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Ike Turner's daughter, Linda Trippeter

Is Linda Trippeter, Ike Turner’s Daughter? Her Personal & Professional Life

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Late musician, bandleader, songwriter, arranger, talent scout, and record producer, Ike Turner is famous for his pioneering rock and roll music and multiple marital relationships. From his multiple relationships, he has six children. And today we are going to talk about one of those children, Linda Trippeter.

Sources report Linda is the oldest daughter of Ike born from one of his early relationships. But Ike, himself denied that he was the biological father of Linda. No valid answers came even after the death of Ike.

So what’s the truth? Is Linda really the daughter of Ike Tuner? Know the answer to this along with other details regarding Linda Trippeter’s personal as well as professional life.

Is Linda The Biological Child Of Ike Turner?

Linda Trippeter (fully, Linda Turner Bullock) was born in 1949 in the United States. She was born to a mother Velma Davis, but when it comes to her father, things are a bit controversial and mysterious.

Linda Trippeter’s Parents Relationship

The year was 1948 and Linda’s supposed father, Ike had just come to town from Clarksdale. He secured a regular gig at the club and also a program on Yazoo City’s new radio station WAZF. There he met his second wife, Velma Dishman, at the Cotton Club.

Linda Trippeter's father, Ike Turner
Linda Trippeter’s father, Ike Turner. Source: Getty

Linda is believed to have been conceived during the relationship between Ike and Velma.

Though her mother claims that Ike is Linda’s biological father, he has denied the claims in his autobiography Takin’ Back My Name. In the book, he recalled how he met Velma (referring to her Thelma) and also said that she was already pregnant.

On the other hand, he, at the time, was still a teenager. He wrote he had met Thelma Dishman, who then he thought was a pretty girl. Ike added Thelma was pregnant, but not by him, yet he still liked her.

Although Ike denied Linda as his biological child, he later adopted her and reportedly cared for her as his own child.

Linda Trippeter Siblings

If we are to consider her relationship with Ike Turner, Linda could be said of having five half-siblings. The names are Mia Turner, Ike Turner Jr, Ronnie Turner, Michael Turner, & Twanna Turner Melby. Each of them was born through her late father’s multiple marriages.

By the same token, she was also related to Craig Turner who died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in July 2018.

Related To Grammy Winner?

If her mother’s claim stands correct in the days to come, then Linda comes from a great legacy. As mentioned, her alleged father, Ike Turner was a bandleader, songwriter, arranger, talent scout, and record producer.

He is best known for his work in the 1960s and 1970s with his then-wife and Ronnie’s mother, Tina Turner as the leader of the Ike & Tina Turner Revue.

Linda Trippeter's father, Ike Turner won 12 Grammys
Linda Trippeter’s father, Ike Turner won five Grammys. Source: Getty

Linda’s father was an important factor in the early careers of various blues musicians such as B.B. King, Howlin’ Wolf, and Bobby “Blue” Bland.

He won five Grammy Awards, including two competitive awards and three Grammy Hall of Fame Awards.

Some of his successful singles include You’re Drivin’ Me Insane, Love Is Scarce, Cuban Getaway, I’m Tore Up, among others. The popularity of his first studio album gave rise to numerous other albums like Rocks The Blues, Strange Fruit, Bad Dreams, Here and Now, among others.

Linda’s Father Death 

Linda’s dad died on December 12, 2007, and his funeral was held nine days later on December 21, at City of Refuge Church in Gardena, California.

As per the reports, his former wife Ann Thomas found him dead at his home in San Marcos, California. The San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office later ruled cocaine overdose as the reason behind his death.

Is Linda Trippeter Married

Sources have hardly cared about this supposed daughter of Ike Turner since her mother last alleged their relationship. Since then, Linda has been nothing but an oblivious subject.

All one could say is that she is now very well into her 70s. For what it’s worth, she could already be a grandmother by this age. Yet the information regarding her marriage, and her family is yet to be discussed.