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Juana Ahumada-Inside The Life of Pedro Rivera’s Wife and Their Marriage

Juana Ahumada is the wife of Mexican singer and actor, Pedro Rivera. Pedro is a renowned name in the Mexican music genre. His most notable work includes El Inocente, The Sheltering Sky, Escape Sangriento, and several others.

At the time when Juana and Pedro started their relationship, Pedro was already a married man. He was married to his first wife Rosa Saavedra. Is Juana the reason for Pedro’s divorce from his first wife? How did they meet?

Well, in the article below, we will try to explore everything about Pedro Rivera’s second wife Juana Ahumada including facts about her birth details, kids, net worth, and many more!

Early life: How old is Juana Ahumada?

Ahumada was born on 7th August 1980 in America. She is 41 years old by 2022. Since she became the wife of a well-renowned personality, many people are curious about her personal life. Unfortunately, the details about her parents and her early life are yet to be exposed to the public.

Juana Ahumada
Pedro Rivera’s wife Juana Ahumada

On the other hand, her husband Pedro Rivera was born on 23rd February 1943 in La Barca, Mexico, and is 79-year-old in 2022.


Juana attended her high school at Mexican Public School. Later, she completed her graduation from the University of Unity in Mexico.

Juana Ahumada Was The Personal Assistant of Pedro Rivera

Juana’s professional career doesn’t seem to be as big as her husband who is recognized widely as a musician. So, the reason for her popularity is not her career rather she rose to fame because of her husband, Pedro Rivera.

As per many sources, Ahumada has served as the superintendent of the school district of Lancaster. She is also the Pennsylvania Secretary of Education nominated by Pennsylvania’s governor, Tom Wolf. In the meantime, many people only know her as the personal assistant of Pedro Rivera.

In fact, Pedro Rivera’s wife, Juana Ahumada had worked as his assistant for almost 8 years before they tied their knot. And, she still works as her husband’s personal secretary.

When did Juana Ahumada and Pedro Rivera Get Married? Their Longtime Marriage

The couple tied their knot in a private ceremony in 2009. The wedding took place in Huntington Park, California. Even his kids didn’t know about their father’s marriage. In September when Pedro finally decided to disclose his newly married wife while appearing on the Un Nuevo Día Program, people only came to know about their big day.

Juana Ahumada with her husband
Juana Ahumada with her husband Pedro Rivera

After that, many people criticized him for marrying her PA, who is much younger than him. Regardless of all that, their marriage is going well without any disputation or any separation rumors to date.

As mentioned above, Juana Ahumada was the assistant of Pedro Rivera. Thus, it can be assumed they first met while they were working together.

What About Juana Ahumada’s Previous Relationship?

As we know Juana rose to fame only after tying the knot with Pedro. So, details about her past affairs and dating history are yet to be revealed. So, it is safe to say, Juana wasn’t married to anyone before Pedro.

On the other hand, Juana’s partner Pedro was in a marital relationship with Rosa Saavedra. The former duo exchange their vow in 1963. After marrying, the couple moved to Long Beach, California, and stayed there. The former partner was together for almost four decades. However, the relationship came to an end in 2008.

Pedro Rivera's first wife
Pedro Rivera with her former wife Rosa Saavedra

As we mentioned above, Pedro began dating Juana when the artist was already in a marital relationship with his first spouse. And many online sources reported that Juana was the real cause of Pedro’s divorce from her long-time wife, Rosa.

Juana Ahumada’s Husband is a Famous Name in Mexican Music Genre

If you are a fan of Mexican music then probably the name, Pedro Rivera pops up in your mind. He is a composer and a professional actor. Rivera is mostly known for his acting roles in Escape Sangriento (1985), El Vengador Del Mojado (2016), Narcos Y Perros (2001), Las nieves de enero (1995), and many more.

Besides, his most notable singing works include El Fiscal De Hierro, El Inocente, The Sheltering Sky, Entre Amigos, and several more.

Juana Ahumada's husband
Juana Ahumada’s husband, Pedro Rivera

Talking about his early life, Pedro was born in Mexico but later moved to America at a young age in search of work. In no time, he got high recognition and settled there for the rest of his life.

At present, Pedro also has a Youtube channel named, Pedro Rivera which he joined on Mar 13, 2017, and has around 89.2k subscribers.

Ahumada is the Step-Mother of Pedro’s Six Children

From Pedro’s marriage to Rosa, the artist has six kids, two daughters and four sons. His daughters are Rosie Rivera and the late singer Jenni Rivera. And his four sons include Juan Rivera, Pedro Rivera Jr., Lupillo Rivera, and Gustavo Rivera.

Juana is a loving and caring stepmother of Pedro’s kids and they have a great mutual bonding. Apart from this, Juana is also the grandmother of 14 grandchildren. Although the details about her all 14 grandchildren are yet to be public, we do know that she is the grandmother of late Jenni’s children, Michael Marin, Chiquis Rivera, Johnny Lopez, Jacqie Campos, and Jenica Lopez.

Is Juana Active on Social Media Platforms?

Well, the answer to this is no. Even after marrying a famous personality, she seems to be happy to live her life away from any media coverage and is not active on any of her social media handles.

On the other hand, Juana’s husband, Pedro Rivera is a camera person and is active on social media handles. He has around 379k followers on Instagram and 63.8k followers on Twitter.

But, even after being active on Insta where Pedro has more than ten thousand posts, he hasn’t posted much more about his wife, Juana Ahumada.

Ahumada’s Net Worth

However, Pedro Rivera’s wife Juana hasn’t revealed the exact amount of her net worth. Talking about her husband Pedro’s net worth, it is around $4 million. The actor acquired a fortune from his music and acting career.