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Dreka Gates is a social media star with millions of followers but she is perhaps best known as the wife of rapper Kevin Gates. She is not only Kevin’s wife but also his business partner, the couple co-own a record label by the name of “Bread Winner’s Association”.

Apart from this, she is mainly active as an influencer on Instagram where she shares her tattoos and promotes her husband’s tours and upcoming work. Further, she also looks after the label and its marketing on social media.

Kevin also released a track named ‘Dreka’ to honor his wife. Other than this, who is Kevin Gates’ wife, Dreka? Read below as we discover the influencer and her lifestyle.

Dreka Gates: Who Is Kevin Gates’ Wife?

Gates is a multitalented celeb and while she is recognized as the wife of Kevin Gates, she is also his booking agent, an influencer, dancer and much more. She also runs the technical side of the power couple’s label, BWA.

dreka gates is kevin wife & Instagram star
Dreka Gates is an entrepreneur, social media influencer, and Kevin Gates’ wife

Dreka also hires and grooms new artists under their label. She is also an avid dancer but mainly treats it as a hobby rather than a job.

She takes inspiration from Kim Kardashian and has even remarked that she likes her because “she turned something so taboo into an empire (that sex tape) without being an artist or a singer or an actress.”

Gates is a millionaire and has an estimated fortune in the range of $1-2 million.

As for her relationship with rapper Kevin Gates, she first met him in the early 2000s and they almost immediately hit it off as a couple. They were high school-mates and have been together for more than 15 years. They got married in the mid-2010s. 

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Was Dreka Gates A Stripper?

Dreka Gates is not a stripper but is a passionate pole dancer. Pole dancing is her hobby and she does not follow it professionally.

She is a fitness guru as well and instructs her followers on a diet and how pole dancing can be beneficial for fitness.

Her Instagram is also filled with videos of her dancing on a pole as a hobby.

When Did Kevin And Dreka Get Married? 

Starting off as high school sweethearts, the pair began dating more than 15 years ago and tied the knot in October 2015.

Dreka Gates With Her Husband
Dreka Gates husband is rapper Kevin Gates

Their wedding was done according to Muslim customs in front of close family and friends in an intimate ceremony. 

Kevin And Dreka Went To The Same Highschool Where They Met For The First Time

Kevin and Dreka were schoolmates and met via their high school, ‘McKinley High School’. 

She has been spotted in and around their high school area with her kids regularly. 

They move around a lot because of Kevin’s touring schedule and concerts which take him all over the world. Later their relationship transformed into an open romantic bond.

How Many Children Do Kevin And Dreka Have? 

Kevin has two kids Islah and Khaza together with Dreka, however, he also has children with others which he has chosen not to reveal in the media.

dreka gates kids
Dreka with her husband and their 2 kids, Islah and Khaza

Islah was born on Nov 30, 2012, and is 8 years old in September 2021. She was born before her parents tied the knot and is their only daughter. Dreka involves her children in her hobbies and takes them to various kid’s attractions like the Real Fun Box in LA. 

Khaza Gates is Dreka’s youngest child and only son as of September 2021. Gates’ son Khaza was born on May 10, 2014, and is 7 years old in 2021. 

An interesting fact about their kids is that they were delivered via the water birth method. 

In December 2019, tabloids reported that the pair were expecting their third child but Dreka and Kevin later said that the rumours were false and they were not expecting.

Does Kevin Gates Have Illegitimate Children? 

Kevin has remarked that he and Dreka love all their children, a comment many fans thought was a response to him having illegitimate children. 

In a 2013 interview, Kevin said that he had children, at the time he only had only one child, Islah with Dreka. 

He hinted at having children with other women but said that he would not reveal how many he had or their names. 

Are Kevin And Dreka Gates In An Open Relationship?

Yes, in an interview, they admitted that their relationship was “somewhat open”. The core of the couple’s individual success has been their non-judgemental and open relationship. 

In fact, rapper Kevin got a huge amount of support from his then-girlfriend Dreka during the initial phase of his career. She helped motivate him and her support is one of the main reasons behind his success. 

This goes both ways as Kevin also supports her fully and helps her run her business. The rapper stated that their relationship was based on a non-judgemental foundation of support. 

The pair describe their union as a somewhat unconventional relationship but a strong one nonetheless. 

Did Kevin Cheat On Dreka Gates?

The power couple has an open relationship in which they permit each other to have multiple sexual partners, which is why the term ‘cheating’ does not apply to them in the conventional sense. However, there have been some controversies in their romance. 

They are one of the best-known couples in the rap industry but their relationship has been marred with controversy since the very beginning.

Tabloids reported multiple times about Kevin cheating on her with various women. 

In some interviews, Kevin has even remarked that having multiple partners is not cheating. In an interview, Dreka said that the most the couple spent without talking was around 3 months but did not reveal if it was related to the cheating controversies.

Although there are plenty of rumors and controversies about their relationship and infidelity, the couple remains strong. Dreka supports her husband fully throughout the decade and a half they have been together.

He also had an alleged sex tape leaked which further spread rumors. 

Kevin Gates’ Alleged Sex Tape

An unknown source also leaked a sex tape in early 2020 that allegedly featured Kevin and a woman who wasn’t his spouse, Dreka.

Dreka did not react to the alleged sex tape and chose to support his then-newly released album on her Instagram.

The pair has not directly addressed the sex tape but both, Dreka and Kevin seemed to leave hidden messages related to the controversy on their social media posts. 

Kevin indirectly called the rumor, controversy, and talk surrounding the alleged tape distraction and Dreka released a video titled “When Cheating Doesn’t Actually Count as Cheating,” around the time of the controversy. 

Is Dreka, Kevin Gates’ Cousin?

Kevin revealed that he found out he was dating his cousin 3 months after getting into a relationship with a woman, he never explicitly confirmed that the woman was Dreka, but at the time he was dating her.

Further, he also said that he did not want to end the relationship after finding out his partner was his cousin. His wife has also been silent about the matter.

Dreka Gates Helped Kevin Succeed As A Rapper 

Dreka helped Kevin during the initial struggle and the two paved their own way in the industry. As per this interview, they have been together for a long time (more than 14 years). The pair met back in the early 2000s and have since blossomed as a couple both in their professional and personal lives. 

dreka gates support kevin
Dreka supported her husband Kevin build a career as a rapper

Kevin loves his wife a lot and never misses a chance to express his love for the brilliant entrepreneur. In fact, he always mentions how much they have gone through and the amount of love that they share for each other. 

In that time, they have experienced many highs and lows, Dreka has become Kevin’s manager and is responsible for his communication with many agents and concert organizers.

While the controversies have come thick and strong, they remain by each other’s side and do not judge each other. Instead, they help each other in their careers and push each other to reach new heights of success.

Their unorthodox but beautiful relationship has inspired many of their fans as well. 

They have also used their union for charitable causes and have co-established a foundation that helps empower other people to succeed. Empowering others towards success is one of the core foundations of their bond. 

Dreka Gates’ Tattoos And Matching Ink With Her Husband

The booking manager is an avid tattoo fan and has numerous on her body. One of her most prominent ink pieces is the wing tattoo on her chest.

Apart from this, she has a huge tattoo on her back that resembles a chandelier. She also has tattoos on her forearms and wrists.

Dreka uploaded a video of her on Instagram where she showcased almost all of her tattoos for her fans. The video shows all of the ink she has on her upper body, arms, neck, and face.

Her husband Kevin also has numerous ink arts on his body and even used a picture of his tattoos as a cover for an album. One of the most recognizable tattoos the rapper has is that of a gun on his hand that almost covers his entire wrist and two fingers to make it look like he is pointing a gun.

He has covered his whole torso with various tattoos including one of himself pointing ‘finger guns’ at his temples.

According to reports, Kevin has over 35 tattoos on his body, each with a different meaning.  

The pair also has matching tattoos that they are proud of and have showcased on their social media pics, album covers and LP covers.

Dreka Gates’ Mother Gave Birth At 16

Dreka was born Shadreka Centuri Haynes on Aug 31, 1986, in Baton Rouge, the USA to mother Sharon Haynes and her husband. 

She is 35 years old as of September 2021. Dreka grew up around Baton Rouge, Louisiana with her social worker mother. She was born to a mother who was just 16 when she gave first gave birth. 

Sharon Haynes Is A Humanitarian and Dreka’s Mother

Haynes is perhaps best known as the mother of Dreka Gates but she is a well-known humanitarian who has participated in various outreach programs and charitable organizations. 

She is an animal lover and has worked extensively to help various at-risk pets and strays.  


Gates grew up as an Afro-American kid in Baton Rouge where she attended McKinley High School after completing her elementary education from local institutions. 

As mentioned above, she and her husband Kevin went to the same high school. Kevin Gates graduated around 2004 as per CM and Dreka also completed her high school around the same time. 

Is Dreka Gates Muslim? 

She is a Muslim and so is her husband, Kevin. Both of them have traveled to Mecca during Hajj.