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Inside the Life of Deborah Whitaker, Forest Whitaker’s Sister and Her Love Life

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Deborah Whitaker rose to fame as the sister of one of the finest actors Forest Whitaker. Over the years, Forest has given numerous major hit movies to the entertainment industry, most notably the actor portrayed Adi Amin, a real-life megalomaniac dictator Idi Amin in the historical drama film The Last King of Scotland. His great work in the project also earned him the Academy Award for Best Actor.

Unlike his worldwide recognition, his sister Deborah is notorious for keeping her life behind the public eye. A little bit known about her life is that Deborah sporadically works behind the camera.

But, here we have come with some unknown facts about her including her upbringing, parents, and other details. Take a look!

Deborah Whitaker Childhood and Age

The oldest sister of Forest Whitaker is aged 65 as of 2022. She was born Deborah A Whitaker in Texas and also spent her early childhood in her hometown until her parents moved to South Central at the age of about 6 or 7.

When her parents started doing better, the family also bought a little house in Carson, on the Compton border. At the time, Deborah had almost completed her high schooling.

Furthermore, during the same time, the family also faced a lot of racial discrimination. Her younger brother Forest once shared his bad experience after being a large black man in Los Angeles to The Guardian,

“Ever since I was a youth, I’ve been thrown on the ground or across cars, put on my knees – and I’m one of the lucky ones. Some of my friends have been murdered by the police.”

Who are Deborah Whitaker’s parents?

Whitaker is the daughter of Laura Francis and Forest E. Whitaker Jr. Her mother used to work as a special education teacher who earned her two master’s degrees while nurturing Deborah and her siblings. On the other hand, Deborah’s father was an insurance salesman.

What is Her Ethnicity?

A DNA test of her actor brother Forest showed that Deborah’s father had Igbo ancestry, whereas, her mother was of Akan descent. Moreover, her ancestors came from Ghana.

Besides, for her nationality, Whitaker is an American.

Deborah Whitaker Grew Up With Her Three Siblings

Whitaker has three brothers named Forest, Damon, and Kenn Whitaker. Much like her multi-faceted actor brother, her other two siblings Damon and Kenn are also involved in the show business. Born on June 8 1963 in Longview, Texas, Kenn landed his first acting role of Bus Guard 2 in a 1997 movie, Most Wanted.

Deborah's brothers
Deborah’s brothers Damon and Forest.
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The following year, Kenn had a cameo in HBO’s comedy series, Tracey Takes On, and also worked in an Oscar-nominated movie Bulworth. His other acting credits are Party Of Five, Life, Last Days, and many others.

Similarly, Deborah’s other brother Damon, 51, who graduated from El Camino College is also an actor. Over the years, Damon has also worked as a producer and director. He is better known for his work in movies like First Daughter, The-Tale Heart, and more.

Details on Deborah’s Career

Unlike her brothers who all seem to have a good career in the acting world, Deborah has relatively lived a radar low-key life. Despite being the sister of such a popular actor, Whitaker has yet to come public, neither of her brothers has yet shared a single photo of their sister so far.

While it looks a little bit difficult to find anything about Deborah, her IMDb bio suggests that Forest Whitaker’s sister previously worked for drama Climate in 2016. She was a co-director and producer for the project. Furthermore, its top casts include JP Valenti and Damien Chinappi as well.

Is Deborah Whitaker Married? Her Love Life

As we have mentioned earlier that Deborah prefers to keep her life behind closed doors, especially when it comes to her love life. Also, her personal life isn’t on the discussion of any tabloids.

But, looking at her age, Deborah, 65, might have happily been married to someone and have also grown kids with him. Nevertheless, any details about that are yet to confirm.

Her Net Worth

The exact amount of Deborah’s net worth is yet to disclose. On the other hand, her younger brother Forest has a fortune of $30 million. His wealth majorly comes from his different roles in the acting world.