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Kiya Winston-More Into The Life Of Mike Tomlin’s Wife

Kiya Winston is a fashion designer who began sowing interest in clothing from her early years. Besides, Kiya is also recognized as the wife of American coach, Mike Tomlin (aka Michael Pettaway Tomlin). Her husband Mike is the head coach of the team Pittsburgh Steelers at present. Prior to Pittsburg, Mike also worked for several teams as a coach including VMI, Memphis, Arkansas State, and more.

Besides their professional life, Kiya and her husband Mike are now married for over a couple of decades and are also proud parents of three kids. Then, are the family of five doing well? Or having problems in their family relationship? To know more about Kiya’s personal life, especially her parenting life with her husband, stick with us.

Furthermore, let’s know about Kiya’s parents, career, siblings, and more.

Who Are Kiya Winston’s Parents? Details on Her Family and Siblings

Kiya Winston was born on Jan 13, 1974, in Morristown, New Jersey. Although her parent’s name still remains unknown, some sources claim that Kiya’s father and mother got split when the celebrity kid was still a child.

Following her parents’ divorce, Winston and her siblings were raised by their mother single-handedly. However, the names of her siblings are yet to be disclosed.

As for her education, Winston graduated from Morristown High School in 1992. She later went to enroll at William & Mary University located in Williamsburg, Virginia. She was a pre-med and gymnast student at the college. Not only that, but it was also the place where Winston met her husband Mike for the first time. He was a year senior to her at the time.

Kiya And Her Husband Got Married 2 Weeks After Her Graduation From William & Mary University

As we mentioned above Kiya met her long-time husband Mike Tomlin while both were in the same university. She was a pre-med student and gymnast while her hubby was a pre-law student at William & Mary University in Williamsburg, Virginia. Moreover, the coach, Mike was a year senior to her. Needless to mention, every relationship at college starts with friendship. And the same could be said for Kiya and Mike.

Kiya's husband is a well-known football coach
Kiya and her Husband Mike at the time of their dating

A few months after they became friends, the beautiful pair began dating. As for their wedding, they exchanged their vows on 25th May 1996, 2 weeks after Kiya’s graduation. Their nuptial was held in a private place with a limited guest.

Since their wedding, Kiya is sharing a strong bond with her now-husband. Similarly, the fashion designer Kiya posted an image on her Insta on the occasion of her 24th wedding anniversary. She wrote a lengthy caption,

“Hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day and thank you to everyone who dedicated their lives to serving our country! I get to spend today with my favorite guy as we celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary.”

Children: Kiya Shares 3 Kids With Mike Tomlin

The passionate designer, Winston, and her hubby, Mike became parents for the first time on Dec 16, 2000, by welcoming their son Michael Dean. And on 15th Jan 2002, for the second time, Kiya gave birth to their son Mason. And their only daughter Harlyn Quinn was born in 2006.

Kiya has been in a marital relationship with Mike for over a 2 decades
The family of 5

Besides, the kids are grown healthy and are pursuing their passion since their early days. After taking a quick look at Kiya’s kid’s social media handles it seems that the oldest son, Michael (aka Dino) has an interest in fashion-related things. And the second child, Mason is showing his interest in music. Moreover, the family of 5 lives happily in their home, in Squirrel Hill.

Kiya Started Designing Clothes At The Age Of 4

Mike Tomlin’s wife Kiya started her journey of designing clothes at the age of four. And according to Kiya herself, she began sewing at eleven and even asked her mother for a sewing machine for Christmas. Thanks to her mother’s fuzzy eight-grade home economics sewing project collections which helped her collage her own designs.

Although Kiya studied medicine during her college, Winston never stopped making new designs and even made baby clothes and prom dresses for her pals and herself.

She Re-Gained The Interest In Fashion Design

As we stated earlier, Kiya Winston studied medicine at college but didn’t pursue further studies and instead chose the path she has loved since her early days. Moreover, she has explained why she didn’t have the degree certificate of pre-med. She explained saying,

“My understanding was that he was coaching so that it would pay for him to get his master’s degree, and he would then go get a real job. Once I realized he wanted to coach, and what that all entailed, I realized that football and medicine really didn’t make for a happy family life.”

Kiya is a passionate dress designer
One of Kiya’s satisfied customers Anna

After Kiya realized that the medical sector would only make a difficult married life, she went to the University of Cincinnati. She there studied Design Art and Architectural Planning and got a degree in fashion design. At the college, her current spouse was also hired as defensive backs coach.

In 2014, Kiya launched her collection of re-imagined sweatsuits and formed a company named Uptown Sweats. Her company is based on manufacturing dresses that look classy yet comfortable for women. Furthermore, the company especially targets women in their 30s.

Kiya Isn’t Interested In Mike’s Career: Her Husband’s Professional Life

The American football coach who has contributed his whole life working as the coach for several football teams is currently the head coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The couple are sharing a blissful bond
The beautiful duo, Kiya and her husband Mike

Although the Tomlin family is recognized by Mike’s professional career, his wife seems to be uninterested in football. According to Kiya herself, she said that she was never a fan of football since her childhood days. Similarly, she doesn’t want to talk about football at home. The passionate designer Kiya said,

I was not a football fan at all growing up. I did not watch football at all, understand it or care.”

She further added,

“That’s how I protect Mike. Everyone wants to talk to him about football. I don’t think he should have to come home to it and have me talk about football,”

Regardless of their disinterest in each other’s profession, the two are leading a happy marital relationship for years.

Winston Has A Verified Instagram: Her Social Media Handles

Kiya Winston has created accounts on every social media platform. But, she has been mainly active on Instagram with over 9k followers as of 2022. On the other hand, her husband is also active on Instagram under the name @coachtomlin.

How Rich Is She? Net Worth

As of 2022, Kiya’s estimated fortune is about $2 million. She mainly makes money from her clothing brands. Besides, her husband, Mike has a net worth of $16 million.