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Jon Bon Jovi’s Daughter Stephanie Rose Bongiovi- Her Struggle with Drug Addiction and More

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Stephanie Rose Bongiovi is famously known as the daughter of American singer and songwriter Jon Bon Jovi. Jon is best known as the founder and frontman of the rock band Bon Jovi. Besides that, Stephanie is notorious for her arrest over drug possession.

Despite being the daughter of the renowned music artist, Stephanie is rarely talked about the subject due to her absence in the media. Her parents have always tried to keep them away from the limelight ever since she was a kid. So, Bon Jovi’s fans have always been curious to know more about Stephanie. So, what is she doing currently? What about her love life?

Well, in today’s article, we will cover every aspect of Bongiovi’s life, including her early life, career, and more. Stay with us.

Stephanie Rose Bongiovi Birthday, Parents, and Age

Stephanie was born to John Francis Bongiovi Jr. and Dorothea Hurley on May 31, 1993, in New Jersey, United States. She is the first-born child of singer and songwriter Bon Jovi. While her father, Jovi is a singer, songwriter, and record producer, Stephanie’s mother is a restaurateur as well as a karate instructor.

Stephanie Rose Bongiovi with her rockstar father Jon Bon Jovi
Stephanie and her father Jon Bon Jovi

Talking about her grandparents, her paternal grandparents are John Francis Bongiovi Sr. and Carol Sharkey. Her grandpa is a former marine and a barber while her grandma is a former Playboy bunny and florist.

Talking about her education, Stephanie completed her graduation from The New School in Manhattan where she studied liberal arts degree. As per reports Stephanie graduated in 2017.

Has Three Younger Siblings

Stephanie Rose Bongiovi is not the only child born to John Bongiovi and Dorothea Hurley, but she also has three younger brothers. Her younger siblings are Jesse Bongiovi, Jacob Hurley Bongiovi, and Romeo Jon Bongiovi.

The oldest of her younger brother, Jesse was born on February 19, 1995, while Jacob was born on May 7, 2002. Similarly, Stephanie’s youngest brother, Romeo was born on March 29, 2004.

Stephanie with her brothers and parents
Bongiovi with her brothers and parents

Talking about their academics, Jesse graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Government. In 2018, a year after his graduation, Jesse founded Hampton Water Wine Company with his father John.

Similarly, Stephanie’s other brothers, Jacob and Romeo are attending their university education.

Stephanie Rose Bongiovi Parents Married Life

Bongiovi’s parents Jon Bon and Dorothea are the iconic celebrity couple. The pair has been together for over three decades and their relationship has only grown stronger. Well, the singer and his then-girlfriend Dorothea tied the knot secretly in Las Vegas in 1989. In fact, the couple was on a trip to Vegas when they decided to take their romance to the next level.

Stephanie’s parents are married for over 32 years and they are blessed with four children. So far, there has been no report of any conflict between the happily married couple.

Stephanie's parents Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea
Stephanie’s parents Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea are married for over three decades

Well, to talk about the starting of their relationship, they are high school sweethearts. They met when they attended the Sayreville War Memorial High School in New Jersey. Not long after their first meeting, the now husband-and-wife started dating and the rest is history.

Her Mother is a Karate Champion

Well, Stephanie’s mother is a well-known restaurateur, however, not many know that she is a karate expert and instructor as well. Dorothea is a 4th-degree black belt in karate. Besides, she also started working as a karate instructor in New Jersey.

Apart from that, Dorothea is a co-owner of a restaurant chain, JBJ Soul Kitchen.

Drug Addiction and Arrest – Stephanie Almost Died of Overdose

Stephanie got into drugs during her late teens. It’s not evident when she started consuming drugs, however, her addiction to drugs came to the media back in November 2012 when she had a near-fatal experience due to heroin overdose.

Rose, who was attending her first year at Hamilton College was found unconscious in her college dorm in Clinton, New York. Not only the public, but her father, Jon Bon also came to know about his daughter’s drug addiction for the first time after the incident.

Following the incident, singer Jon Bon told the Associated Press “You surround them with the best help and love and move on, and that’s where we’re at with it.” He further added,

“I’m shocked as much as the next parent with this situation and had no idea. Steph is a great kid. Great GPA. Cool school everything about it is idyllic. She was doing great, then a sudden and steep decline.”

Meanwhile, following the incident, police obtained more drugs, including marijuana and heroin in her room. Besides, Stephanie and her college friend Ian S Grant were arrested for possession of marijuana and usages of paraphernalia. Nevertheless, they both were released soon.

Relationship with Her Father

Stephanie is the firstborn child of the singing star, Jon Bon Jovi, and as obvious as it is Jon is very close to his daughter Steph. In fact, Jon wrote a special song for his daughter.

Well, he might have written many songs for Stephanie, but I Got the Girl was the one that caught attention. The song was also included in his album, Crush in 2000.

Meanwhile, years after Jon recorded the song, he performed the song with his daughter Stephanie on stage during his This house is Not for Sale tour to Las Vegas.

Stephanie Rose Bongiovi Career Involvement

As per the reports, Stephanie has been living a drug-free life after the near-death incident. Besides, shortly after that, she started working which helped her get out of the addiction soon. Immediately after the notorious incident, Rose worked at The Weinstein Company as an assistant. Likewise, she later worked as an intern at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart followed by Vice Media.

Stephanie Rose Bongiovi is also a model
Stephanie Rose Bongiovi on a beach

Meanwhile, Steph is also a model and she has modeled for a couple of modeling agencies so far. She famously worked for Nikki Lund’s White Trash Beautiful fashion show in London.

Is She Dating Anyone At Present? Who is Stephanie Rose Bongiovi’s Boyfriend?

In spite of being the daughter of renowned singer Jon Bon Jovi, Stephanie has been living a low-key life. She mostly remains under the media radar so there’s little to no information about her private life, including her boyfriend and relationships.

Besides, the star kid doesn’t make her public appearance with anyone who can be called her love interest. However, we presume she hasn’t remained single throughout her life as she is a young woman of 28 years. So, we believe she has been keeping her relationships away from the public.

We hope she talks about her love life and boyfriends someday openly in the near future.

Is Stephanie Bongiovi Engaged?

Though there are rumors that Stephanie is engaged but that’s completely untrue. In fact, there are no reported of her romantic relationships, let alone engagement.

That said, we would love to see her married to a man of her choice.