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How Did Walton Goggins’ First Wife Leanne Goggins Die? More On Her Family, Life Achievements, And Cause Of Death

Leanne Goggins was a Canadian businesswoman and celebrity spouse. She came to the spotlight with her marriage to Hollywood icon Walton Goggins. Walton is best known for his roles in TV shows like The Shield, Justified, Sons of Anarchy, and The Unicorn.

However, unlike his successful career, his marital life was a huge fail. While everyone thought that their life was a perfect fairytale, in 2004, Leanne ended her own life.

This news left many in shock. Why did Leanne Goggins commit suicide? Here we will discuss Leanne’s family background, early life, career, and reasons for her death.

Where Was Leanne Goggins Born In?

The late celebrity Leanne Goggins was born in New Brunswick, Canada in 1967 to Peggy and Robert Brian. She held dual nationality: Canadian and American and has English ancestry.

Leanne Goggins
Leanne Knight Goggins was born in Canada. Source: Findagrave

Likewise, she grew up alongside her brother Jason aka Jay. He currently resides in Australia.

Leanne’s parents separated when she was just a kid. Later on, her mother remarried Arnold Kaun. From her mother’s second marriage, she also has a half-brother named Scott.

Besides this, details of her educational qualifications are not revealed to the public yet.

Goggins Spent Most Of Her Childhood Sick

As per various sources, Goggins spent a very sickly childhood due to jaundice. This illness also triggered several other health issues for her. Leanne later struggled with viral infections, a weak immune system, and poor eating habits.

Due to her health conditions, she started school late and often missed classes for days. Although her parents struggled financially to provide for her treatment, she was taken care of properly. She regained good health gradually and completed her high school as well as her bachelor’s.

A Little About Leanne Goggins

After her untimely demise in 2004, one of Leanne’s friends, Kelly, wrote an article about her. According to Kelly, Goggins was one of her closest friends with unique beauty both inside and out.

She had an aura that made everyone around her feel special and made them feel mattered. Leanne cared for her friends, family, as well as her clients deeply.

Leanne Goggins
Leanne thrived in her teens despite spending a very sickly childhood

Goggins had a giving nature and was there for her family and friends whenever they needed her. She lifted everyone’s soul with her sweet and encouraging words.

She cared for others more than herself. The writer herself said,

“Once she ran up to a lady on the side of the hill who needed help. I know so many that would not run up to someone in danger for fear of their own danger. Leanne didn’t think twice about herself, but for the good of others, not only then but always.”

She also added that,

“Goggins also discovered a body of an actress who was murdered. She reported to Canyon News’ within an hour of discovery to let readers know there was a killer free.”

What Was Walton Goggin’s First Wife Leanne’s Career?

Leanne was an avid animal lover from a young age. She was fond of dogs especially and her fondness later turned into somewhat of a profession.

As per various online tabloids, Goggins was a businesswoman and owned a successful dog walking business in Laurel Canyon. In addition, she was also Canyon News’ first advertiser.

Her dog walking/training business mainly focused on the dog’s diet plans, adventures, and outdoor activities like hiking, running, and swimming.

The late celebrity’s business flourished after her clients confirmed that she was a great trainer and took care of dogs wholeheartedly.

How did Leanne and Walton First Meet?

The 51-year-old actor Walton was in Canada for the filming of the 1999 film Shanghai Noon starring, Jackie Chan. During the filming of his role in Canada, he met then-32-year-old Leanne who was living there.

Leanne Goggins and her husband Walton Goggins
Leanna moved to LA after marrying Walton in 2021. Buzz South Africa

Back then, Goggins was trying to break into the movie industry while Leanne was trying to build a career of her own. Their chemistry matched and the couple started dating shortly after their first meeting.

And after two years of dating one another, they got married in 2001 in Canada amidst family and friends. Following their marriage, Leanne moved to Los Angeles with her newlywed husband Walton.

According to various sources, Leanne was reportedly dissatisfied with the lifestyle and hectic schedule of her husband.

Leanne Filed For The Divorce Just Three Years After Their Marriage

As mentioned above, Leanne was quite unhappy with her life in LA and wished to go back to Canada. She wished to live with her family who was in Canada.

The series of events led her mental health to degrade and eventually led her to file for a divorce from Walton.

In November 2004, she officially filed for the divorce due to irreconcilable differences as Walton spent most of his time away from home due to his work.

Leanne Goggins Death: What was the cause of death?

The late celebrity spouse gave up her life after jumping from the 17th-story office block in LA. As Leanne didn’t die immediately after the jump, she was rushed to a nearby local health facility on 12th November 2004.

Sadly, Goggins died due to a head injury and internal bleeding despite the efforts to save her life. As per the official reports, she committed suicide as she was suffering from depression for a while.

She was survived by her then-husband Walton Goggins, her parents Peggy and Arnold Kaun, and her brother Jay.

Her memorial was held on 19th November at Hollywood Funeral Home located at 6000 Santa Monica Boulevard. She was laid to rest at Rocky View Garden of Peace Cemetery in Calgary, Calgary Census Division, Alberta, Canada.

What Is Walton Goggins Doing Now?

The 51 years old actor is currently starring as Cecil Stedman in the 2021 TV series Invincible. As of 2022, he appeared in films and television shows like The Unicorn, Squidbillies, Spirit Untamed, and John Bronco Rides Again.

Walton Goggins and his wife and son
Walton and his wife Nadia share a son named Augustus together

The actor is all set to star as Sonny Burch in the upcoming TV show Armor Wars and as Dr. Rubin in The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey.

As per Celebrity Net Worth, Goggins has an estimated net worth of $12 million in 2022. He amassed his fortune from his successful acting career.

The Shield star has also moved on and is currently married to filmmaker Nadia Conners. They got married in August 2011. Their son Augustus was born in February 2011.