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Kalea Marie Cephus: Truth About Offset’s Daughter

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Kalea Marie Cephus is the eldest daughter of rapper Offset with his ex-girlfriend Shya L’Amour. Her father is famous for being one of the trio of hip-hop gang Migos. Likewise, her mom is also a famous rapper who has given hits such as Paper Baby, Looking a Pickle, Hold it Down, and so forth.

Kalea’s parent’s relationship was a literal drama with many ups and downs. The chaos lasted for years while dissing each other, leaking chats, and personal threats. Some controversies were even taken over the court with Offset choosing to ignore Kalea and her presence.

However, as time passed, both the parents have come to a middle ground for the sake of Kalea Marie Cephus. So, know how the chaos unfolded and ended alongside some of the unknown details of Kalea. Also, find out more about Kalea’s relationship with her parents and Cardi B, her siblings, age, and many more.

Let’s jump straight into today’s article to know more about Offset’s first daughter.

Who Is Offset’s Daughter Kalea Marie Cephus? Her Birthday And Age

Kalea Marie Cephus is the daughter of Offset aka Kiari Kendrell Cephus and Shya L’Amour aka Nicole Marie Algarin. She was born in 2015 in Atlanta Georgia. Marie celebrates her birthday on 23rd March every year. She turned 7-yrs-old as of March 2022.

Offset's daughter Kalea Marie Cephu
Kalea Marie Cephus
Source: Instagram

Additionally, going to her ethnicity, she is an African-American. Furthermore, her mother is Puerto Rican, so she has Spanish-American ancestry. Also, she is a citizen of America holding US citizenship.

Both of Kalea’s Parents Are Rapper

As mentioned earlier, Kalea was born to her rapper parents. Her father Offset is a well-known rapper who is a member of the Migos group. The group was formed with three members including Offset and his two cousins Quavo and Takeoff. Although the group existed since its establishment in 2008, its popularity skyrocketed after the release of its 2013 single “Versace.” With the release of their track “Bad and Boujee” in 2017, Kalea’s dad became a viral sensation.

In the same way, Kalea’s mother, Shya Lamour is also a rapper based in Florida. She pursued her career as a rapper in 2011. Her first official release was Lil Momma Bad. However, she got her breakthrough after remixing Nicki Minaj’s Barbie Dream. The rapper gained more popularity after releasing her single Paper Baby in 2017.

Apart from her rapping career, Kalea’s mom even has her own clothing line called PrettyNPaid.

Kalea Marie Cephus’ Parents’ Relationship

Kalea’s parents started dating sometime in 2014. At the time, her father was in a relationship with Oriel Jamie, mother of her half-sibling King Kody Cephus. However, Kalea’s mother’s presence and pregnancy were kept a little secret so as to maintain Offset’s relationship with Oriel until Kalea’s mother Shya decided to speak up.

Kalea Marie Cephus Mother
Kalea Marie Cephus is the daughter of Offset and Shya L’Amour
Source: TheNetLine

In an Instagram post, she wrote:

 “I stayed silent nine months of my pregnancy and the first year of her life. But I has to speak up for myself cuz I’ll be damned if my daughter see or hear this in the future and think I was just out here living a thot life and didn’t know who my bd was! You CHOSE not to see bout her. You CHOSE to remain ignorant!!”

Her parent’s relationship was short-lived and moreover full of hurdles and controversies.

Her Parents’ Bitter Parental Dispute

Over the years, Kalea’s parents were engaged with the court for parental rights, and the battle got lengthed over the years. Kalea was born as Kalea Marie Algarin having to adopt her mom Nicole’s surname. However, during the ongoing battle for paternity where Shya demanded increased child support, Offset too requested the court that his daughter has his last name.

As per DailyMail, he additionally requested his daughter’s joint legal and physical custody. As Kalea’s mom accused him of not supporting her financially, the 100 Racks singer argued that he was paying enough for the support. He also claimed that both the parents should equally be financially supportive of their daughter Kalea.

Offset and Shya’s on-off relationship

Throughout the year, Kalea’s mom and dad had an on-off relationship. They loved and argued as the process went on. After not having accepted Kalea’s presence for a year, Offset took the responsibility only after the court dispute was over and a DNA test was done.

After allegedly breaking up, the two were on the bad terms. However, according to Aceshowbiz, as Cardi B filed for divorce, Offset went back to his former lover Shya and daughter Kalea. Furthermore, on getting back together, Kalea’s mom Nicole even posted a cryptic message on Instagram.

She went further to write:

“And then, without you even realizing it, these pieces come back. New love enters. Better friends come along. And a stronger, wiser you is staring back in the mirror.”

Not long after, Cardi and Offset canceled the divorce and got back together leaving Shya behind.

Offset Begged For Sex With Kalea’s Mother Shya

After having enough of the on and off’s, Shya couldn’t stay silent as the “Father of 4″ rapper was asking Nicole for sex. Furthermore, Offset reportedly cut off the financial support for Kalea as Shya refused to be engaged in a physical relationship.

As the messages were leaked by Shya to Onsite, it was further revealed that at the time Cardi B was pregnant with Offset’s baby Kulture.


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Offset Was Doubtful if Kalea Was Indeed His Daughter

As the pregnancy of Kalea’s mom was kept a secret, Offset himself too had doubts if he was the father of Kalea. That suspicion led him to miss out on his daughter’s first few years.

Upon finding out that Shya was pregnant with Kalea, Offset blocked her number. She was so upset that she even offered the DNA tests not knowing that Offset had blocked her because he was with his other woman Jamie.

Kalea Marie Cephus and Kulture
Kalea Marie Cephus with her elder sister Ta’Lasia
Via Shya’s Facebook

Eventually, the DNA test was performed and Kalea was indeed Offset’s daughter. For this, Offset felt guilty. He even mentioned it in his song “Father of 4” saying:

Kalia, you my first, first daughter
I missed the first years of your life, I’m sorry
Tell the truth, I ain’t really know if I was your father
Tell the truth, I really don’t even know your mama

At the present time, the father-daughter has bonded well and Offset is very fond of his eldest daughter. He often posts about her on his Instagram too.

Kalea’s Mom Shya And Stepmom Cardi B Are Now on Good Terms

After going through frequent dissing and threatening each other, Cardi and Shya have now found common grounds to be on good terms. A Youtube video was released by TMZ in 2019 on the behalf of Shya L’amour regarding the two’s reconciliation.

In the video, Shya mentioned that Cardi has helped Offset become a better man after they were together. She further added that being with Cardis has helped him to grow tremendously as a man and father.

Furthermore, Shya also apologized for her early behaviors and revealed that she adores Kalea and Offsets other children.

“I could see her heart and she has a really good heart”

Well as they say communication is the key, the talk has sorted out things between Cardi and Shya.

Offset Has Every Child’s Name Tattooed Except Kalea’s

Offset gained Internet popularity, even more, when he flaunted his daughter Kulture’s name tattoo on his jawline. Apparently, Offset has his every kid’s name tattooed on some part of his body.

However, it was reported that the tattoo list doesn’t include Kalea’s name. Kalea’s mother called out Offset through a video that she wasn’t treated the same way other kids would. Reportedly, Lamour even called out some inaudible words in reaction to Offset not having Kalea’s name tattooed.

Despite not having her name tattooed, Offset absolutely adores his little girl.

Kalea Marie Cephus’ Siblings

Kalea, in total, has five siblings. All of them are from her parent’s past relationships. Her siblings include one half elder sister, two elder half brothers, one younger half-sister, & one younger half brother.

Jordan, Kody and Kulture Cephus
Kalea Marie Cephus with her siblings King Kody, Jordan, and Kulture Cephus alongside their father Offset
Source: ABTC

Her elder sister is Ta’Lasia from her mom Shya’s past relationship. However, not much is revealed about who is her father. Likewise, her other half-siblings are through her father’s previous and current dating partners. Her eldest brother Jordan Cephus is from Justin Waston. Meanwhile, her 20days elder older brother King Kody Ceohus is from Oriel Jamie.

Moreover, her remaining half-siblings are from her father’s recent marriage to Cardi B. Her younger half-sister is Kulture Kiari Cephus. While her younger half-brother’s name is yet to be revealed by his parents.