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Enzo Lopez Is The Brother Of TikTok Superstar Addison Rae: His Bio

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Enzo Lopez is an actor and a social media star. He has appeared on Brat TV’s teen drama series, Chicken Girls. Similarly, he is also a TikTok star with millions of followers. In addition to gaining his self-identity, he is also known as the younger brother of an American social media personality and actress Addison Rae. Likewise, Enzo appears on the blogs of his family’s YouTube Channel named The Rae Family.

Other than that, while looking at Lopez’s personal life, he had a very problematic childhood. His parents’ relationship was going on and off. Moreover, after years of troubled relationships, Lopez’s family now seemed to be on good terms. Prior to the current healthy relationship, how was the condition when Enzo and his family had several issues?

Furthermore, at such a young age, Enzo has become a star which leads people to think about his net worth. And there are rumors, Lopez has already listed his name as a millionaire. So, are these rumors true? Explore every untold and interesting fact about Enzo Lopez’s childhood and current lifestyle!

When And Where Was Enzo Lopez Born? Facts About His Early Life

The celebrity sibling was born in the United States on November 16, 2007, to Monty Lopez (father) and Sheri Easterling (mother). Enzo Lopez is 14 years old as of 2023. Furthermore, he belongs to German and Spanish ethnicity and is American by nationality.

Besides, Enzo is a boy’s name of Italian origin, defined as a ‘home ruler.’ Aside from this, he shares a great bond with his family. Similarly, he is very close to his elder sister Addison. Likewise, the actress often shares lovable images of her brother on her Instagram where we can see how their love for each other is undeniable.

Enzo Lopez in his childhood
Enzo with his brother Lucas

Moreover, Rae posted a photo on her Insta of her brothers captioning, “they annoy me so bad but I love them anyway.” On the other hand, Enzo told Gavin Magnus in Aug 2020, it is unexplainable to be the brother of Addison. He said,

“Honestly, it’s unexplainable… It’s like normal but it’s also crazy at the same time especially how fast it’s (the popularity) happened.”

Despite how things look at the present, Enzo and his elder sister had quite a difficult childhood.

Enzo Lopez’s Parents’ Unsettled Marital Relationship Hampered Him And Addison’s Childhood

As mentioned above, his parents’ relationship was going on and off. Similarly, the couple decided to part ways some years after their marital relationship. However, when Addison was six years old, her parents decided to reconcile and at the time, her mother was pregnant with Enzo.

But, the couple again parted ways. During this time around, Easterling was financially weak. As a single mother, she couldn’t even buy a flat for her kids and the family of three used to live in an RV.

Similarly, according to Addison, she used to return home crying from school because her friends used to bully her for the kind of lifestyle she was living in. Surprisingly, the couple again started living together for the third time and relocated to Texas along with their two kids.

Enzo Lopez with his all family
Enzo alongside his parents and siblings

After living there for around two years, their third child Lucas Lopez was born on Sept 24, 2013.

Are His Parents Still Married?

No, they are not! Although Mont Enzo’s parents Monty and Sheri previously reunited a couple of times even after their separation, this time there wasn’t a second chance for the two. In November 2022, Monty even confirmed that his divorce from his then-wife was finalized.

He is now dating his new girlfriend Renée Ash.

Enzo Lopez High School

The 14-year-old celebrity’s brother attended Calvary Baptist Academy. But, information regarding his further studies is still under the radar.

Enzo Lopez’s Height

Enzo is 5 feet 2 inches tall and his height will increase as the year passes by.

Why Are Enzo Lopez And His Famous Sister Addison Rae’s Last Name Different?

Although Enzo and Lopez are biological siblings, they indeed have different surnames. So, many people were wondering why don’t they share similar surnames? Enzo’s sister Addison was born before their parents’ marriage.

Enzo Lopez and his siblings
Enzo, his elder sister, and their younger brother Lucas are pretty much closer in real life rather than on social media handles

Hence, instead of her father’s, she ended up with her mother’s surname which is Rae Easterling. On the other hand, Enzo and his younger brother Lucas share their dad Monty’s last name.

He Stars In Chicken Girls: Information On His Professional Endeavors

Enzo has appeared on the Brat TV web series-teen drama, Chicken Girls. It premiered on Sept 5, 2017, on YouTube. Addison’s younger brother made his debut in the series from its seventh season episode 1, First Day. He played the character Peyton Kaye (aka PK).

Similarly, his role is a middle school student who just relocated from Texas to Attaway High School in Attaway. It is a fictional town in the Midwestern United States but where he finds it a bit difficult to fit in with his new school pals.

Moreover, Enzo’s mother Sheri Easterling is also in the show as coach Angela who plays the role of Enzo’s on-screen character, PK’s mom. Furthermore, he has been on 38 episodes i.e until season nine, episode 16 of Chicken Girls.

Enzo Lopez’s Big Sista Addison Rae Is Famous: Her Rise To Stardom

Enzo’s sister Addison is mainly known as an American social media personality. She started her media life in 2019 by giving her priority to TikTok. The same year, Rae posted several videos of dancing and lip-syncing. In fact, within some months, her followers were counted in six figures.

Furthermore, she made videos with several TikTok celebrity groups, which also helped her grab many people’s attention. Likewise, she is a member of a TikTok collaborative group, The Hype House.

Well, as of 2023, she has accumulated over 80 million followers in her TikTok account which makes her the fourth most-followed individual on the platform. Aside from this, Addison has also tried singing, and to everyone’s concern, she has released a single named Obsessed in 2021.

On the other hand, the multi-talented Rae is also an actress who has appeared in films like Spy Cat, and He’s All That.

Enzo Lopez’s Parents’ Professions: What Do They Do For A Living?

Starting with Enzo’s mother, Sheri Easterling was the owner of the retail store named De Ja Vu. The idea to start the business came while living in Texas when she was visiting a consignment and resell shop. But, her applied method couldn’t last long and soon her business venture ended.

Enzo Lopez's parents and sister Addison
Enzo’s mom Sheri and dad Monty and his elder sibling Addison

On the other hand, his father Monty had a different vision. He used to run Berkshire Hathaway based on a construction company. Not only that but, his dad also worked in The Bahamas.

Are His Parents Also On Social Media?

Both of his parents are pretty much active on social media. The celebrity mother Sheri Easterling has over a million followers on her Insta whereas the star father has over 300k followers.

Furthermore, his mother has over 15 million followers on her TikTok account. Similarly, she is also a podcaster of Mama Knows Best and the show is in its second season and is named That Was Fun?. Likewise, it is based on discussing relationships, fashion, family drama, and music with some special guests.

Lopez Relationship Status; Does He Have Someone Special In His Life?

Enzo’s relationship status seems to be single at the moment. Nevertheless, Addison Rae’s brother must be focused on his studies and career rather than giving more priority to being involved with someone romantically.

Whatever the case, we hope Enzo will find a perfect match for himself when the time is right.

Net Worth: How Rich Is Enzo Lopez?

The 14-year-old Enzo has already earned more than a million. As we all know, he is an actor and a social media star, so, he has gathered a lot of fortune. He is estimated to have a total net worth of around $1.5 million.

Apart from Lopez’s fortune, his sister Addison is already a multi-millionaire while holding a net worth of $15 million.

Details On Enzo Lopez’s Instagram & Tiktok

As mentioned above, Enzo is mainly recognized as the brother of Addison Rae. Now, he is also making his own identity on social media handles. Well, we can find Enzo on Instagram under the name @enzolopez, and he has over 300k followers.

Furthermore, he has created a TikTok account with the username @enzoeli. Similarly, he has more than a million followers on TikTok. Although he hasn’t posted many reels, all his short videos feature him alongside his family members.