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Caziah Franklin

Kirk Franklin’s Youngest Child Caziah Franklin? Things You Should Know

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Caziah Franklin is the youngest child of American gospel icon, Kirk Franklin and his wife Tammy Franklin. Its been a few years since the multiple-time Grammy winner’s son Caziah started following in his father’s footsteps. Starting as a teenager, Caz has established himself as a promising local musician, away from his dad’s spotlight.

Individually, he is an independent musician, songwriter, and producer who specializes in Exaltation from Artistry. But does the son of an urban contemporary artist have his own story to tell; career or otherwise. How much has he made a name for himself?

Also considering his age, what’s his take on romanticism and finding a love interest. Know all these along with all the other dynamics that define his relationship with his father, sisters, and the rest of his family members in the content that is to follow.

Caziah Franklin Relation With His Father, Kirk Franklin, And Mother, Tammy Franklin  

Caziah’s pop needs no introduction while, on the contrary, what many people don’t know is that his mother was also in an R&B group in her early twenties. Accordingly, the 20-year-old credits his genes for his interest in music.

He also thanks to his parents for making him believe in faith from an early age. Kirk and Tammy’s son admits there was that untold pressure on him due to his father’s legacy.

“These were the thoughts I had on a daily basis, and although I knew that they were lies from the enemy, I believed them,” said the young adult in an interview with Voyage Dallas in May 2019.

Caziah Franklin
Caziah Franklin is the biological son of Kirk Franklin and Tammy Franklin. Source: Instagram

Back in June 2018, Kirk through his Insta revealed his sister, also Caz’s aunt had received 30 years in prison. While the choir director didn’t tell the rest of the story, he, though, wrote,

“My sister was just sentenced to 30 years in prison. I now feel the weight of wondering if I could’ve done more.”

Although not confirmed, reports say that she was convicted for her involvement in drug trafficking. His stepbrother, Kerrion who had a rough moment with his father back in March 2021, is an author, producer, and cinematographer.

He also happens to be in music and runs his own video-making company, Vimeo. Carrington, Caziah’s step-sister lives with her husband, Maxx Nakwaasah in Dallas and works in branding and marketing. His older sister, Kennedy was a member of the Baylor University co-ed cheerleading team. She also influences her fans with fitness and fashion talks.

Caziah Franklin Education And Music

The native of Fortworth, Texas, Caziah Franklin studies at Belmont University, a private school in Nashville, Texas. The graduate of Oakridge High School explained it was his dream since the seventh grade to study at Belmont.

Caziah Franklin
Caziah Franklin studies at Belmont University, Tennessee. Source: Instagram

His socials tell he is an avid drummer as well as a guitarist. Something that he has admitted himself back in 2018 with a YouTuber named, Abigail Nelson. Fact: Caziah started to play drums at the age of three. He explains his go-to genre is a mixture of jazz, R&B, indie rock, and neo-soul.

Does Caziah Franklin Have A Girlfriend?

The jazz lover is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend, Alena Pitts. The teenager is an actress, author, and vocalist. She marked her professional acting debut with The Kendrick Brothers’ movie, War Room. The movie which cast her in the role of Danielle Jordan was a box office hit in 2015, the sixth highest-grossing Christian film in box office history. She is also the co-author of three-book fictional series titled, Lena In The Spotlight (Zonderkids, 2017),  and The Daniel Sister Series.

Caziah Franklin
Caziah Franklin is allegedly in a relationship with Alena Pitts. Source: Insatgram

Caz and Pitts are yet to share a detailed narration on their feelings towards each other. In fact, it wasn’t until June 2021, when the pair chose to present the other on their respective Insta handles. Pitts uploaded a picture of herself posing by the side of Kirk’s youngest child somewhere in West Monroe, Louisiana. Subsequently, the imaging came with a caption, “him,” and a white heart emoji.

Caziah Franklin's girlfriend, Alena Pitts
Caziah Franklin’s girlfriend, Alena Pitts. Source: Instagram

In the same month, the supposed boyfriend also shared a picture of himself and his girl, with both of them sitting on a hammock on the banks of Percy Priest Lake, Tennessee. The young couple is yet to share when they had started dating.

Though, if rumors are to believe, they had first sparked off romance during their mission to Haiti.