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jason Schanne and bruno tonioli

Jason Schanne Age, Relationship, Net Worth: Truth About His Gay Rumors

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Jason Schanne is a popular partner famous for his association with the Italian millionaire Bruno Tonioli. The lovely pair is famous as an icon and role model for the LGBT community. 

Jason’s boyfriend Bruno is very much open about his personal and professional life. Yet, Jason has a shy personality and does not share much about the glamorous life of being a famous partner.

So, we are here to unveil the life of Jason Schanne. This article will talk about Jason and Bruno’s relationship, lifestyle, net worth, and many more.

Who is Jason Schanne?

Jason Schanne is one of those celebrities who want to enjoy their lives away from the public eye. Born in the early 1980s, Jason is an icon in the queer community. More than him, his boyfriend Bruno is a celebrated figurine in the industry.

Talking about Jason, Bruno’s partner has bottled up everything about his life. Growing up gay, Jason had to deal with constant talk and rumors which has made him a private person.

However, Bruno Tonioli updates about his love life every so often. He posted a photo on Instagram under the name @brunotonioliofficial.

Bruno is a very understanding boyfriend and gives Jason his space. He does not make Jason appear in the public eye at all. This is why the couple does not even attend awards or parties together.

So it is safe to say Bruno and Jason are a perfect and mature couple.

Jason Schanne Lifestyle & Net Worth

With Bruno’s amazing career, Jason is a trophy husband who enjoys his life in a mansion. According to a close source, Bruno owns multiple real estates and flats so that he can be close to his house and his work.

Firstly, Bruno has an impressive and luxurious home near Shirley in West Hollywood, Los Angeles. The £2.5million villa is where the famous judge hangs out when he’s not flying back and forth to London.

The Italian choreographer also published exclusive photos of his house in California.

Bruno and Jason's house
Bruno Tonioli and Jason Schanne’s house in Los Angeles, United States.

Other than that, Bruno owns several apartments in Europe as well as the United States because of his constant work pressure. With Bruno at work, Jason enjoys their home while waiting for his companion.

Bruno Tonioli’s net worth is estimated at $10 million as of 2019. Besides, he draws $30,000 per episode from the dancing shows Strictly Come Dancing.

He is also a respected judge in the hit reality show, Dancing with the Stars.

Jason Schanne Is Dating Bruno Tonioli: Are They Married?

The love story of Schanne and Tonioli is as secretive as the couple itself. But we do know that Jason is in a romantic relationship with his boyfriend Bruno Toniolo for almost 9 years, as of 2021.

But the couple did not meet and fall in love at once. Before Bruno met Jason, he was dating a regular guy named Paul. Other than that, Bruno did not date anyone for a long time. After Paul, Bruno found his home with Jason.

Some media speculate that the charming couple has already tied the knot. But they have neither confirmed nor denied these allegations.

As Bruno comes from a strict Catholic family in Italy, maybe he does not want to reveal his marital status. However, we know that the couple is here for the long haul.

Who Is Jason Schanne’s Partner Bruno Tonioli?

Bruno Tonioli was born on 25 November 1955 to a lovely Christian family in Italy. Presently, he works as a choreographer, ballroom and Latin dancer, and TV show judge.

Talking about Bruno’s career, his parents were not supportive of him at all. In fact, he was bullied for his sexuality back in his youth. Because of it, he speaks out openly to closeted LGBT members and supports them.

Likewise, Bruno is an animal lover as well. Jason and Bruno have adopted two dogs and enjoy their time together. Their dogs’ names are Rico and  Bruno who are both rescues.

Additional to his love for dogs, Bruno has a love for languages too. He is fluent in five languages: Italian, English, Portuguese, Spanish, and French.

So, Tonioli is a handy partner while traveling through Europe.

What is the couple doing at present?

At the present, Bruno and Jason are focusing on their own lives. With a reserved relationship, they have not made any public appearance or any media presence.

Currently, Bruno Tonioli is busy with his dance reality shows. However, he has exited from the hit show Strictly Come Dancing. 

Likewise, Bruno works closely with singers and movie stars and teaches them dancing. He has an upcoming reality show as well. So he is quite busy with his career at the moment.

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