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How Is Karl Malone Marital Relationship With Wife Kay Kinsey & Children?

Karl Malone is one of the most valuable basketball players in NBA history. He spent the majority of his career playing for the Utah Jazz. His partnership with another NBA star John Stockton won the team several major championships.

Moving towards his love life, Malone has been in a blissful marital relationship with his spouse for several years. The couple is blessed with four grown children.

But, in the past, the NBA star also faced some major ups and downs after a paternity lawsuit was filed against him. The lawsuit claimed Karl is also a father of three other children. Has the case settled down now?

Let’s find out more about Karl Malone’s wife and their long-time marriage!

Who is Karl Malone Wife? Their Wedding and Enduring Matrimonial Relationship

He married Kay Kinsey, a former Miss Idaho USA on 24th December 1990. Their Christmas Eve wedding was organized at Malone’s home located in Salt Lake City.

The couple had planned for their honeymoon next summer in Alaska. However, they went on an abbreviated Christmas Day vacation in Wendover, Nevada.

Karl Malone wife Kay Kinsey married since 1990
Karl Malone wife Kay Kinsey married since 1990

As per sources, they were planning to tie the knot way before they actually married, but due to their busy schedules and family arrangements, their big day finally came in December.

It’s been nearly three decades and the two are still in a strong relationship without showing any signs of slowing down.

When Did They First Meet?

Karl first came across his future-wife Kay in 1989, at a downtown shopping mall during an autograph session, in Salt Lake City. Apparently, she didn’t know anything about him. Despite that, she asked her brother-in-law about him, who was also in line for a signature.

Later on, Kay’s sister played a major role in their initial bonding. She sent Karl a picture of Kay as Miss Idaho. Her sister again sent a letter to him while pretending that the letter came from Kay itself.

The two eventually began dating. They didn’t wait too much to marry and walked down the aisle after a year.

Karl and Kay have four children

The couple welcomed their first child, a daughter, Kadee on 8th November 1991. She has tried her hands in the business field and runs her own line of merchandise. It consists of several items including home-made Vape Juices.

Besides, Kadee is engaged to her boyfriend-turned-fiance Cedric Johnson since Feb 2020. The loving duo will marry soon.

Kay and Karl gave birth to their second daughter, Kylee on 7th April 1993, and their third daughter, Karlee Malone in 1998. The couple also has a son named Kylee, born on May 8, 1995. He played as an offensive lineman for Louisiana State University. But, he retired from sports in 2018 following his knee injury.

Karl Jr. is currently dating his girlfriend Mallory Walker.

Karl Malone has three other children from his two different relationships: His paternity lawsuits

In 1998, the tabloid The Globe reported Karl is a defendant in a paternity lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed back in the late 1980s. The tabloid claimed Malone is a father of three children.

He reportedly welcomed twins, a daughter Cheryl Ford and a son Daryl, on 6th June 1981 with the woman, Bonita Ford who is also from his hometown of Summerfield, Louisiana. Apart from the twins, he had another child, a son named Demetress Bell with Gloria Bell. Gloria was just 13-year old when she gave birth to their son on May 3, 1984.

Karl Malone Has Four Children
Karl Malone Has Four Children

He went on to accept the paternity of the Ford twins by the fall of 1998. Since then, they are in good terms but his relationship with Bell remained mysterious for a long time until they reunited in 2014. Sources say Karl and Bell are in a healthy friendly relationship since 2018. The same year, he explained to Desert News about his relationship with his older kids. He maintained,

“I didn’t handle it right; I was wrong, but I’m not going to every time I see you try to go back and make up for it because you can’t. Father Time is the biggest thief that’s out there, and you can’t get that back. And we have a great relationship, but I’m still Dad, Pops, or Paw or whatever they want to call me. My grandkids call me Paw Paw.”

As of now, all of them are in good terms. They also share the same interests and often go out hunting together. On the other side, their stepmother Kay is very close to all of Malone’s children.

Karl kids played Basketball and Football

His twins, Cheryl and Daryl played college basketball at Louisiana Tech University where their father also served as a conditioning coach. Cheryl later played professional basketball for the Detroit Shock.

Besides, his son Demetress Bell is a former football offensive tackle. He played for several teams such as the Buffalo Bills, Philadelphia Eagles, and Dallas Cowboys.

Karl currently resides in Ruston, Louisiana.