bill further added, ”I have watched all my kids get married. I’ve married all of them off so far, except Dino. So hopefully that’s next.”

We really hope to see Shayanna in a white dress walking down the aisle real soon.

Are Dino and Shayanna still together?

Yes, Dino and Shayanna are still together. Both are busy parenting their lovely daughters together. Shayanna often shares pictures of her daughters on her Instagram account.

Dino Guilmette Net Worth 2021

Like we mentioned above, the man has filed for bankruptcy twice so it shouldn’t be surprising to know if his net worth is negative.

That being said, according to reports, his total fortune is reported to be around $1 million. However, online outlets seem to have inflated his net worth a bit too much. Whatever the case may be, we’re hoping his daughter will have a good childhood.