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Is Anouk McGregor Adopted Daughter of Ewan McGregor? The Truth About Her

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Anouk McGregor is the youngest daughter of one of the most beloved Scottish actors Ewan Mcgregor and his former wife Eve Mavrakis. While Anouk’s actor father has gained quite the media attention by working on a handful of on-screen projects, her mother Eve has worked behind the scene of numerous films like Lock, Stock, And Two Smoking Barrels.

Despite their professional successes, Anouk’s parents Ewan and Eve didn’t go far along when it came to their married life. The exes who were married for over decades also shared three other children (Anouk’s older siblings).

Besides, there are lots of queries about Ewan’s daughters, including how many of Ewan McGregor’s kids are adopted?, is Anouk herself an adopted one? and many more. So, here we have come with the answers to all your questions…

How old is Anouk McGregor?

Ewan Mcgregor’s youngest kid with his former wife Eve, Anouk is aged 10 as of 2022. She was born in March 2011. Although the actor has yet to reveal the real origin of his fourth kid, online tabloids say that Anouk was born in the United States.

Anouk as a child with her dad.
Anouk, as a toddler with her father.
Source: Zimbio

What nationality is Anouk?

McGregor is French by her mother’s site and is Scottish, English, and American by her father’s site. Regarding her ethnicity, the star kid is of mixed race.

Is Anouk McGregor Ewan McGregor’s adopted Daughter?

Yes, Anouk is Ewan McGregor’s adopted daughter. The Scottish-born actor prefers to keep his family details notoriously private. But in back in June 2011, Ewan revealed to The New York Post the age of his youngest daughter,

“My wife and four girls — 15, two nine-year-olds and a baby of four months — often come with me if it’s a holiday or my locations and their schedules allow . Sometimes we uproot them and put them in another school.”

Anouk was reportedly three-four months old when her parents Ewan and his former wife Eve adopted her in 2011.

Anouk McGregor Siblings: One More is Adopted

The 10-year-old girl has four siblings. Her oldest sister is Clara who was born in Feb 1996. Much like her father, Clara is also an actress with a few acting credits. In addition, Ewan’s oldest daughter is an aspiring model. Clara, a former student of the Tisch School of the Arts in New York has modeled for Wilhelmina Models.

Her Adopted Sister Jamyan McGregor

After Clara, the OBE star and his then-spouse Eve went on to adopt their second child, a daughter named Jamyan, the Mongolian girl in 2006. At the time, he was on filming an adventure series in Mongolia.

According to sources, Jamyan was only two-year-old at the time of her adoption. Born in June 2001, Ewan’s first adoptive child now studies at Mitchell College, a private liberal arts college, in London. She is set to graduate in 2024.

Besides, Jamyan often makes posts on her social media handles of her siblings. On the occasion of Clara’s last birthday on 4th Feb 2021, Jamyan uploaded a photo with her two sisters. She wrote,

“Happy birthday Clara, you are the best sister in the world. I love you.”

Later in the caption, Jamyan mentioned, “I deliberately didn’t choose a photo with Anouk, because I didn’t know what to do when her face was covered.”

Anouk adoption
Anouk’s three older sisters.
Source: Instagram

Anouk’s Third Older Sista Esther is a Multi-Talented Girl

Esther who was born in November 2001 is a musician and Photographer. She is also a clothing designer who owns her own clothing line called EnL. Furthermore, like her older sister Clara, Esther McGregor has also tried her hands in modeling. She is a student at New York University and will complete her graduation in 2024.

Besides, talking about her sexuality, Anouk’s sister Esther is bisexual and the same also goes for Clara.

Anouk McGregor Parents’ Love Story From Their Wedding to Its Amicable End

Her parents, McGregor and Mavrakis tied the knot back on 22nd July 1995, in a private wedding ceremony in France. As for their first meeting, they came across when Ewan was filming for Kavanagh QC (1995). And the two dated for short time before their 1995 wedding.

Anouk McGregor mother and dad
Anouk’s father and mother.
Source: Getty

Ewan and Eve led a blissful matrimonial life for over a decade and more. Unfortunately, things couldn’t be much better between the two for long as their marriage hit the rough patch in the late 2010s.

As per People, the two had called it quits in late 2017. One of their family sources confirmed the magazine that McGregor had been separated from his spouse since May of 2017. Amidst the news, the Trainspotting actor, 50, was seen, kissing his costar Mary Elizabeth Winstead at a West London cafe.

McGregor filed for divorce from his wife in Jan 2018, citing, “irreconcilable differences,” as the reason behind their split.

How did their long-time marriage dissolve?

Although both McGregor and Eve have been silent about the reason behind their separation, some authentic online sources say that McGregor’s new relationship with actress, Mary Elizabeth Winstead ruined the years of their marriage.

The romance between Winstead and Ewan reportedly started in the middle of 2017. They both played each other love interests on the FX anthology series Fargo. And it was where they met for the first time.

Besides, like Ewan, Mary Elizabeth was also in a martial relationship with her filmmaker hubby, Riley Stearns before they went their separate ways in May of 2017.

Custody Battle of McGregor

Her parents’ divorce processing came to an end three years after their split in August 2020. A Judge granted the exes equal legal and physical custody of their youngest child, Anouk. However, initially, Eve sought sole custody of their daughters.

The court documents show that the former flames will continue to “have a flexible custodial schedule to accommodate” their daughter’s schedule.

Besides, The Star Wars actor has also agreed to pay Mavrakis $14,934 per month in child support.

Anouk also Has a Half-Brother From Her Father’s Relationship With Mary

Her younger half-brother, Laurie (McGregor’s fifth and first-ever son) was born in June 2021.

Ewan was 50-year-old at the time of his birth, while, his partner Mary was 36. Both of them are going pretty strong with no such conflict.

Anouk McGregor Rare Appearances With Her Father

As we have mentioned earlier that Ewan is one of the most protective fathers who liked to keep his family under the radar. He once sued a media company after the outlet published his children’s pictures without knowing him in the early 2000s. In the end, the actor also won the case.

And, the same tendency McGregor still has. He still let not any media outlets show his youngest daughter’s face. Back in March 2018, McGregor stepped out with Anouk in Los Angeles. However, Anouk’s face is entirely blurred in the pictures of the father-and-daughter duo published on Dailymail.

Her Short-Directorial Gig for Jimmy Fallon’s Motorcycle Stunt

Back in Sept 2020, Anouk became a camerawoman for Jimmy Fallon‘s ‘epic’ motorcycle stunt. Her dad, Ewan served as an executive for Fallon’s short gig. He also praised his daughter for her “amazing camera work.” He further said of her daughter’s work, without which “the film wouldn’t be what it is today.”

Her Father’s Wealth

Anouk’s father has an estimated net worth of $25 million as of 2022. Needless to mention, the Scottish actor has made most of his fortunes from his acting works.

Besides, Ewan owned a house in Los Angeles. He bought a property there for about $1.9 million in 2002.

Is Anouk on Instagram?

No, the little girl isn’t active on any kind of social media handles like Instagram, Facebook, and others. But, in the meantime, all of her big sisters have their own Instagram pages with thousands of followers. Her oldest sista Clara has +69.7k Instagram followers.