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Jovan Arriaga-The Untold Facts About Suzette Quintanilla’ Son

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Jovan Arriaga is recognized as the son of Mexican-American drummer Suzette Quintanilla. His mother gained popularity as the sister of the late Latin singer Selena Quintanilla. The singer Selena, unfortunately, was murdered by Yolanda Saldivar, the fan club president.

Similarly, Jovan’s mother has worked as an executive producer in the documentary show named Selena: The Series which is based on the story of Selena’s high-profile career to the tragic death.

Besides, there is a saying that Jovan’s smile often reminds them of his late aunt Selena. So, is Arriga really look like Selena? Well, let’s know every minor and major fact about her in the below content. In addition to this, know more about Jovan’s personal life including his age, girlfriend, Instagram, net worth, and more.

Take A Look At Jovan Arriaga’s Childhood- His Age!

Jovan Arriaga is 24 years old as of 2022. He was born on March 5, 1998, in Texas, Mexico. Jovan is only the son of Suzette Quintanilla (mother) and Bill Arriaga (father) and doesn’t share any other siblings.

Similarly, Arriaga is the grandchild of Marcella Samora and Abraham Quintanilla. Like Jovan’s mother Suzette, his grandfather Abraham also has an established name as a singer, lyricist, musician, and record producer.

He has a mixed racial background and is Mexican-American by nationality. Further, Jovan’s dad posted an image on Instagram of them which was from around 24 years ago. He captioned the photo, “Love u pops!”

Jovan Arriaga and his dad Bill Arriaga
Jovan with his dad (the photo of them from 24 years ago)

Besides, talking about his educational qualification, the star kid has already completed high school in his hometown. Later, Arriaga went to the University of Texas and earned a degree with honors in 2017.

Jovan Arriaga Looks Like His Aunt Selena

Many out there have raised the question, “is Jovan Arriaga looks like Selena?” Well, to clear all the doubt, the face doesn’t look alike but once his mother mentioned that her son’s smile often reminds her of the late singer Selena.

It was in a 2014 Facebook post that Suzette mentioned,

“My king who I would move mountains for…Who carried my sister’s smile and whom has the best hugs!!!! Just love him soooo.”

What Does Jovan Arriaga Do For a Living? His Professional Life

The 24-year-old Jovan has lived quite a private life so it is hard to tell what’s going on in his life at present. Although Jovan was born to celebrity parents, his identity has been kept far away from the prying eyes of the public.

Likewise, the same could be said when it comes to his professional life. However, there are some suggestions from the online tabloids that Suzette Quintanilla’s son used to play baseball back in high school. But, there isn’t any confirmation He would be pursuing his passion in the upcoming future.

Is Jovan Arriaga Dating Anyone? Who Is His Girlfriend?

Jovan Arriaga is been in a beautiful relationship with his girlfriend Mallory Smith. She is a 2nd-grade teacher at the School of Science and Technology-Corpus Christi High. Likewise, Smith is a graduate student at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.

The couple officially announced their relationship on their social media handles back in 2019. Reportedly, Smith was the one to share their first photo by uploading a picture on her Insta, showing her boyfriend’s baseball glove. Her caption reads, “I was quite the catch.”

Jovan Arriaga with his partner Mallory Smith
Jovan and his girlfriend Mallory started dating in early 2019

Adorable pair!

Did He Turn His Girlfriend Mallory Smith Into His Wife?

While Jovan and his bae Mallory looked pretty much into with each other, Arriaga’s partner used to share lots of pictures. But, as of 2022, both of them have kept their social media account private. So, it isn’t confirmed whether they walked down the aisle.

According to his girlfriend Mallory’s Instagram, her bio reads “cctx • second grade teacher • mama ☻” So, it is safe to say, the couple is already parent of their kid. But, they are too silent about their wedding.

If Mallory is Jovan’s wife, we wish that their marital relationship will last long.

Little Inside In Jovan’s Parents’ Relationship: Are They Still Together?

Jovan’s parents i.e Bill and his wife Suzette exchanged their vows in 1993 in a very private ceremony. Prior to their marriage, reportedly, Suzette and Bill dated for some years.

Jovan Arriaga's parents has stayed in a marital relationship for almost 3 decades
Jovan’s mom Suzette and dad Bill celebrating their 29th Anniversary

Since their nuptial, the beautiful duo is leading a blissful marital relationship. And as of 2022, Jovan’s parents have been together for over a couple of decades. Their low presence in media outlets and on social media platforms might be the reason their relationship lasted till now.

Jovan Arriaga’s Aunt Selena’s Boutiques Manager Yolanda Saldivar Killed Her At A Hotel

Yolanda Saldivar was a nurse and in early 1994, Saldivar was appointed as a manager of Selena’s boutiques. Some years after, many of Selena’s staff members discovered Yolanda would be a danger to Selena. Not only that but her dad Quintanilla Jr. also found that Saldivar might not be a good influence.

Similarly, in Jan 1995, Quintanilla Jr. caught Saldivar embezzling more than $30k of the people who paid for the membership in the Selena fan club. The murderer also had the authority over Selena’s financial records necessary for tax preparation, bank records, and statements.

Jovan Arriaga's aunt Selena was murdered
Jovan’s Mega-famous aunt Selena Quintanilla

A few days before Selena’s death, Yolanda delayed in handing all the band statements and financial records saying she had been sexually assaulted in Mexico. Selena even went with Yolanda for a brief physical examination. The same day, Selena went to meet Saldivar at the Days Inn in her motel room and asked for the financial reports.

At 11:48 a.m, Yolanda took a gun out of her purse and pointed it at Selena. While the singer was trying to flee, she shot her in the right lower shoulder causing a severe loss of blood, and severing the subclavian artery. At 12:00 p.m, she was declared clinically brain dead at the Corpus Christi Memorial Hospital.

His Mother Suzette Stopped Playing Drums At Selena y Los Dinos After The Death Of His Singer Sister

As we all know, Suzette was a band member of Selena y Los Dinos along with her sister Selena and their father Abraham. She was a drummer for the band but didn’t raise her drumsticks for the band after the death of her sister at the age of 23.

Jovan Arriaga couldn't see his aunt even in his birth
Jovan’s mom and aunt together

Since then, she has been working to preserve her sister Selena’s legacy and even helps manage The Selena Museum in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Jovan Arriaga’s Net Worth

As we already said, Suzette Quintanilla’s son Jovan Arriaga is a very private person and his net worth is still under the radar. But, sources suggest Arriaga is currently working as a hydraulic Civil Engineer. So, the star kid might be making good wealth from that.

Besides, his mother Suzette is estimated to have a fortune of $1.5 million. Now, talking about his late aunt Selena’s net worth, the late singer had earnings of $5 million before her death.

Arriaga Is Active On Instagram

Jovan Arriaga is active on Instagram under the name @jovanarriaga. He has over 16k followers as of 2022. And, unfortunately, Arriaga has kept his Instagram account private.