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Inside The Life Of Theresa Lynn Wood, Shawn Michaels’ First Wife

Theresa Lynn Wood has been in the light as the ex-wife of four-time world champion wrestler Shawn Michaels. As for their marital relationship, the former duo was married for about six years before they separated amicably. So, let’s find out did the couple share any kids together?

Besides, since her divorce from her ex-husband Michaels, Theresa has, however, remained quite confidential when it comes to her professional and personal life. So, here we are to find out some unexplored facts about her, including her childhood details, family background, and more.

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How old is Theresa Lynn Wood? Details on Her Early Life

As of 2022, her age is 52. She was born in 1969, about four years after her then-husband was born. A little known about her family is that Theresa is the daughter of mother Joan.

Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, Wood also completed her high schooling at her hometown school. As for her ethnic background, the former celebrity spouse is Caucasian and American as per her nationality.

Theresa and Her Former Husband Michaels Knew Each Other From Their Early Days

Shawn was born in Chandler, Arizona, but he grew up in San Antonio, where he met his future sweetheart Theresa. He explained in his book called, Heartbreak & Triumph: The Shawn Michaels Story (released in 2005) that their families were also friends.

Although they were well familiar with each other from their childhood, they didn’t have such feelings for a long time. Things started only after Shawn, the then-20-year-old boy was working in San Antonio. He used to work seven days a week and was kind of bored at the time because of his hectic working schedule.

Later on, Shawn told his mother about his desire to have a girlfriend. And his mom asked him, what if he dates a Wood girl, Theresa. The last time Shawn saw Theresa was two years before when she was just a 14-year-old high school girl.

Despite their huge communication gap, Michaels soon contacted her and they started going on movie dates. Michaels also recalled how did they go to watch movies in his abovementioned publication,

“Theresa would come to shows with me, but I never brought her in the back. No one brought their girlfriends backstage in those days, so she sat out in the arena before and during the shows. She didn’t mind. She was pretty enthralled with me. I was quite a cath for a high school girl; and, I was thrilled to be with her. She was a sweet young lady, a terrific girl.”

Shawn Surprised His Then-Girlfriend Theresa With a Diamond Ring As a Gift

Although it was just two weeks since Theresa and her boyfriend Shawn started dating, the then-budding wrestler gave her a diamond ring as a Christmas gift. He wrote in his book, “She cried when she got it.”

It was actually his mother’s plan to give her a diamond ring. He said in his book that his mom gushed at the time,

“Oh my goodness, they were engaged!”

But, Shawn really didn’t know giving someone the diamond ring meant they got engaged. He said in his book,

“I honestly didn’t know you only bought someone a diamond ring when you planned on getting engaged.”

After some time, Shawn began his wrestling career. Although both of them belonged to two different worlds, they would often visit each other even then after.

Despite their early growing romance, the duo later faced some ups and downs in their relationship. They also did break-up talks a couple of times. But, luckily, nothing bad could happen between the two at the time. They then officially engaged and also were married for years.

When did Theresa and Her Ex-Husband Shawn Michaels Marry?

The former world champion Shawn officially popped the question to his then-girlfriend Theresa during his second run in Minnesota.

For their wedding, Wood and Michaels exchanged their vows in June 1988. They wed in at a catholic church in San Antonio, where Shawn’s dad served as his best man. His high school friends like Kenny, Scott, and more were also present at the event.

To celebrate their honeymoon, the newlyweds went to the Caribbean, a region of the Americas that consists of the Caribbean Sea. There, they had good times for a couple of weeks and then Shawn returned to the World Wrestling Federation.

They Divorced Amicably

While everything seemed to be well between the two, things, however, turned bad about six years after their marriage. Sources say Wood and her former spouse Michaels had an amicable separation. In their divorce settlement, Theresa even didn’t want fifty percent from her ex-hubby although Texas law was ready to provide for her.

Besides, Wood and her former spouse Michaels didn’t share any children.

Is Theresa Lynn Wood Remarried?

Since her divorce finalization from Shawn, Theresa has kept everything about her love life too secret. She is neither officially married to anyone nor is dating at present. Some online tabloids suggest that Wood now relishes her single life in Shoreline, WA.

Theresa's former hubby with his current spouse.
Theresa’s former hubby with his current spouse.

But, talking about her former spouse Michaels’ love life post their divorce, he has been in a wonderful marital relationship with his second wife Rebecca Curci for several years. The long-lasting couple also has two kids.

What is Shawn Michaels’ first wife Theresa Lynn Wood doing these days?

As we have talked earlier that Michaels’ ex-wife Theresa is a private person. She has yet to make a single public appearance to date. So, we are still unable to find anything about her professional career.

On the other hand, for her previous spouse Shawn’s career details, he embarked on wrestling in his early 20s. He initially did perform in several professional wrestling promotions like NWA, AWA, and more. And he made his WWE debut the same year he married his first wife in 1988.

Her Net Worth Details

Unfortunately, the precise amount of her fortune is yet to be revealed. But, talking about Shawn’s fortune, he has a net worth of $10 million in 2022. The former WWE star has made such a good fortune from his elite wrestling career.