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Esther Haddad Bio: Her Career, Marriage, Children, & Much More

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Esther Haddad is a former celebrity wife, who was previously married to former baseball star Jose Canseco. Her ex-spouse, Jose was a prominent figure in Major League Baseball where he played as an outfielder for a couple of teams, including the New York Yankees.

Esther and Jose married when the latter was at his career peak. He apparently was named MLB’s most valuable player the year they tied the knot. However, they couldn’t handle their marriage for a long time as they went their separate ways in the early 1990s.

So, how Esther’s marriage to Canseco dissolved? What was the reason behind their split? We have all the details here on Esther Haddad’s personal life. Besides that, we are also talking about Haddad’s early life details, including her parents and siblings.

Esther Haddad Has a Mixed Ethnical Heritage

Esther was born in the United States on December 30, 1996. She belongs to a mixed ethnical background as her father is from Lebanon and her mother is from Cuba. Her father was a baseball coach, who apparently was her ex-husband’s baseball coach at junior high school. Unfortunately, nothing more about her parents is known as of present.

Haddad certainly experienced cultural diversity while growing up in Florida, the United States. While talking about her siblings, Haddad has never spoken about having a brother or sister as of yet.

Haddad’s Father Didn’t Allow her To Move in with Jose

Since Esther’s father was Jose Canseco’s baseball coach at junior high school, her father had known Conseco for a long time. So, when Esther started dating him, her father was a little negative about their relationship.

Esther’s father reportedly didn’t allow her and Jose to move in together unless they tie the knot, which they did after a couple of years of courtship.

Esther Haddad Married her Husband Jose Canseco In a Civil Ceremony

The former flames got married on October 25, 1988, in a civil ceremony in Coral Gables, Florida. After around two years of marriage, the ex-husband-and-wife said their wedding vows at a Roman Catholic ceremony in front of around 350 attendees.

Interestingly, Jose Canseco won a $10,000 bet with his teammate, Dave Stewart after he got married before him on November 5, 1988.

Now, let’s talk about Esther and Jose’s first meeting. The former flames crossed their path for the first time at the Scandinavian Health Club in Miami in 1986. Back then, Esther had just won Miss Miami 1986 while Jose was in his rookie year in MLB. Canseco liked her at the first glance and asked her out, however, Esther showed no interest in him initially.

After some time, Haddad did agree to go out with Jose and their love story began. Shortly after they started dating, Esther and Canseco got engaged. Here is an old photo of Esther and Jose shortly after they engaged. Have a look.

Esther Haddad and Jose Canseco after getting engaged
Esther Haddad and Jose Canseco after getting engaged, Source: San Francisco Chronicle

The couple didn’t take too long to walk down the aisle after they became engaged.

The downfall of Esther’s Marriage to Jose Canseco: What Led them to Divorce?

The ex-pair enjoyed their marital life to the fullest for a couple of years. However, they started facing hardships soon. Their differences led the former baseball star to think about divorcing Esther and he filed for divorce on January 16, 1991.

Jose filed for divorce in Florida which enraged Esther as she was unaware of his plans. So, she counter-filed in Contra Costa County, California. Talking to News & Record, Esther’s attorney, Frank Quintero said Haddad still loved her then-husband. While Jose said his marriage to Esther was “irrevocably broken.”

Frank added that Canseco didn’t even tell Esther about his plan to divorce. He said,

“She was not prepared for this. It came out of the blue three or four weeks ago. She asked him to go to a marriage counselor, but he refused. Now she believes there are irreconcilable differences.”

Meanwhile, some sources claim the exes lived together for some time in the same house in Coral Gables, Florida even after dueling divorce suits.

Their Widely Talked Divorce Settlement

Esther Haddad and Jose’s divorce settlement became one of the hot topics back then. The ex-couple took a long time before they both could distribute their properties. It was due to the fact that Esther and Jose had filed in two different states.

According to California’s community property law, the property that both parties own should be divided equally. While, according to Florida’s law, any of the parties can get all of the assets or nothing whatsoever.

Talking about the properties they owned back in the time, they had a couple of houses. They had purchased a $1.55 million house in Coral Gables in 1988. Similarly, they had a $1.3 million house in Contra Costa County. Moreover, Esther once said they also owned a townhouse in San Ramon.

Besides the real estate, Esther claimed in the court papers that they had some luxury cars that included Porsche 928, a Porsche 930, a Ferrari Testarossa, and, a Toyota Four Runner.

Details on which party got what in the divorce settlement are a little murky. However, in an interview in early 2021, the former baseball star revealed that he had to pay a total of $7 million (including all the assets) in his divorce settlement. In the interview, Jose nodded to the interviewer’s statement that said he had to pay $7 million each for his two divorces.

Here is the clip.

Jose Rammed His Ex-wife, Haddad’s Car

A year after their divorce, Jose Conseco rammed his 1985 Porsche into his ex-wife, Esther Haddad’s BMW. Haddad’s car was worth $78,000 at the time, and the former baseball outfielder had to pay $10,000 and was charged with aggravated battery.

In fact, Jose was liable to get a sentence of up to 15 years, but the court released him with a $5,000 cash bond only.

Esther Haddad Does Not Have Any Children

Esther and Jose remained happily as husband and wife for just a couple of years. Even though they were together for nearly five years altogether, they never thought of having kids together.

So, Esther and Jose don’t share any kids. But, when it comes to Esther’s motherhood, her relationships after her divorce are not well known in the media, so we can say nothing with conviction as of yet.

Where is Esther Haddad Now?

Esther has been living under the media radar ever since her divorce from Jose. What’s more, she doesn’t indulge in being on social media, which has made it more difficult to track what she is up to these days. But, as a former celebrity wife, we hope she lives a wonderful life.

Moreover, we wish to see her in the media once again in the future.

Her Net Worth

Since Esther has been living low-key, details about her fortune and net worth are also away from the media reach. There is no exact information on her net worth, however, since she got millions in her divorce settlement, we hope she has maintained her status of a millionaire so far.

On the other hand, her ex-spouse, Jose Canseco has an estimated net worth of $500,000.