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Jo Green is a theater administrator best known as the wife of a British actor, Hugh Laurie. Her spouse is widely recognized for portraying the character of Dr. Gregory in Fox medical drama series, House. Back in 2011, the actor also managed to enlist himself in Guinness World Record as the most paid actor on television and as the most watched leading man on TV.

Besides, the couple is now married for over three decades and is still enjoying a blissful marital relationship. So how did the beautiful couple meet? Do they share any kids together? Back in 1997, there were divorce rumors between Jo Green and Hugh Laurie so what had actually happened?

In this article, we will try to summarize all the queries regarding Hugh Laurie’s wife, Jo Green including her age, early life, professional career, net worth, and many more. In addition to this, we will also disclose if Green is also involved in the acting field just like her husband. What she does do for a living? Is she a housewife?

Jo Green’s Early Life And Birth Details

She was born on 1st January 1956 in London, United Kingdom. As per Green’s birth details, her birth sign is Capricorn. However, many details of her parents and siblings are still missing. Talking about her ethnicity, Jo belongs to a white ethnical background and holds an American nationality.

On the other hand, Jo’s husband, Hugh Laurie was born on June 11th, 1959 in Blackbird Leys, Oxfordshire, England. He is the youngest son of William George Ranald Mundell aka Ran Laurie and Nee Laidlaw. Talking about his ethnicity, he belongs to Scottish ancestry.

He attended Dragon School at the age of seven and completed his schooling at the age of thirteen. Hugh later graduated in archaeology and anthropology from Selwyn College, Cambridge.

Jo is three years older than Hugh Laurie

Jo Green is 66 years old as of 2022, while her husband is 63 years old.

Hugh Laurie and Jo Green Marriage: How did they first meet?

Despite being such a big star, Lurie’s dating with theater administrator remained unnoticed. Many details about how the couple crossed each other paths are still missing. However, sources claim that they came to know about each other through mutual friends somewhere in 1987/88. Eventually, the lovebirds started dating before Hugh became a luminary name in A Little Bit Of Fry And Laurie.

Jo Green
Hugh Laurie and Jo Green are together for over three decades.

As a result of their increasing love, Jo became pregnant and the couple welcomed their first son, Charles in 1988. Though the duo was not married at that time.

Famous Comedian Stephen Fry Was Best Man At Hugh Laurie and Jo Green’s Wedding

After the couple welcomed their son, Hugh Laurie tied the knot with his long-term wife Jo Green on June 16th, 1989 at the church in Oxford, England. At that time Hugh was 29 years old and his newly married partner, Jo was 33.

Steven Fry and Hugh laurie
Steven Fry was the best man at Hugh Laurie’s wedding

The wedding included many big names from Hollywood. Stephen Fry, who is one of Hugh’s closest friends and his comedy partner was the best man at a wedding and wished the newly married couple a better future.

How Many Kids Does The Couple Share?

As mentioned earlier, the couple welcomed their first child, Charles Archibald Laurie a year before they were married. Jo Green and Hugh Laurie welcomed their second child, Wiliam Albert Laurie in 1991, just after a couple of years of their marriage. The couple gave birth to their only daughter, Rebecca Augusta Laurie in 1993.

The eldest son, Charlie has already featured in a TV show titled, A Bit of Fry and Laurie, where he portrayed the character of a baby William. Likewise, Hugh’s daughter, Rebecca also played a role in the film Wit where she appeared as a five years old Vivian Bearing.

Laurie’s friend Stephen is the godfather of Jo and Hugh’s three kids.

Hugh Laurie’s Busy Schedule Brought Tension To His Marriage with Jo Green

Hugh’s work in the TV series, House in the role of Dr. Gregory had brought various misunderstandings between him and his wife, Jo. He moved to Los Angeles for filming the show, leaving his wife and three children in London. During this period, the actor and comedian would spend almost nine months every year away from his family.

The distance started to degrade the relationship between the couple and the show also led Hugh into depression. During an interview with Daily Mail back in 2010, Laurie said,

“I wouldn’t say that doing the series has made my marriage easier. Better? I don’t know about that either. Doing weekly TV is like joining the Navy and going on the other side of the world for ten months of the year.”

Hugh Laurie's wife, Jo Green
Hugh Laurie and Jo Green share three kids together.

Besides, Hugh wanted to take his family along with him to LA but was not able to due to the fact that his kids were young, and changing school might have impacted their later life. During the nine years of shooting the show, Hugh Laurie was in LA for nine months out of every 12 months.

Jo Green And Hugh Laurie’s Divorce Rumors: Are They Still Together?

Back in 1997, Hugh’s marriage was put to the test after his scandalous affair. While shooting a film, The Place Of Lion in Australia, Hugh, and director, Audrey Cooke became intimate. Later, when the news of the affair brushed and made huge headlines, Hugh said,

“I felt incredibly guilty about the way that my wife had to find out about it. for a moment, I thought that I’d lose everything I held dear to my heart.”

Later, Hugh admitted the mistake and asked his wife to forgive him. Subsequently, Jo Green’s generous nature forgave him but, the couple remained apart for a few years. Luckily they weren’t separated and are still enjoying their marital relationship.

Jo Green’s Career Highlights

Jo Green is a writer, and also a theater administrator by profession. Green has legally helped in a 2008 movie, The Oxford Murder. Back in 2012, she produced a short movie, Spirits, which was directed by herself.

In 2018 Green also worked as a production coordinator in National Theatre Live: Barber Shop Chronicles.

Is Jo active on Social Media Platforms?

Well, the answer to this is no, Jo green is not active on any of the social networking sites and even doesn’t makes a public appearance quite often.

On the other hand, Jo’s husband, Hugh is active on Twitter mostly. He has more than 1.5 million followers on Twitter.

How Rich Is Hugh Laurie’s Wife Jo Green?

Undoubtedly, Jo enjoys her life in quite a lavish manner as she belongs to high profile family. As of 2022, Jo Green has an estimated net worth of around $3 million. She has acquired a fortune from her direction and production career.

On the contrary, Jo’s partner, Hugh Laurie has a decent amount of earnings. Back in 200os, Hugh was also named as the highest earning actor as he used to earn $250,000 to $450,000 per episode. His estimated net worth is around $55 million as of 2022. Laurie has earned a fortune from his acting and writing career.