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Is Barbara Alba Ex-Wife Of Pitbull? Here Are Things You Didn’t Know About Her

There are many celebrities in the media industry who is known for their romantic relationship and Barbara Alba is one of them. She is famous for her romantic relationship with American rapper and songwriter Pitbull. In fact, she is also the mother of two children of the rapper.

Unfortunately, Barbara is no more in a relationship with him, but her life is still a subject of curiosity. Where is she now? Did she marry again after the split? How is her relationship with her kids?

Here, we have brought to you every detail about her career, marital relationships, husband, & other interesting facts. Let’s begin.

Barbara Alba Dated Ex-Boyfriend Pitbull Even Before His Fame

Just in case you didn’t know, Barbara is the ex-girlfriend of famous rapper Pitbull. In fact, she is the first publicly known girlfriend of the “I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)” singer.

Barbara Alba Is Famous As Pitbull's Ex-Girlfriend
Barbara Alba Is Famous As Pitbull’s Ex-Girlfriend

And the most interesting fact is the Alba began dating Pitbull even before he gained fame as a rapper. So, when did the former couple first meet?  Well, they met back in the late 90s and officially began dating in the early 2000s.

Initially, the duo seemed pretty much in love and open about their love affair. They reportedly dated for around a decade but things eventually turned sour. They split in the year 2011.

Barbara Alba Never Married Pitbull

It is very rare but despite being in a marital relationship for over a decade, Barbara & Pitbull never married. Since they were together for so long, the media assume that they were husband and wife, but that’s completely untrue.

Unfortunately, none of the duos ever revealed the exact reason they never tied the knot.

Alba Is The Mother Of Two Kids With Pitbull

From her relationship with her ex-boyfriend Pitbull, Barbara has two children, a son Bryce Pérez and a daughter named Destiny Perez. Well, Destiny is the oldest of the two and was reportedly born on August 15, 2002. Likewise, their son was born on March 5, 2003.

Both her kids are grown up and doing good in their respective fields. And like any mother Alba shares a great relationship with both her kids. However, she has kept most of the details about her children away from the spotlight.

Pitbull With His Son With Barbara Alba Tattooed On His Arms
Pitbull With His Son With Barbara Alba Tattooed On His Arms

Likewise, Pitbull is also very close to his kids. In fact, he has even tattooed a photo of his son on his arms.

Barbara Reportedly Received A Good Amount In Child Support

As the ex-girlfriend of a successful rapper, Alba received a good amount of child support. Initially, after her split from Pitbull, she reportedly received around $3000 a month in child support.

But with the increased popularity & financial success of the rapper, Alba requested an increase in child support. Further, she also asked for shared parental responsibility and a lifestyle based on Pitbull’s earning.

Moreover, she filed a request demanding a house in a gated community. Well, Alba reportedly received a fair share in support after a final judgment on July 18, 2011. However, no details on the matter are made public so far.

Is Barbara Alba Married Or Dating A Boyfriend In 2021?

It has been over a decade since barbara split from her ex-partner Pitbull. And since there has been a lot of speculation about her love life. There are many who wonder if she has found a new partner. Well, what is her relationship status at present? Is she dating a new boyfriend or already married to a husband?

Well, it looks like she is not dating anyone at present. Also, there are no hints that suggest if she is married to a husband. Apparently, she is single and not dating a boyfriend at present.

Having said that, it is quite possible that she is simply keeping things secret. Well, we hope she opens up if she is actually dating a man in life.

Who Is Barbara’s, Ex-Boyfriend Pitbull?

Like we have stated earlier, Pitbull is a successful rapper. He made his debut as a rapper in 2001, where he was signed to Luther Campbell’s Luke Records. He released his first studio album in 2004, which was M.I.A.M.I. Soon after that, he came up with his second album El Mariel in 2006.

Well, it has now been over 2 decades since he began his singing career and has released dozens of albums. Some of his successful albums include  Armando, Planet Pit, Globalization, Dale, & others.

Besides songs and albums, he has also appeared in a few movies and TV series. Some of his successful roles include UglyDolls, When I Was 17, Shark Tank, Blood Money, and several others.

Social Media

Unlike most celebrities, Barbara is not on any social media platforms. Apparently, she does not enjoy being on socials and is rather more into real things. Also, it is quite possible that she avoids socials so as to keep her life away from the limelight.

She is very secretive and does not enjoy the attention.

How Much Is Barbara Alba’s Net Worth?

Well, Alba definitely lives a beautiful life and enjoys all the luxuries one can have. However, there are no details when it comes to her exact net worth. On the other hand, Pitbull reportedly has a net worth of over $100 million as of 2021.