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Elvimar Silva

Elvimar Silva is popular for being the partner of an American actor Esai Manuel Morales Jr. (Aka Esai Morales) who was noted highly for his roles in the films La Bamba and his role as Francisco d’Anconia in the drama film Atlas Shrugged. Silva rose to prominence after she started seeing together with the La Bamba actor Esai.

So, talking about their love life, though the world knows they are in a romantic relationship, the two have remained highly secretive about their love story. So, let’s find out how long have Elvimar and her partner been together? Are they married?

Here is everything you need to know about Elvimar including her age, hush-hush love life with Esai, and more facts!

How old is Elvimar Silva? 

Elmar Silva, also known as Elvimar Oliveira Hutchins, was born in the month of August 1972 in the United States of America. So, as of 2022, she is forty-nine years of age.

On the other hand, her popular partner Esai  Morales was born in October 1962 and is fifty-nine years of age. Well from this, we can see that Elvimar is 10 years younger than her companion Esai.

What does Elvimar Silva do for a living? 

She is a little bit secretive about her personal and professional life so we are unknown about what exactly she does for a living. As per some sources, she does modeling but still, we can’t say it officially.

But her partner with whom she is living is well-known throughout the world through his profession. He is no other than Esai Morales. Let’s get to know more about him.

Her partner’s short bio

He is a famous American actor who started his professional career in theatre and television. But his major entrance into movies was in the year 1983. It was the film named Bad Boys which portrayed the story of rival teenagers imprisoned in a juvenile correction facility.

As time passes, he started getting more opportunities and as a result, he appeared in different TV series and movies like Fame, NBC miniseries On Wings of Eagles, Miami Vice, The Equalizer, and 24. Likewise, he worked in multiple movies and series including La Bamba, Ultraviolet, The Outer Limits, Paid in Full, Kill Kill Faster Faster, USA network drama series Burn Notice and many more.

For his contribution to the entertainment industry, he is also rewarded with Awards and Honors. He even received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Arpa foundation for his long and impactful career as an actor and a role model. In the same manner, he is also the founder of the National Hispanic Foundation of Arts.

Elvimar Silva’s Relationship Status: Is she married to Esai Morales?

There is scattered news about her marriage with her partner Esai Morales. Some of the sources say they are married to each other while others revealed that they are just in a live-in relationship.

Elvimar Silva husband Esai Morales
Elvimar Silva with her partner Esai and an adoring dog. Source: Esai’s Facebook account

Nevertheless, both of them never hesitated to call family to each other. The duo has shared some of the photos with each other on their respective social media account calling each other their family. Hence, whatever their marital status is, the couple has been with each other for a very long time and is enjoying their romantic partnership.

When did they meet each other?

While talking about their first meeting, they first met each other in the year 2007. Eventually, after crossing each other’s paths, they fell in love and decided to live together.

They have been a part of one another’s life from 2007 to till today. It’s been 15 years since they are in a blissful relationship and still, there is no news of their breakage or no controversy regarding their lovely companionship.

Elvimar Silva has a daughter with Esai Morales

In her fifteen years of togetherness with Esai, she gave birth to a daughter on 24th September 2010. Elvimar and Esai, together as parents named their daughter Mariana Oliveira Morales. She was born in Los Angeles, California, and weighed 8 lbs., 11 oz at her birth time.

Elvimar Silva daughter
Elvimar Silva with her and Esai’s daughter. Source: Esai’s Instagram

After the birth of the daughter, Esai in his Exclusive talk with People said

“I can’t think of another time in my life that I’ve been happier than now. I know it sounds so cliché but we feel incredibly blessed!”

Esai Morales, Elvimar Silva's partner daughter
Elvimar Silva’s daughter with her father. Source: Esai’s Insta account


As of July 2022, Mariana’s age is 11 years and 10 months.

Where is Elvimar Silva today? Is she active on any Social Media Sites?

Today, she is happily living with her partner Esai and their daughter Mariana in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Discussing her social media presence, she is on Instagram and Facebook. On Instagram, she goes by the username @Ivimar, where she has altogether 161 posts and 149 followers. Silva’s Insta account is private. Similarly, she has a Facebook account under her own name. She is followed by 151 people on her Fb account. The last post that she posted on her Facebook wall was on March 20, 2021.

In the same way, her famous partner as well as the father of her daughter is also hugely active on Social Networking Sites. He has an Instagram account under the username esai_morales with 82k followers. He also has his Twitter account with the username @Esai_Morales. Till today, he has tweeted 9,756 tweets and has 19.3k followers. Esai also has a Facebook account with 3,157 followers.

Elvimar Silva’s Net Worth

As we said, there is no information regarding her income sources. So, it is difficult to say what her net worth is.

However, her partner Esai’s net worth is estimated at $4 million.