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Meet David Boreanaz’s Ex-Wife Ingrid Quinn: Full Bio With Interesting Facts

Ingrid Quinn is widely known as the ex-wife of actor David Boreanaz. Her ex-husband is an actor who is popular for portraying the role of Agent Seeley Booth in the crime comedy series Bones. The series was on Fox television from 2005 to 2017. He is further known for being in the drama SEAL Team.

Ingrid and her former partner were together for six-year before parting ways. They almost had a theatrical separation with all the dramas that unfolded prior to their divorce. However, post-divorce, the once-famous celebrity wife has almost vanished from every news and platform.

Know how Quinn’s life has unfolded after divorcing from Buffy the Vampire Slayer actor. Also, find out more about Boreanaz’s first wife’s age, hometown, how she looks now, and many more.

Who is David Boreanaz’s first wife Ingrid Quinn?

Ingrid Quinn was born and raised in her hometown Dubin, Ireland. Saying so, Boreanaz’s former partner has chosen to not reveal her birth details. It has made it hard to assume when her birthday is or what her age is at present time.

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Ingrid Quinn with her ex-husband David Boreanaz
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Now, as far as her professional career is concerned, many tabloids claim that Ingrid used to work as a social worker. However, again what David’s ex-wife does for living these days is completely unknown. Furthermore, she hasn’t revealed any information regarding her family, siblings, or educational details.

One could say she only rose to fame because of her marriage to ex-husband David Boreanaz.

David Boreanaz fell in love with Ingrid Quinn at first sight

As we know there isn’t much the Angel actor has talked about his ex-wife Ingrid. Yet, there is something David’s friends have mentioned about their relationship. According to them, David was absolutely stunned by Ingrid’s beauty and he fell in love with her at first sight.

The two first met in an art gallery. At the time, Ingrid was working as a social worker while David was still struggling as an actor. The former couple gradually fell in love and started dating in 1994.

Ingrid Quinn and David Boreanaz walked down the aisle in June 1997 after 3-years of dating. After the marriage, Quinn left her job as a social worker to settle as a full-time housewife.

Ingrid Quinn divorced her former actor husband in 1999

Even though the former pair were once madly in love, their fairytale didn’t last long. After two years of marriage, David filed for divorce and their divorce was finalized in 1999. The actor cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for divorce at Los Angeles Superior Court.

David Boreanaz wife
David with his model wife Jaime Bergman

On the contrary, Ingrid was a devoted wife to her ex-hubby. She even left her career so as to help on growing David’s acting career. The actor himself claimed that Ingrid was always supportive of him.

“Ingrid’s always been supportive. She has the same attitude as I do: If you don’t get something, it’s not meant to be. She’ll help me along the way, as far as preparing for something. She’s tough as nails–one strong Irishwoman.”

However, one thing led to another, soon the two were living apart for five days prior to filing for divorce.

Why did the former pair go through a divorce?

As per some sources, the ex-couple started slowly falling out after the actor was depicted a bachelor-like behavior, as in he had forgotten that he has a wife. As for Ingrid, it was relatively not bearable that her husband was repeatedly hanging out till late at night.

David Boreanaz Adultery
David with his rumored girlfriend Sarah Michelle Gellar
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The relationship even went downhill when Ingrid started getting suspicious of her husband’s behavior. According to insiders, the Buffy Vampire actor and his co-actress Sarah closeness eventually had Quinn visit the shoot without any prior notice. This behavior of Ingrid wasn’t appreciated by her ex-husband David and the two started living separately.

Tired of his ex-wife’s suspicions, David filed for divorce only after five days of living separately. The two later divorced in 1999 with no children in between.

Ingrid and David were avid golf lovers

In an interview with the Morning call, David Boreanaz revealed that once he and his ex-wife continuously golfed straight for eight days. The two were visiting Ingrid’s homeland in Dublin, Ireland.

He further mentioned how much Ingrid loved golfing by saying,

“Ingrid was into golf through her father long before I came on the scene, but has taken it seriously since we got married,” he explains. “It’s a sport we love and will continue together, at least until we have children. Hopefully someday soon.”

The two, unfortunately, couldn’t continue their golfing alongside the children they wish they had.

Did Ingrid Quinn remarry after divorcing her ex-hubby?

After divorcing her ex-hubby David, Ingrid has totally preferred to stay out of the limelight. She hasn’t come forward to the media to comment on her recent relationship status. Moreover, there is significantly little information on Ingrid’s married life or whereabouts after her divorce.

Also, with zero engagement on any social media platforms, there is no way of telling whether Boreanaz’s former partner exchanged vows or not.

Her former spouse remarried after living two years as a divorcee

Ingrid’s ex-spouse moved on to a new marriage with fellow actress and model Jaime Bergman. Two of them walked down the aisle in 2001 after two years of David’s separation from Ingrid.

Ingrid Quinn family
Ingrid Quinn’s ex-partner David with his wife and children
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Moreover, their marriage too included some adulteries. The Bones actor came clean to the People in May 2010 regarding cheating on his second wife. The actor revealed his affair as he was getting threatened by his then-mistress about going to the media outlets.

“I was associated with a woman who I was involved with and had a relationship with,” he says. “She asked for money. I felt as though I was being blackmailed or there was some sort of extortion.”

He further mentioned how he was irresponsible to taint their marriage with infidelities. Reportedly, the mysterious woman David cheated on his wife with was Rachel Uchitel. She is the same lady with whom Tiger Woods committed adultery.

In spite of the huge cheating scandal, David and his wife still worked out their marriage. At present, the couple has two children: a son Jaden Rayne, and a daughter Bardot Vita (also known as Bella).

How rich is Ingrid’ ex-spouse David Boreanaz?

David has made his name big from the roles of Buffy, Angel, and Seeley Booth as the year passed. From starting his career in the 90s to giving hits till 2016, the actor surely has amassed a fortune of wealth.

In regards to that, the Bones actor David has an estimated net worth of $30 million while raking up to $250,000 per episode.