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Isabella Chambers

Justin Chambers’ Eldest Daughter, Isabella Chambers? Things You Should Know

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Isabella Chambers is the first child of Justin Chambers who is known for his role of Dr. Alex Karev in ABC hit medical drama, Grey’s Anatomy.

The oldest child of Chambers couple is now midway through her 20s yet the sources have struggled to find even the littlest piece of details about her.

Down here, we will discuss why there’s utmost secrecy around Isabella Chambers. Along with the writings, we will also unravel the tiniest specifics about Isabella’s personal and professional sides.

Isabella Chambers’ Early Life

Isabella was born in December 1994. As of 2021, the first daughter of Justin and Keisha is 26 years old. Considering Justin’s lineage, she is presumably of English descent.

Isabella (right) Chambers in 2015
Isabella (right) Chambers in 2015. Source: Twitter

On the other hand, it’s quite apparent that Isabella is of African American heritage from her mother’s side.

Justin once revealed Isabella is into plays. Back in May 2015, the dad, through his Twitter, sharing a picture of himself, Isabella, and TR Knight (also his co-actor from Grey’s Anatomy), wrote,

“Look! It’s My buddy @TR_Knight & my oldest daughter, Isabella, on Broadway at his play@ItsOnlyAPlay#GeorgeOmalley.”

That turned out to be the last time, Justin has ever talked about Isabella. Except for later that same year, the father-daughter duo, together, attended ‘MaxMara & Allure Celebrate ABC’s #TGIT’ at MaxMara on November 14, 2015, in Beverly Hills, California. Isabella or Justin, however, didn’t interact much with the paparazzi or sat for any interviews at all.

And while Isabella holds an Instagram account, the recent most information regarding her personal life is of deep secrecy, owing to her handle being exclusive to few people.

Isabella Chambers’ Parents

Isabella’s celebrity father, Justin, and her lesser-known mother, Keisha have been married for over two decades. Her parents married in 1993. Justin and Keisha first met when the former was modeling for Calvin Klein and the latter was working as an agency booker for the same firm.

Keisha Chambers with her husband, Justin Chambers
Isabella’s Chambers parents Keisha Chambers and Justin Chambers. Source: Getty

Isabella’s folks have gone through so much together that her father thinks he doesn’t know any other way to be. The couple was together when each of their grandparents was alive. Justin believes he is lucky to have Isabella’s mother as his life partner for this long.

Isabella’s Siblings

As mentioned, Isabella is the eldest of Justin and Keisha’s five children. Her siblings include twins Maya and Kaila, 23, Eva, 21, and Jackson, 19.

With Good House Keeping, the father said he and his wife didn’t intend on having such a big family, but after Isabella’s birth, they had twins, and that “sort of jumped from one to three right away.”

Isabella's sister, Kaila Chambers
Isabella’s sister, Kaila Chambers. Source: Instagram

One of her younger sisters, Kaila is a Film Technician and Programmer at Film Makers Corporation in New York.

Her other younger sister, Eva is a musician in an up-and-coming band, Pinky Pinky The Band. She plays bass alongside two other members. The trio released their debut album, Turkey Dinner, in June 2019.

Eva’s band name is an amalgamation of “California three-piece” with a “hard-pounding sound and DIY attitude.”

Does She Have A Boyfriend?

Unlike her father, Isabella has managed to keep herself out of public radar. The level of secrecy couldn’t get any tougher around her personal affairs or even her professional aspects. While the father, Justin has shared a few or two pictures of Isabella along with her other siblings, he is yet to spill the beans about their affairs, in detail.

Now in her mid-20s, it would be a far-fetched idea to propose Isabella hasn’t had a romantic partner to date.

As to answer the question, whether, Isabella is seeing anyone?

Well, given the stealth life she’s been living, it’s up to anyone’s guess.

Isabella And Her Siblings Loves Dogs

Isabella and her juniors are huge fans of dogs.

Just Jared reports the family of seven was noted adopting a dog from a pet adoption stand back in 2007. Her family loves pooches to an extent that they sometimes get into an argument over who would walk the pup home.

Additionally, Isabella’s father is an advocate for dog rescuing. With Jared, he said,

“I strongly believe people should rescue dogs.”

In 2016, Isabella and the rest of her family extended their canine squad by adopting three more homeless dogs.