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Kalecia Williams-Who is Her Killer? Her Death, Parents, Funeral

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Kalecia Williams was a famous 16 years old Tiktoker who was shot down while filming for a TikTok video. The horrifying incident took place while the late social media star was making TikTok reels in downtown Atlanta at Hyatt Regency, the day after Christmas at around 12 at night. There are many stories and speculation about the reason for her death.

The mysterious relationship between her and the person who killed her is also something to watch out for. In fact, Kalecia was at the place where the TikTok star wasn’t supposed to be. So, there arise many questions regarding Williams’ murder. Who is the killer of Kalecia Williams? The murderer was sentenced to prison for only a year following her death.

In fact, Kalecia Williams’s parents aren’t satisfied with the investigation and are still fighting for their daughter’s justice. In this article, we will explore various facts regarding her parents, what was the reason for her murder, and several more!

Who are Kalecia Williams’s Parents? Birth Details

Kalecia Williams was born in 2004 in the United States Of America. The exact date of her birth is still under the radar. Talking about her parents, Williams who aged 16 years old at the time of her demise is the daughter of April Smith and the stepdaughter of Ronney Savoy. She was often called Pinky by her parents. Besides, she belonged to African-American ethnic background and had an American nationality.

Talking about her educational qualification, at the time of her murder, she was at South Atlanta High School. However, some websites also suggested that she was a Crawford W Long Middle School student.

Death: Kalecia Williams Could Not Survive The Gun Shot

It was approximately 12:02 am when she kept her phone in front of her for making a TikTok video. She then started making dance moves for her TikTok account which goes by @Kaleciawilliams1. In the middle of the video, we can see that someone entered her room. She then stopped recording. However, it is still unknown what happened next. After around 15-20 minutes of the incident, Kalecia William died.

Kalecia Williams death
Kalecia Williams, an Ex-South Atlanta High School student died at age of 16 at Hyatt Regency Hotel.

The Atlanta police reached the crime spot and found Kalecia Williams’s body lying in the hotel lobby wounded. She was then immediately referred to a nearby hospital but it was already too late. When she reached the hospital, the doctor claimed that there was no sign of Williams breathing and the doctors reported her death at 12:23am on December 26, 2020.

Kalecia’s Parents Were Unknown About Their Daughter’s Death

William’s parents complained that they weren’t informed about their daughter’s death until 8 hours after the incident. According to her parents, they had called her several times but she didn’t answer their call. Later, one of Kalecia’s friends, Chaperone informed April and Savoy about their daughter’s demise and Williams’s parents expressed their anger towards Chaperone and even stated that he should have taken care of her and should have been responsible for her.

Furthermore, Infinity who was a close friend of Kalecia Williams spoke to her parents personally and tried to explain what had happened that night. He also said Williams screamed for some time before she went unconscious. No proofs or eyewitnesses have been found so far.

Williams Was Supposed To Be At An Airbnb That Night

Even to the date, no one can clearly state if the murder was pre-planned or it was just an immediate reaction. That night she was supposed to be on Airbnb, what was she doing at Hyatt Regency Atlanta Hotel instead of being on an Airbnb.

Well, as we mentioned earlier the name of Williams’s friend is Chaperone who was the one who took her to the hotel. He booked a room for her that night. As stated by Chaperone, he said that Kalecia reached the party venue at around 8/9 when no one was there. In fact, she reached earlier and the party was not started yet.

After the party was over, along with some other friends, the chaperone took Kalecia to the Hyatt Regency Atlanta Hotel instead of an Airbnb. The actual reason behind why he took her to the place where she wasn’t supported to be is the biggest question. If he had brought the room for Williams, then why he didn’t inform her parents about this. However, many questions are still unanswered.

Williams Neighbor Heard The Gunshot

Although there was no eyewitness to the incident, many of her neighbors claimed that they had heard the sound of a gunshot at the hotel. One of those is a woman from South Carolina who happened to be at the same hotel that night when the incident took place and revealed that she saw what had happened the moment after she heard the gunshot.

According to her, she saw two of the boys who were carrying Kalecia’s body to the hotel lobby. One of them had one leg of William and another had the other. The guys said to her that she was shot and asked for help.

The women also made a video of them and in that video, the TikTok was full of blood, which goes the exact opposite as stated in the official reports as it claimed Kalecia had less blood at that time. So, this is also another mysterious tale regarding Kalecia Williams’s death.

Kalecia Williams’ Murderer Was A Juvenile: Sentenced For Only A Year In Prison

After the incident took place, Atlanta police reported that Kalecia William’s killer was a teenage boy. As per the reports provided by the police, they tracked down the boy from the crime scene and were arrested immediately in no time. The reportedly killer was not only for the murder of Kalecia Williams but also for sexual harassment, reckless conduct, and underage possession of a weapon.

However, because the killer was a minor, police could not disclose his name and identity to the public. After a few days of his custody and interrogation, the Atlanta police transferred him to the Metro Regional Youth Detention Center.

After investigation, the officer find out that the boy was also present at the party Kalecia attended that night. He and Williams had an argument at the party venue for some unknown reason. In fact, some of the tabloids claimed the boy who shot Kalecia Williams was a boy named, Karie Brown. Reportedly, Brown and William had a noisy argument before he shot her to death.

Kalecia stayed at Hotel Regency last tiime
Kalecia Williams was killed in one of the hotel rooms of the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Atlanta Georgia.

Whatever the case may be, the killer only served a year behind the bars. As the cold-blooded killer was a minor and was under juvenile detention, he had to spend just a year in prison and is moving freely outside since then. However, Kalecia Williams’s parents said it isn’t enough and they want a proper investigation of her daughter’s murder. The petition of 500 signatures is still at asking for Pinky’s justice.

Kalecia Williams Obituary And Funeral

Williams’s viewing took place on Friday 1, January 2021 at the RW Andrews Mortuary from around 11 am to 6 pm. The funeral of William was conducted by their parents the next day after her death. The process was held at the Life Changing Work of Faith Church, Washington road.

William was flowered and her Homegoing Services were held at the same place at around 2 pm on Saturday. The remaining were penetrated at Forrest Hills Cemetery.