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Who Is Alexandre De Meyer Dating After Divorce From Danielle Colby? Full Bio

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Alexandre De Meyer is a graphic designer, who designed the blueprints of the famous Michelin Museum in Clearmont-Ferrand France. Besides his career, he is also famous as the ex-husband of talented American Pickers star Danielle Colby Cushman.

Most of us are familiar with the Queen of Rust, Danielle Colby, but for a long time, Meyer had escaped our attention. But after the supposed rumor of their amorous relationship, we are all eager to know the details of reclusive Mr. Alexandre De Meyer.

So, in this segment, we will dig deep into the lives of Alexander De Meyer. We will talk about his early life, professional career, relationship with Danielle Colby, net worth, and much more.

Alexandre De Meyer is a French citizen

As you might have guessed by his fancy name, Alexander De Meyer was born in France. He was born in May 1980 in Voiron, Rhone-Alps, France.

As of 2021, he is 41 years old and currently based in the United States of America. Born and raised in the Alps region of France, Alexandre was born into a loving family. He is especially very fond of his mother.

Alexandre De Meyer with his dog.
Alexandre De Meyer with his dog.

The name of his mother is Mimi De Meyer. However, the details about his other family members remain obscure on the web.

He Is An Educated Individual

Alexandre went to a couple of different high schools throughout his high school era. He enrolled in a middle school named College Robert Desnos and graduated in 1995.

Immediately after that, he started school at Lycée Pierre Beghin in 1996 and graduated from high school in 1998. For his further education, Meyer pursued a degree in commerce at Lycée Édouard Herriot in 1998 in Voiron. 

De Meyer was always interested in arts and designs. So, with an aim to develop his skills in the said field, he joined “Ecole supérieure d’infographie ARIES” in the year 2000.

After two years of studying, he graduated in 2002 as a Graphic and Multimedia Designer with proficiency in 3D Graphic Design, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

What does Alexandre De Meyer do for a living?

Well, let’s now talk about Alexandre De Meyer’s career. As we said, the 41-year-old graphic designer is famous for his blueprint design of Michelin Museum back in France. He also designs a lot of posters, postcards, T-shirt designs, corporate identity, and logo designs.

Alexandre started his professional career by working for a firm called ”Kineka” based in France as a 3D Graphic designer. He worked there for more than 4 years from September 2002 to February 2007.

According to his LinkedIn profile, he is based in now Greater Chicago Area and even owns a printing shop there. Moreover, he worked for the screen print workshop known as Going Blind from January 2011 to February 2012. He also worked as store manager of his ex-wife Danielle’s boutique shop, “4 miles 2 Memphis” from July 2012 to April 2013.

Presently, Meyer works as Illustrator, Graphic designer, and screen-printer for his own brand ”NINE LIVES”.

Alexandre De Meyer was married to ex-wife Danielle Colby

Well, Alexandre De Meyer was married to American reality TV star Danielle Colby. Though they have not revealed their exact marriage date, they reportedly tied the knot in 2012.

They lived together in Chicago after their marriage, with Danielle’s two daughters from a previous marriage, one niece, and many pets.

Alexandre De Meyer and Danielle Colby
Alexandre De Meyer and Danielle Colby in Times Square.

Opening about her life with newlywed French husband De Meyer, Danielle, at the time, commented:

We do live in Chicago with my children and niece and 4 bunnies (rescued) and 6mo old pit bull (rescued). I do still work for Antique Archaeology, its only 2 1/2 hours away. We do keep a residence in Iowa but rarely stay there, Chicago is just too fun! I am a Midwest girl all the way! Except our tiny little place we have in France, so we can be with family there. Its a humble, but awesome life we have I think that explains it all?

So, it is safe to say they had a blissful life post marriage. However, the joy was short-lived as the couple divorced a couple of years later.

How did the couple meet each other?

Back in the day in 2011, Alexander and Danielle met in a boutique shop. Meyer designed the logo for her boutique, “4 miles 2 Memphis”. They hit it off really well from that very first meetup. The connection was strong, so they turned the prior professional relationship into the romantic one. Introducing her beau Alexandre on her Facebook page, Danielle said:

‘My dudes name is Alexandre, he is an artist, he also is a brilliant man who designed the blueprints for the Michelin Museum in France as well as many other structures there. He is from Voiron, France in the French Alps and is the kindest, most beautiful soul I have ever met. I adore his family and see why he is so wonderful, with parents like he has, it makes sense.’

We can see how much love Danielle has for Alexandre. The couple started dating really soon after that initial encounter in the boutique.

Alexandre divorce from Ex-wife Danielle

According to Illinois Court records, it was the burlesque actor Danielle, who filed for divorce from Alexandre on June 5, 2015, after three years of marriage.

Following that, Alexandre filed for temporary maintenance or alimony, or spousal support in the court in November 2015. He also filed a petition and wanted Danielle to cover his attorney’s fees.

The divorce was finalized on December 30, 2015.

Who Is Alexandre De Meyer’s Ex-Wife Danielle Colby?

Well, his ex-spouse is a successful TV personality. She is most famous for her appearance in the History reality series American Pickers. She is one of the regular cast in the series since the beginning.

Besides, he is also a fashion designer. As per the reports, she ran 4 Miles 2 Memphis, a retro clothing-based company.

Alexandra and Danielle moved on with their life after Divorce

Danielle recently engaged to her long-term boyfriend Jeremy Scheuch. After her divorce from her second hubby, she started dating Scheuch. After six years of dating, her boyfriend finally proposed to Colby, and she said yes.

On the other hand, De Meyer has moved on with a new partner, possibly French, but we are not sure. He has chosen to keep the identity of his girlfriend a secret. However, they were seen kissing each other on one of his Facebook posts.

Alexandre de Meyer girlfriend.
Alexandre kissing his mystery girlfriend.

Alexandre has his own blog

Titled “Nine Lives”, the graphic designer also regularly posts on his blog. The blog is more of a pictorial one rather than the traditional writing one where you poured thoughts. It is full of the whole catalog of his graphic works, which we might add is bloody good and colorful.

You can visit the blog here. He also has a Facebook page for his artworks called ”NEUF VIESAlexandre De Meyer”.

How Much is Danielle Colby’s, Ex-Husband Alexandre De Meyer’s Net Worth?

As a graphic designer, De Meyer has amassed a decent fortune. As of 2021, his net worth is estimated at around $500,000. As we said, he makes most of his money from his career as a graphic designer.

On the other hand, Colby has a net worth of around $1.5 million.

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