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Is Allie Schnacky In A Relationship? Full Bio With Untold Facts

Allie Schnacky (aka Allie) is a famous Internet personality and social media influencer with around 3.5 million followers on her TikTok handle. Moreover, she also gained further fame for being the sister of actor and singer, Noah Schnacky. Well, her brother is a popular singer & actor known as the cast member of the 2013 series, Hit Streak.

Along with having a huge fan base on TikTok and Instagram, Allie has also built a rapport through her work in movies & TV series. She has been part of projects like BubbleGum Smackers, Pathways the Trilogy: Choosing Fate, Golden Gates, & many others.

Well, besides her professional accomplishments, Allie is also a subject for her love life. Lately, there were rumors that she was in a relationship with Austin Armstrong. So, how true is that? Here, find out about her career, boyfriend, age, siblings, & many other untold details about her.

Allie Schnacky Early Life And Birth Details

Schnacky was born on 22nd February 2000 in Orlando, FL. She is 22 years old as of 2022. She spent her childhood in Orlando, Florida, and LA, California with her four siblings.

Talking of her parents, her father’s name is Lance Schnacky while her mother’s name is Kim Schnacky. Like any child, she is very close to her parents and often shares photos together with them on her socials.

Noah Schnacky’s sister, Allie holds an American Nationality and belongs to white ethnicity.

Allie Schnacky Is An Educated Individual

Talking about her educational background, as per her LinkedIn profile, she graduated from Valencia College. While in college, she was highly active in extracurricular activities like water polo, dance, competitive swimmer, small group leader, theater activities, and many more.

Back in 2013, Allie’s parents discontinue her schooling at Public Elementary School. At that time she was cast as Pippi Longstocking in a play because of which she often had to leave her school against the school’s rule leading to her discontinuing the school.

Later, she enrolled in Florida Virtual School, an online platform school that would allow more flexibility so that she could work on what she loves to do. Along with her siblings Noah, Ella, and Noelle, she completed her schooling at Florida Virtual School itself.

While in school Allie along with her three siblings were highly active in the art field and Allie’s mother, Kim Schnacky thanked FLVS for allowing her kids to perform whatever they wanted to pursue. She also stated-

I’ve seen her learn motivational skills and plan her day, and what time she has to get up. I see her being a lot more independent and responsible for her time because of Florida Virtual

Allie Schnacky Is Clos To All Her Siblings

The many details of Allie’s parents are still unknown. However, we do know that she isn’t the only child of her parents. As we mentioned above, Allie has three siblings, Noelle Schnacky, Noah Schnacky, and Ella Schnacky.

Allie Schnacky and her siblings
Noah Schnacky (left), Allie Schnacky, Noelle Schnacky, and Ella Schnacky (right)

Noah Schnacky was born on 27th January 1997 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and spent his childhood in LA, California. He is a well-known Internet personality who primarily got fame as the casting member of the series Hit Streak.

The American actor and famous singer gained further fame after starting in a 2011s CBS series, How I Met  Your Mother. Then in 2014, Noah released his first single, “Miami to LA”.

Are Allie Schnacky and Austin Armstrong Dating?

Well, Allie and her rumored boyfriend Armstrong are good friends of each other who work together on various prank videos and comic videos. Both of them are often featured in each other’s Youtube videos.

The question of their dating arose after Austin Armstrong uploaded a Youtube video title uploaded a Youtube video with the title, “TRYING TO GO ON A DATE WITH MY CRUSH” which featured Allie Schnacky.

Similarly, Allie also uploaded a vlog on her Youtube channel with the title, “WE GOT MARRIED IN VEGAS?!?! (unexpected reaction)”. Neither Allie nor Austin has confirmed their dating however after seeing the video we can clearly see both of them share a quite good bonding.

Allie Schnacky and Austin Armstrong dating
Allie Schnacky and Austin Armstrong are a member of The Schnacky Fam

The rumors of Allie and Austin’s relationship gained intensity after Austin uploaded a vlog on Youtube with the title, “THE PERFECT VALENTINE DATE” which again featured Allie Schnacky. Armstrong uploaded this video on Valentine’s date back in 2022.

Some of their fans think they genuinely have fallen for each another and are secretly dating, while others think they are just doing this for the sake of grabbing attention and gaining views. In any case, we hope, they address it in public soon.

Is She Married Or Engaged?

Well, Allie is neither married nor engaged. In fact, she does not have plans to walk down the aisle anytime soon. Hopefully, we will get to see her tie the knot in the future.

Allie Schnacky’s Professional Career

Allie is a social media star and started her acting career at the very young age of  6 in Gooney Bird Greene, where she portrayed the character named Chelsea. She further continued working in several commercials ad, films, live performances, theatre, and voice-over in different parts of Florida and Southeastern, America.

After gaining experience in theatre and film work, Allie has established herself as one of the most uprising talents across the country. Furthermore, she also attended the premier of the movie, Redeeming Love on red carpet walks. The event was held at the Directors Guild of America in LA, California on 13th January 2022.

In the meantime, Allie also represents a talent agency named, Recapture Entertainment which was founded by her father. Furthermore, the internet personality also manages the other members of The Schnacky Fam which includes, Noah Schnacky, Austin Armstrong, Colby Schnacky, Matt, Kristin Marino, Cooper, Ella Schnacky, Carol Chaves, Noelle Schnacky, and Malik Brookins.

Apart from all these, she has worked in

Allie is the founder of Chosen & Free

Apart from her acting and theatre career, she is also the founder of DIY accessories named, Chosen and free Co. which she has mentioned in her Insta bio. In one of her vlogs, she talked about the intention behind the name of her company,

The unique gifts I have are a direct reflection of the type of calling god has for me in making a difference in this world. This realization completely changed how I lived my life and I felt inspired to share that with other women, forming chosen & free. Because once you realize you are chosen uniquely by god, you are set completely free.

She further added-

Here at Chosen & Free Co, I aim to celebrate stories of resilience. I’m inspired by women doing extraordinary things. You’ll find that my style is modern, bohemian, with an Afro flair.

I love patterns, textures, and earthy hues. I’m so excited you’re here. I hope you find something you like.

Allie Schnacky’s YouTube And Podcast

As we said earlier, Allie also has a Youtube channel named, Allie Schnacky where she has around 632K subscribers. She uploads prank videos, various comic videos, and reaction videos on her channel. Schnacky’s most popular video has over 13 million views goes with the title named, “My Grandma Rates Famous Guys”. She joined the platform on May 20, 2013, by uploading a video titled, “LIP INJECTIONS PRANK!!!”. 

Noah Schnacky's sister Allie Schnacky also has youtube channel
Allie Schnacky with Youtube’s silver play button which she gained after completing 100k subscribers on Youtube

Furthermore, Allie is also one of the podcasters in the Apple podcast. She started her podcast career on 6th September 2021. Schnacky has dropped over 25 podcasts which one can find in Apple Podcast.

Allie Schnacky’s Social Media Platforms?

Allie Schnacky is quite active on her social media handles. She has around 712k followers with over 218 posts. She often shares her luxurious lifestyle through her Instagram handle. Further, she is also active on Twitter with over 2.5k followers.

On other hand, Allie Schnacky’s brother Noah Schnacky is also active on various social media sites. He has around 1.3 million followers on his Insta handle.

How Much Is Allie’s Net Worth?

Undoubtedly, after seeing Allie’s lifestyle one can easily know that she makes quite a good amount of money and enjoys her life in luxury. She has an estimated net worth of around $8.9 million. The social media star had earned a fortune from her acting career as well as from her own Accessories brand.