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Leslie Bogart- Facts about Lauren Bacall’s Daughter

Leslie Bogart is a former model from Los Angels, California. She appeared in one of the renowned magazines named Vouge in the late 1960s. As of now, she works as a yoga teacher and a nurse.

Despite being a former model, Leslie is widely known because of her celebrity parents, Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. Her parents were renowned  American actors. Although Leslie had easy access to the entertainment industry, she didn’t follow in her parents’ footsteps and had a different career.

The star kid has been busy as a normal yoga teacher now and she prefers to live a low-key lifestyle. In this article, we will discuss her personal life, relationship with her parents, married life, and many more.

Who is Leslie Bogart? Early Life and Family

Leslie was born Leslie Howard Bogart on August 23, 1952, in Los Angeles, California. As a matter of fact, she was named after her father’s friend Leslie Howard who was also a famous actor. Leslie holds American nationality and belongs to the White ethnicity.

She was raised by her father Humphrey Bogart, and mother Lauren Bacall with her elder brother Stephen H. Bogart in her hometown, California. Her brother Stephen is a producer and actor widely known for his movies, This Last Lonely Place and White Orchid. 

Leslie Bogart's brother Stephen H. bogart
Portrait picture of Stephen H. bogart

Apart from that, she also has a stepbrother named Jason Nelson Robards III from her stepfather Jason Robards II. By profession, Jason is an actor as well as a producer. Similarly, her half-brother Sam Robards is also an actor and producer.

That is to say, almost all of her family members are involved in the Entertainment industry excluding Leslie herself.

Educational Background

Talking about her education, she started her schooling at Lycée Français in New York. After that, she joined The Art Institute of Boston for her higher education in 1971 and graduated in 1972. Furthermore, she also completed her nursing course.

What Made Leslie Bogart so Popular?

Growing up, Leslie was already familiar with the entertainment world. She started her career as a model. However, she soon realized that she was not interested in that sector. Even if Leslie took her hand off the screen, she got public attention because of her parents. People were keen to know more about her.

Leslie Bogart and her mother Lauren Bacall
Picture of Leslie bogart with her mother Lauren Bacall

Her mother Lauren Bacall was a promising actress who rose to prominence in the early ’50s from her roles in the movies like Bright Leaf, Designing Women, and many more. She had also worked with popular co-stars like Marilyn Monroe and Betty Grable. 

On the other hand, her father Humphrey DeForest Bogart was also a popular actor from New York. He was a surgeon before he involved in the entertainment industry. Moreover, he is known for his roles in movies like ‘The Petrified Forest’, ‘High Sierra’, ‘Casablanca’, and many more.

Although Leslie didn’t want to have much exposure her parent’s fame gave her the limelight.

Her Parents, Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart’s Relationship

Leslie’s parents, Bogart and Bacall met for the first time in January 1945. At that time, Bogart was out for a vacation in Malabar and they met each other on the farm. Bogart was still married to his then-wife Mayo Methot, however, the actor still started dating his then-future wife, Bacall. When the media asked him about his affair with the actress, he said,

“You’re God damn right. But I’m not divorced yet so we’ve got to put it off.”

He assured people that he was already in love with the young actress, Lauren, and was ready to spend his life with her. He soon started working for his divorce settlement and he divorced his then-spouse, Methot in March 1945. Afterward, Lauren and Bogart exchanged vows on May 21, 1945 and Lauren officially became Bogart’s fourth wife.

Lauren Bacall and Bogart
Lauren Bacall is Humphrey Bogart’s fourth wife

The late husband-and-wife enjoyed their married life for over a decade when their relationship ended with Humphrey’s sudden demise. Humphrey died on January 14, 1957, following a long-term illness. After that Leslie’s mother, Lauren Tied Knot with Jason Robards II on July 4th, 1961. As mentioned above Leslie has a stepbrother and half-brother from her mother’s second marriage. However, this relationship could not last long because Jason could not get over his alcoholism.

What Does Leslie Do For Living?

Leslie is a yoga teacher and she has also been involved in many other sectors. Firstly, Leslie started her career as a model. She easily got opportunities in the entertainment world because of her parents but she was not passionate about it.

After that, she started working as a registered nurse in the early 70s. Later, she moved to California in the 1980s and started learning Hatha yoga. A few years later, she received certification to teach yoga. Since then, she is working as a yoga instructor.

Leslie’s Married Life – Who is Her Husband?

The famous star kid, Leslie tied the knot with her fellow yoga instructor Erich Shiffman in the early 1990s. Living more than three decades as husband and wife, the pair, however, don’t have any kids together.

Leslie Bogart husbnad Erich Schiffmann
Picture of Leslie Bogart and her husband Erich Schiffmann

Her husband, Erich is renowned as an American yoga master. He has been teaching yoga for more than forty years. He is also the author of the book named Moving into Stillness. Schiffmann does many kinds of yoga workshops and also makes yoga instructional videos. He teaches yoga internationally as well.

What was Leslie Bogart Net worth?

Surely, Leslie is now living a lavish life. She is enjoying a financially sound lifestyle. There is no clear-cut information about her net worth. However, if we believe in tabloids, Leslie Bogart has a net worth of $2 million in 2022.

Her major source of income is her yoga classes. Moreover, both Leslie and her husband have a good income because of the yoga classes, videos, and books. Furthermore, her mother Lauren also stated that all of her children including Leslie have rights to her will. Additionally, she also has rights to her father’s will along with her brothers.