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Hugh Hefner’s Son Marston Hefner? All The Interesting Facts About Him

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Marston Hefner is the son of American magazine publisher & Playboy founder Huge Hefner. In fact, he is the oldest son of Hugh born from his relationship with his second wife Kimberley Conrad.

Well, born in one of the most successful families, Marston’s life has also been a subject of constant scrutiny. So, what does he do for a living? Is he married or dating a girlfriend? What about his earning and net worth?

Well, in this article, we will talk about some interesting facts about Hugh Hefner’s son Marston Hefner.

Marston Hefner Bio, Age, Parents

Like we said earlier, Marston was born as the oldest son father Hugh Hefner, and mother Kimberley Conrad on April 9, 1990, in Los Angeles, CA. As of 2021, he is 31 years of age.

Marston Hefner In Front of The Playboy Mansion
Marston Hefner In Front of The Playboy Mansion

Throughout his childhood, he enjoyed all the luxuries. In fact, he spent the first eight years of his life along with his parents in the Playboy mansion.

He Has Three Siblings

Marston is not the only child in the family. Instead, he has three siblings. He has a biological brother Cooper Hefner, who is younger than him. He was born in 1991 and is 30 years of age as of 2021.

Similarly, he also has a half-brother David Hefner, born in 1955, and half-sister Christie Hefner, born in 1952. Well, they were born from his father’s marriage with his first wife Millie Williams.

Well, Marston shares a great relationship with all his brothers and sister and are often seen together.

Marston Hefner Parents: They Have Already Divorced

As we said, Marston’s parents Hugh & Kimberley are no more together. They married in 1989, in a beautiful wedding ceremony. As per the reports, the former couple dated for quite a while before they finally tied the knot.

Marston's Parents Hugh Hefner & Kimberley Conrad Hefner
Marston’s Parents Hugh Hefner & Kimberley Conrad Hefner

Well, the husband and wife who were 36 years apart in terms of age separated 9 years after their marriage. Hugh filed for divorce from Kimberley in 2009, which was finalized just a year later in 2010.

Marston’s Mother Is A Former Model

Well, Marston’s mother Kimberley is a former model and actress. In fact, she has even been a model for Playboy for years. Moreover, back in January 1988, she even became Playboy’s Playmate of the month. Just a year later in 1989, she was awarded Playmate of the Year.

Apart from all the modeling projects, she has also been a part of a few movies and TV series. She has appeared in films and TV series like Highway to Heaven, E! True Hollywood Story, Falcon Crest, and others.

Police Arrested Marston For Allegedly Attacking His Girlfriend Claire Sinclaire

In the year 2012, police arrested Marston for reportedly attacking his then-girlfriend Claire Sinclaire. As per Marston, things were pretty normal between the two until a silly conversation turned into a violent act. Talking to E! News, he said,

We had just freshly moved into the apartment, and I know Marston was a little stressed out about it, and Marston has been unstable throughout the whole course of our relationship…and we got into an argument about something really silly and it kind of escalated and it became violent. Initially, he kicked me and I went backward, I fell. Then he punched me and grabbed me up, and I scratched him to defend myself. It was very shocking

Marston Hefner's Ex-girlfriend Claire Sinclair
Marston Hefner’s Ex-girlfriend Claire Sinclair

Well, he was eventually sentenced to 52 weeks in a domestic violence program. Along with this, he was also ordered to stay away from Sinclair for over three years.

Marston Hefner Has Appeared in Movies And Documentaries

Well, not many know but Marston is also an actor. He has appeared in a few movies and numerous documentary series. His first TV appearance was in 2002, in a documentary series named Playboy: Inside the Playboy Mansion.

Later in 2006, he appeared in another documentary series named E! True Hollywood Story. This was followed by his appearance in the 2011 documentary named Holly’s World.

The same year, he also appeared in a TV special Hef’s Runaway Bride. His last TV appearance was in the 2012 documentary America’s Book of Secrets.

Is Marston Married Or Dating In 2021?

As of 2021, he is not married. In fact, he has never been married and he does not seem to have any plans to tie the knot anytime soon. But what about his girlfriend? Is he dating anyone? Well, in the past, he dated his girlfriend Claire Sinclaire, with whom he split in 2012.

We hope, he finds a perfect partner, and we would love to see him with his wife soon in the future.

How Much Is Marston Hefner’s Net Worth?

As the son of one of the most successful publishers, Marston has lived a luxurious life from the beginning. In fact, he spent most of his childhood days in the enormous Playboy mansion. But what exactly is his net worth?

Well, as of 2021, he has a net worth of around $1.6 million, which also includes the wealth he inherited from his father, who had a net worth of $50 million at the time of his death.